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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ni'ilin - The Wall Falls Down!

The non-violent struggle of the people of Ni’ilin demonstrates the hypocrisy of the West in all its manifest absurdities. Leaders such as war-criminal Blair condemn ‘terrorism’ but fail to condemn the violence used against non-violent protestors against the Apartheid wall that is taking their land. In Ni’ilin demonstrators managed to actually topple part of the wall, but unlike the hypocrisy over the Berlin Wall, we have had nothing but silence. Notice how the hypocritical Merckel of the German state voted against the Goldstein Report in the UN General Assembly (Britain abstained). Tony Greenstein

Video: Nilin marking 20 years to the fall of the berlin wall by taking down the wall on their land

Demonstrators toppled 8 meters tall concrete wall in Ni'ilin
November 6, 2009

The protest in Nilin was held today to mark the 20th anniversary to the fall of the Berlin wall, which has been declared an international day of action against Israel's barrier.

The 300 demonstrators managed to topple a part of the eight meters tall concrete wall that cuts through the village's land. The concrete wall in Ni'ilin - five to eight meters (15 to 25 feet) in hight has only recently been laid on the path of the wall cutting through Ni'ilin's lands, in addition to the already existing electronic barrier and razor-wire.

Since the Wall was built to allow more land to annexed to the nearby settlements rather than in a militarily strategic manner, demonstrators have been able to repeatedly dismantle parts of the electronic fence and razor-wire surrounding it. The section of the Wall in Nilin is the only place along the route of the barrier where a concrete wall has been erected in an attempt to deal with the civic, unarmed campaign waged by the village in protest of the massive land theft that will enable the expansion of the illegal settlements of Modi'in Il'it and Hasmonaim.

Since Israel began its construction in the year 2002, This is the first time demonstrators succeed in toppling a part of Israel's barrier which is a concrete wall. One of the demonstrators, Moheeb Khawaja, said during the protest: "Twenty years ago no one had thought the monster that divided Berlin into two could be brought down, but in only two days in November, it did. Today we have proven that this can also be done here and now. It is our land beyond this wall, and we will not give up on it. We will win for a simple reason - justice is on our side."

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joe90 kane said...

Notice how the hypocritical Merckel of the German state voted against the Goldstein Report in the UN General Assembly
- Brilliant observation TG!

Gabriel does a brilliant analysis of the UN voting record on the Goldstone Report. Like your own observation above TG, it's so obvious once it's pointed out, but yet, quite fundamental -
UN endorses the Goldstone Report
Voting record of UN members on the General Assembly resolution:
jews sans frontiere blog
06 Nov 2009

I wonder how Germany voted in other matters related to Palestine-Israel - apart, that is, from supplying Israel with 2 (or 3?) free(?) submarines in 1999-2000, and just recently, supplied them with two more, although Israel had to pay for them this time round, presumably using the welfare handouts it receives from US taxpayers -
Israel gets two more German submarines
AFP on Google
29 Sept 2009

Also see
Israeli navy to receive two new German submarines - report
19 Nov (no year given)

all the best