6 December 2018

SHORTS: What does it mean to be Jewish? Comparisons between a Prison called Gaza and the Warsaw Ghetto

What does it mean to be a Zionist? Supporting the murder of medics in Gaza or banning Arabs from a park in Jewish Afula?

Ethnic Privilege at Affordable Prices - Apartheid Adventures

What Keeps Jews Jewish? 

First off there is an excellent short video showing that the United States’ support for Israel derives, at least in part, because of its own ingrained racist legacy and settler colonialism.  The affinity between Israel and the United States is best evidenced not only by the $38 billion subsidy of Israel over the next decade (itself a fraction of actual US support) but by things like the training of America police forces by their Israeli counterparts. After all if you want to deal with hostile Blacks in the USA where better to train them than in Israel which has so much experience of hostile natives.
Also included is the excellent video from Richard Silverstein’s Tikkun Olam on what being Jewish really means in an America where Zionism is increasingly being challenged within the Jewish community. Israel calls itself a Jewish state but the values it displays owe more to hostile anti-Jewish regimes, Nazi Germany included, than Jewish history or tradition.
Telling Jewish anti-Zionists is not hate speech according to Twitter whereas comparing the siege of Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto is
Nowhere was this more obvious than in the recent murders of 11 Jews at Pittsburgh where far-Right Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett was sent to ‘reassure’ American Jews. This was a good example of how Zionism is tone deaf. The murderer at Pittsburgh, Robert Bowers gave as his reasons for the murders the fact that the synagogue he attacked, the Tree of Life had supported HIAS (Hebrew Immigration Advisory Service) which supports refugees in America. Bennett has led the campaign in Israel for deporting the 40,000 Black African refugees in Israel and led the fightback against a deal which Netanyahu did with the UN in which half would have stayed in Israel permanently. Israel sent someone whose politics are no different from the murderer of Pittsburgh’s Jews.
Below are a collection of short items illustrating key aspects of Zionism today and its Racist, Apartheid nature
Zionists said that the image of this dead 21 year old medic, gunned down by Israeli snipers was 'antisemitic'
Another Zionist attack on free speech - Zionists Launched Campaign to Remove Billboard “Honoring the First Responders of Gaza”
Nearly 3 weeks into a planned 4-week run, an electronic billboard honoring first responders in the Gaza Strip was pulled on November 13th because the billboard company received threats and abuse calling their staff terrorists, anti-Semites and threatening a boycott. (Yes there are some boycotts Zionists like!).
The Palestine Advocacy Project sponsored the billboard on Interstate 93 near Boston to highlight the desperate situation in the Gaza strip. The billboard included a photo of 21 year old Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar and read: “Honoring the First Responders of Gaza. Saving Lives. Rescuing Hope.” Razan was murdered earlier this year when tending those who had been injured by Israeli gun fire.
It was estimated to be viewed by over a half million motorists each week and met with positive media coverage.
A Zionist bomb threat derailed the Premiere of Jackie Walker's film 'The Lynching' strangely enough this threat to free speech passed by unremarked in the yellow press
According to Sarah Gold of the Palestine Advocacy Project:
“This campaign is neither engaging us nor our perspective. Instead it is attempting through intimidation to eradicate the avenues of free speech we have endeavored to use; to silence us.”
The billboard is another casualty in an ongoing attack on free speech in the US. Palestine Legal states in their 2017 report
“The Israeli state and its proxy organizations in the U.S. are investing heavily in punitive measures to intimidate and chill the free speech of those who wish to express criticism of Israeli policies.”
The report documents 308 attacks on U.S.-based Palestine-related free speech in 2017 alone.  One complaint accused the billboard of
glorifying those who try to kill and destroy our People and Homeland! Anti Semitism is as old as time itself, Hate of Israel is hate of Jews, completely unacceptable!”
In other words any criticism of Israel is criticism of Jews. Richard Colbath-Hess remarked that the Billboard
does not even mention Israel. Instead it was a celebration of Palestinian heroes. Apparently, there cannot be Palestinian heroes without some advocates of Israel feeling attacked.”
How would the New York Times SUPPORT for the murder of 200 Palestinians have played out 75 years ago when the Nazis laid siege to the Warsaw Ghetto?
This brilliant cartoon transposes what the NYT columnists said about those executed by Israeli sniper fire - they brought it on themselves, even the children - it was a photo op. etc.  the moral blindness of these apologists for murder is thrown into stark relief by the comparison with the Warsaw Ghetto
This is a quite brilliant cartoon depicting how NYT columnists like Thomas Friedman, who justified Israel’s murder of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza, would have treated the Nazi murder of the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto if they had been exercising their talents on behalf of Joseph Goebbels.

This demonstration against the sale of a house to an Arab is not racist - it is merely the assertion of Jewish identity - notice how the Jewish Labour Movement has nothing to say about this but if Jews experienced this in England the air would be thick with 'antisemitism' accusations
The Jewish residents of Afula are good Zionists.  Noone can deny them that. In keeping with the spirit of Zionism they wish to preserve the ‘Jewish character’ of Afula. That was why, in June this year, hundreds of Jewish demonstrators protested about the sale of a house in Afula to non-Jews.  You can, of course, understand their concern.  Afula is, or was, a 100% Jewish city like most towns and communities in Israel. After all Israel is a Jewish state
Of course, without a formal declaration of Apartheid this is not possible everywhere and a few places, such as Haifa, are mixed although even there Arabs live in their own areas. That is why the presence of Black Africans is so resented in South Tel Aviv.
The need to preserve Israel’s Jewish Zionist character also explains why Israel is concerned with maintaining its demographic majority, a policy that is common to all Zionist parties. The Israeli Labour Party is as concerned about separating off from Arabs as the right-wing Zionist parties. The following article from Ha’aretz explains why the newly elected Council in Afula has lost no time in barring Arabs from its local park (dressed up as barring only non-residents).
The swearing-in ceremony Thursday in which the Afula City Council vowed to maintain the city’s Jewish character is a nationalist rite with dangerous potential. On Facebook the new mayor, Avi Elkabetz, proudly stated that he had closed the city park the day before to everyone but city residents. Elkabetz is keeping his election promise. After all, he pledged to maintain this northern city’s Jewish character and fight the “conquest of the park.”
This isn’t the first attempt to “maintain the Jewish character” of Afula. A protest once arose in the city after Arab families won the bidding process to have dozens of housing units built. And Afula isn’t alone. A few months ago, Kfar Vradim in the Western Galilee hills tried to halt a bidding process after it emerged that half the winners of the previous tender were Arabs.
Israel has a long history of insularity, exclusion and discrimination – in allocating land and other resources, in distributing the population around the country, and in residential screening committees – not only toward the Arab minority but also toward Mizrahi Jews and other groups.
The ceremony in Afula is another warning sign against dangerous processes underway in the Jewish community under the most right-wing government in the country’s history and a prime minister who, at the ballot box, feeds on incitement against Israel’s Arab citizens.
This swearing-in ceremony is a direct continuation of the nation-state law. This legislation, contrary to what people say on the right, expresses a breakdown of the ideology crafted by the country’s founders. It’s a betrayal of the Declaration of Independence’s values and a renunciation of equality as a fundamental value.
Against the backdrop of the enshrining of Jewish supremacy and Arab inferiority, and the racist incitement that has become typical of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, not only should we not be surprised at shows of nationalist insularity and incitement, we should get used to the terrible idea that these will only spread.
Citizens in a democratic country have the right to live wherever they want. No local authority has the right to prevent any person from living in its jurisdiction, or to close a park to Arabs on the pretext of promoting an “atmosphere of Afulaites.”
Hopefully this racist, inflammatory government will pass away soon. Until then, the only hope to stop the illness’ spread is in the opposition that, against all odds, will spring everywhere Jews and Arabs live side by side in peace, Afula included.
Revisiting Naz Shah
The 'antisemitic' map of Israel inside the USA that Naz Shah tweeted came from a Zionist site, Information Regarding Israel's Security (IRIS) 
One of the mysteries of the affair of Naz Shah MP was where her map showing Israel as part of the United States came from. The Zionists screamed ‘anti-Semitism’ but as Mandy Rice-Davies of Christine Keeler fame once remarked, ‘they would say that wouldn’t they?’.
It has been variously claimed to have originated on Norman Finkelstein’s web site and Mike Sivier has claimed it originated on the anti-Semitic Redress site.
Just to remind people Naz Shah posted comments at the time of Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza in the summer of 2014 one of which said that since the United States loved Israel so much maybe they could accommodate them.  She even provided a map to demonstrate how the USA could quite easily accommodate Israel.
To most people this was a humorous meme about a warmongering, racist state but to the Zionists it was, yes you’ve guessed it anti-Semitic.  Unfortunately Naz Shah didn’t step up to defend herself and displayed the same mentality as the victims of Stalin’s purges.  She apologised, never a good thing to do when Zionists are on the attack.
I have previously stated that the map appeared on the Jewish Virtual Library site.  In fact it originated on the site of an organisation called Information Regarding Israel's Security (IRIS) although Redress clearly redrew it and passed it off as its own idea.
Israel’s Warrior Foetus – Israel gets them young
The sickness of Israel's militaristic society is captured in this graphic
An article in Newsweek in May told of how an ‘ad for the Lis Maternity Hospital in Tel Aviv featuring a foetus wearing a beret with the caption underneath reading “received the President's Award for Excellence, 2038.” The award is a high military honour handed out on the eve of Israel's Independence Day. 
The article quoted Israeli journalist Mairav Zonszein who wrote on the Tel Aviv-based website +972 Magazine
“Portraying an unborn child as a soldier is disturbing in its own right, regardless of country.
"In Israel, an occupying power whose military has for over five decades been primarily concerned with maintaining control over a civilian population, this ad is even more charged and offensive," she said.
“The notion that a good hospital will produce good soldiers is pathological. That a top hospital believes the best way to get women to choose their maternity ward is by convincing them their baby is destined to be a successful soldier in the Israel Defense Forces is also a genuine indication of just how militaristic Israeli society is,” Zonszein added.
I seem to remember that child soldiers have gone out of fashion.  Except it would seem in Israel where they start even before the baby has left the womb.  No doubt another accomplishment of Israeli technology.
Brighton’s Christian Zionists
James Dyer - one of the madder Christian fundamentalists and a noted bigot, part of Sussex Friends of Israel attempts to disrupt Palestine solidarity stall
Brighton's Zionist Christians - Daniel (in glasses), Dyer and Gill Young, a fruitcake in any language
And here are the mugshots of 3 of Brighton’s Christian Zionists.  They are part of the EDL supporting Sussex Friends of Israel. As good fundamentalist Christians they are devoted to the Book of Revelations and the idea that the Jews will all ‘return’ to Israel whence the majority of them will perish on the plains of Armagedon and the uber-racist amongst them will Rapture themselves up to heaven alongside the Chosen.
Socialists Against Lizards– Lansman Concentrates on the Eccentric David Icke rather than Tommy Robinson who is a fascist menace
Momentum and Lansman's idiotic video which can only boost Icke
David Icke is a right-wing crackpot not a fascist menace - yet Lansman's Momentum treats him as an equal threat to Black, Jewish and Asian people
First it was the actress Tanya Shew’s video for Momentum which was panned by everyone.  The Zionists didn’t like it because she said she supported BDS and Palestinian free speech should not be inhibited by false accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’.  We didn’t like it because it concentrated on something that wasn’t a problem in the first place and raised the old bogey about why Jews should dissociate themselves from Israel when Israel claims them as its own.
Lansman's tie up with Progress, the JLM and AWL - the fight against fake antisemitism is on
Now Lansman has got into bed with Progress and the AWL and various hangers on from the Right to form Socialists Against Anti-Semitism. The only problem is that it doesn’t include any socialists and is a pale pink version of the Tory run Labour Against Antisemitism which includes such luminaries as Jonathan Hoffman, a friend of Paul Besser, former Intelligence Officer of Britain First.
Anti-Semitism is a marginal prejudice in today’s Britain. Jews are privileged not economically discriminated against. Jews aren’t the victims of Windrush or subject to stop and search and they aren’t under represented in Parliament or the Establishment. If Anti-Semitism was a problem does anyone seriously think that the Mail and Sun – which employed Katie ‘refugees are cockroaches’ Hopkins would have been so concerned about it?  When people are accused of ‘Anti-Semitism’ today it is akin to accusing them of Communism 60 years ago.  The fight against ‘anti-Semitism’ is the new McCarthyism which is why the right-wing of Labour, which didn’t concern itself with May’s hostile environment policy, is so concerned about anti-Semitism.
Tania Shew's self indulgent video was universally panned - someone should tell Lansman that it's not Jews but Black people who are the subject of the Windrush Scandal - its Mosques not Synagogues which are being attacked
Lansman seems to have taken leave of his senses. His new video on David Icke, who is certifiably mad, with his lizard obsession, is complete madness.  Certainly Icke is anti-Semitic however he doesn’t pose a threat to anyone.  It is Tommy Robinson and his thousands of supporters in the Football Lads Alliance who are the real threat. Lansman’s demonstration, with his Zionist Labour Movement friends outside Icke’s meeting is a complete diversion from the demonstration against Tommy Robinson called for this Sunday. 
It would seem that the Jon Lansman, believes that Jews are equal victims of racism to Muslims and Black people today. That is a simple lie.
Luke Akehurst and his Zionist Shitlords
'Shitlord' is not a word I'd come across.  Apparently it is a meme for bigot or racist.  I prefer to think of Akehurst and friends as Zionist Shits
Tony Greenstein

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