Sunday, 16 May 2021

This is where the fake anti-Semitism campaign ends up – an attack on the right of free speech

 Boy suspended from Parrswood High School in Manchester for saying ‘Free Palestine’.

See Manchester boy suspended from school for ‘racist abuse’ after shouting ‘free Palestine’ in class

What one wonders was racist about saying ‘free Palestine’ in class?  Was it mentioning Palestine or is the idea of freedom now anti-Semitic too? On their front page they boast that ‘Every child succeeds’.  Clearly the student who exercised freedom of speech has only succeeded in getting suspended.

This is the result of the Prevent programme and the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.

The letter is here.

Perhaps you could write to

Mark McElwee - the Scumbag Headteacher who doesn't believe in free speech

the Chair of Governors and the Headteacher Mark McElwee at as well as, and Ms Mannion

See below the email sent by a member of Brighton and Hove PSC

Date: 16 May 2021 at 13:25:58 BST
Ms E Garry,,
Subject: Racism

I hear you have suspended a child for saying Free Palestine
What does this mean ? That you don’t think Palestine should be free ?
Is there an islamophobia problem in your school ?
Do you know a third of Palestinians are Christian ?
What if a child cried “ long live Zionist Israel “ would they get a gold star ?

This action will traumatise children into not thinking for themselves
It’s smacks of racist bias
David Roger

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