7 January 2010

Aid convoy breaks Gaza siege

Despite the Brutality of Mubarak's Police the Convoy Makes it to Gaza

The Complicity of Mubarak and Abbas is There for All to See.

For years revolutionary socialists and Marxists have said that the enemy of the Palestinians is not just Zionism and Israel, but also the collaborators and junior partners of imperialism in the Middle East. Quite often we have been told, for example by those who run Palestine Solidarity Campaign and its Socialist Action leadership, that we must focus simply on Israel.

Now we see the crucial role of Egypt exposed for all to see. Its massed ranks of armed police, battering away at the Convoy and Freedom Marchers. Its demands that part of the Convoy goes through Israel. Its co-ordination with the USA and Israel has taken place at every step.

And perhaps even more remarkably. That miserable collaborator and corrupt quisling, Mahmoud Abbas, has been conspicuous by his silence. Has anyone even heard him raise a voice to protest the siege or to demand that Egypt allow the Convoy in? Has he said anything? Well we can be sure he has told his Israeli handers how much he deplores such activity. But solidarity? The word is alien to Abbas and his corrupt henchmen in Ramallah. And therein lies another lesson.

As the late Israel Shahak, an Israeli anti-Zionist as well as a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto and Belsen, in respect of Jewish collaborators:
‘Much later, in late winter 1943, a well-known Jewish spy for the Nazis was killed by the Jewish resistance in one of the entrances of the double block of flats (in Leszno Street) which we then inhabited. This was a necessary part of the preparations for the Jewish Revolt which followed not long afterward. I witnessed the killing, done by a very young man with a revolver from a short distance, and then together with a few children and teenagers present danced for joy round the dead body and then ran as quickly as I could to carry the glad tidings to my mother. She was as glad as I was, and only after a short time returned to normality enough to rebuke me for dancing around the corpse, saying that a polite boy does not behave so, however justified was the act….
In short the execution of collaborators was a sine qua non of the ability of the Ghetto Uprising to take off. Likewise with the Palestinian Resistance. Until the collaborators of the Ramallah Junta of Mahmoud Abbas, the surrogate arm of the Israeli occupation, is neutralised, then there is no possibility of a resurgent Intifada and Resistance.

But at least we should celebrate the arrival of the Gaza Convoy. Not because its meagre amount of goods will make any real difference in Gaza but because it is one small chink in the armour. What is needed now is the tearing down (or up!) of the new subterranean Gaza wall, built courtesy of the US Corp of Engineers.

The Egyptian regime of Mubarak has revealed itself in all its squalid glory. Only one ‘pro-Palestinian’ web site that I’ve been able to discover has given its support to Mubarak, and that is the Sink Palestine site of the well-known anti-Semite Mary Rizzo, in an article by Palestinian Haitham Sabbah.

Tony Greenstein

Gaza Convoy Finally Makes It
A humanitarian aid convoy carrying food and medical supplies has arrived in the Gaza Strip nearly a month after it embarked from the UK.

Members of the much-delayed Viva Palestina convoy began passing through Egypt's Rafah border crossing into Gaza on Wednesday, waving Palestinian flags and raising their hands in peace signs.

Al Jazeera's Ayman Mohyeldin, reporting from Gaza, said the first wave of vehicles was greeted by Gaza's Hamas leaders as well as members of a Turkish humanitarian organisation that aided in bringing the convoy to the strip.

"We had been expecting the arrival of the convoy amid much fanfare but it almost caught the Palestinians here by surprise,"
he said.

"The doors suddenly flung open and within minutes the first batch of about 12 or so vehicles made their way from the Egyptian side to the Palestinians."

More than 100 vehicles followed the first batch into Gaza shortly afterward, he said.

Violent clashes
Participants of the convoy are expected to spend the next 48 hours distributing the aid supplies.
Viva Palestina's arrival in Gaza followed violent clashes between Egyptian security forces, Palestinians and members of the convoy.

Hours before the convoy's arrival, an Egyptian soldier was shot dead during a clash with Palestinian protesters who had gathered along the border to protest a delay in the convoy's arrival.

Egyptian forces opened fire to disperse the stone-throwing protesters, and at least 35 Palestinians were wounded in the ensuing clash, according to Hamas officials.

Late on Tuesday, more than 50 people were wounded during a clash between Egyptian authorities and international members of the convoy.

The protests were sparked by an Egyptian decision to allow 139 vehicles to enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing, but requiring a remaining 59 vehicles to pass via Israel.

Bitter disputes

The convoy, led by George Galloway, a British MP, had already been delayed by more than a week, after he and a delegation of Turkish MPs failed to persuade the Egyptians to change their mind.

The convoy of nearly 200 vehicles arrived in Egypt's port city of al-Arish on Monday after a dispute with Cairo on the route.

But the arrival came after a bitter dispute between its organisers and the government, which banned the convoy from entering Egypt's Sinai from Jordan by ferry, forcing it to drive north to the Syrian port of Lattakia.

Al Jazeera's Amr El Kahky, who has been travelling with the convoy, said Viva Palestina's organisers had hoped to reach Gaza by December 27.

"We're talking about an almost 10 day delay. The convoy members are happy to have reached their destination," he said.

"Many of them have taken time off from their jobs in Europe and other areas and that's why they're happy to deliver the aid and go back home to resume their normal lives. So their jubilation is justified."

Gaza blockade

Israel and Egypt have severely restricted travel to and from the Gaza Strip since Hamas seized power there in June 2007, after winning Palestinian legislative elections in 2006.

The blockade currently allows only very basic supplies into Gaza.

The siege has severely restricted essential supplies and placed Gazans in a dire situation, made worse by Israel's military assault last winter that reduced much of the territory to ruins.
Galloway, the convoy organiser, said the mission represents only "a drop in the ocean" as long as the siege on Gaza continues.

"No number of convoys is going to solve the problems here," he told Al Jazeera.

"So we're not only trying to bring in aid, we're trying to show the world there is a siege.
"If there is anyone who doubted there is a siege on Gaza, they certainly aren't doubting it now after the events of the last 31 days with this convoy."


  1. In his interview with Democracy Now! Galloway stated they were only allowed to take medical supplies and not food. Apparently all food has to pass through Israeli crossings, dixit Galloway, 'lest the Palestinians get food poisoning' (paraphrased from memory).

    Anyone who still denies that Gaza is an open prison must be blind. It's even got a little slit in the cell door, used by the jailers to feed the inmates!

    And the West lets all this pass, while preaching to others about what have you...

  2. It's a long march to freedom
    sick-in-the-head tank

    The anti-Palestine Septic Tank seem to be promoting an 'us and them' menality with regards to the Viva Palestine-GMF on one side and Palestine-Palestinians on the other.

    It is describing participants as 'Westerners' and 'outsiders' and claiming their isn't unity in Palestinian solidarity because of the antics of these westerners with their 'saviour' complex.

    It's actually difficult to know where to start when it comes to criticising this Italian fantasist nobody Mary Bizarro.

    She takes it upon herself to tell westerners what it is they should be doing, but at the same time, also tells them it is Palestinians whom they should be listening to. I wonder who it is we should be listening to, moronic Mary or Palestinians,?


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