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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Fash Alert – Robin Stockden

He has Corbyn and other leftists as friends - ask yourself why?

Block & Unfriend Fascist Scum

The face of a fascist and his betrothed
I know it will probably lead to me being expelled by Crooked McNicol, but it is clear that Robin Stockden, despite the apparently ‘radical nature of his timeline – with photos of support for the doctor’s strike and an image calling for Blair to be imprisoned – is fascist scum.
Islamaphobia is a key characteristic of fascists today
Clearly a hunter of big game
I was warned in a message  from a friend that Stockden appeared to be friending leftists and on examination I find I am sharing 138 friends with him.
Stockden attacks Blair but supports strengthening the armed forces - why if not to start a few more wars?
Fascists are very good at fake radicalism  - it is what's known as Strasserism
All of us do it, accepting friends requests without bothering to check the person out, but it can be dangerous especially if you disclose personal information.
It's not just Muslims but all refugees and asylum seekers that Stockden hates
Below are a number of images from his site – the particular one which convinced me was one saying that children shouldn’t be taken to mosques.  Presumably Stockden is happy for them to be taken to churches and synagogues?  And then he calls for Ahmed Choudry, who was given a well merited 5½ year prison sentence to be tried to treason, which until recently was a capital offence.  Treason being disloyalty to the British state – an offence which all socialists should oppose being on the statute book.  It was the ‘crime’ which the British establishment used to hang the Irish Republican Sir Roger Casement.
Like all good fascists and a few misguided leftists, Stockden is an ardent supporter of Brexit

Choudary is a despicable supporter of ISIS - no one will mourn his prison sentence - but Stockden suggests that his main offence is 'disloyalty' not the support of a murderous, sectarian group
His love of 'Englishness' and patriotism, which he translates effortlessly into racism, makes it clear on what side of the political spectrum Stockden comes from.  There is no sign that he has any class awareness whatsoever.  It is all about uniting against Johny Foreigner and the enemy within.

It is clear from other of Stockden’s posts that he doesn’t like what he calls ‘lefties’ which begs the question as to why he friends so many of them.
Despite friending lots of leftists Stockden doesn't seem to like them!  Now why would that be?
Wistful longing for a world that never was
Redolent of far-Right symbolism and imagery

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