Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ethnic Cleansing in Jeruslam - Bosnia and the Warthgau Repeated

In Jerusalem, a process of ‘Judaisation’ [the Jewish equivalent of Aryanisation] has been going on for years. There are now approximately 200,000 settlers in East Jerusalem as Arabs are evicted on one or other bogus pretext. The ‘Jewish’ State and its need for a demographic majority dictate that Israel behaves as Serbia did in Bosnia, the British in Ireland and of course Nazi Germany in the annexed parts of Poland (the Warthgau), among other examples.

This is the reality of the ‘peace process’.
Tony Greenstein

Eighty eight Homes in Silwan Slated for Demolition as Hilary Clinton Declares Netanyahu's Restraint 'Unprecedented'

Yesterday and while politicians fret over terms like "slow-down" or "restraint" on illegal settlement activities, the Israeli authorities demolished more homes and evicted some 30 people in Jerusalem. One room that is part of a demolished building housed a handicapped women whom neighbors and friends had helped get modifications done to facilitate her life. Tonight we heard a rather depressing report from an organizer in AlBustan Neighborhood in Silwan (Occupied Jerusalem) where 88 homes (housing 1500 people, 60% of them children) are slated for demolition to create a "King David park". In a normal city, parks are created to serve the residents of the area not to ethnically cleanse them. While just nearby there are spaces for parks to build but Israel's plan for Jerusalem call for cleansing it of its Arab inhabitants so that there is nothing left to negotiate about and it becomes a Jewish city (capital of Israel forever).

"In a normal city, parks are created to serve the
residents of the area not to ethnically cleanse them"
The political plan for judaicizing this area is actually laid out in the "Jerusalem 2020" plan. After building two rings of settlements around Jerusalem (and now to be connected with light railways that make a network of "facts on the ground"), the plans for this closest ring of settlements, parks, synagogues, and museums is yet the most destructive to the local inhabitants. That Israel is violating International law (Geneva Conventions and UN Security Council resolutions) seems to be only met with muffled protests from the International community. We are told of a seven year old boy whose mother notices bulging backpack going to school and back, when opened, the bag contained his toys. When asked about it it turns out that the child had overheard his parents talking about the demolition order on their home and he wanted to make sure that if he comes back from school and finds his home demolished, his most valuable toys would be saved.

My heart breaks for these families. But I feel sad for the Zionist "believers" who are generating so much pain in a new generation of children suffering under this brutal colonizing state. How is reconciliation to be achieved when 7 million people were made refugees or displaced people so far (and more on the way). Doesn't International law support resistance to colonization? And is this resistance just the responsibility of the victims or also of all decent, thinking human beings regardless of their religion.
In other news, a Jewish American terrorist settler, Jack (aka Yaakov) Teitel who had been on a killing and destruction rampage against Palestinians for over 12 years (he had killed Isa Mahrama in 1997 and was released without any prison term) was arrested now by Israeli police because he is alleged to have planned to target leftist and gay Jews! Palestinian life and property continues to be cheap in this unholy Land.

Action for US citizens: Oppose the AIPAC initiated congressional resolution against the Goldstone report. Demand accountability and support for International law

Lest we forget: Pictures from the Israeli war crimes in Gaza (Palestinian Center for Human Rights)


  1. Sorry if I don't address the topic of your post TG,
    but just to let you and others know about this -
    Racist BNP "full square behind" Israel; SPSC campaigners on trial for 'racism'
    Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

    Thurs + Fri 5th + 6th Nov, 9.30am, Edinburgh Sherriff Court

    all the best

  2. I see the antisemitic policemen at the 'Palestine Stink Tank' have ethnically cleansed Gilad Atzmon from their list of contributors.

    They have even posted an article about a Jew, Noam Chomsky, without accusing him of being a zionist!

    This must part of Mary Bizarro's 10 step programme of trying to re-join the rest of humanity - unfortunatley she misses out the crucial first step of acknowledging her antisemitic problem.

  3. How interesting. I have been following the sink tank of late but if you are right, and I'm sure you are, it might mean that Mary is finally coming to her senses after one of the most public love affairs on record.

    There is nothing quite like unrequited (or is it unrequired!) love.

    I think we should be kind to Mary and accept that even the worst sinner can repent on the road to Damascus (Atzmon excluded of course!)


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