8 September 2018

As Israel Prepares to Demolish the Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar Labour’s racist MPs vote to support the IHRA

Labour’s Shameful Betrayal of the Palestinians was led by Jon Lansman and John McDonnell the time has come to fight back

As Labour MPs voted to adopt, by 205-8 with 12 abstentions, the full IHRA definition of ‘anti-Semitism,’ without even a nod to such concepts as free speech, Israel’s colonial High Court gave the go ahead for the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, the West Bank village between Jerusalem and the settlement of Maaleh Adumim, to proceed.
Jeremy Corbyn's addition to the adoption of the IHRA would have ensured that support for the Palestinians was not characterised as antisemitism - Lansman had other ideas
In place of Khan al-Ahmar, which has only been there for nearly 70 years, will be Jewish only settlements.  By what definition of racism is this not racist?  If Jews in Britain were evicted to make way for non-Jews would that not be anti-Semitic?  Only a racist can pretend that Israel is not an inherently racist state yet this is what 205 Labour MPs did.
True most of Labour's MPs were simply ignorant fools, but not all of them were.  Hypocrites like Wes Streeting and Stephen Kinnock condemned Israel 2 months ago for its threatened demolition of Khan al-Ahmar but the moment someone asks why the Israeli state repeatedly destroys Arab villages and homes for the benefit of Israeli Jews then the cry of 'antisemitism' goes up.   The answer of course lies in one word 'Zionism' or Jewish supremacy.

Two months ago, Khan al-Ahmar’s demolition was only stopped after a world wide storm erupted.  This was because if Khan al-Ahmar is demolished there can be no pretence that a 2 state solution is feasible any longer.

The reaction to Labour's IHRA decision was to fly post London bus stops - an act that met with condemnation by the rapidly rightward moving John McDonnell
Labour MPs voted to endorse the IHRA without even the slightest caveat about free speech.  This follows the NEC vote which endorsed the IHRA in totality, effectively rejecting a statement from Jeremy Corbyn which would have allowed members to call the founding of the Israeli state racist.

It should be noted that Corbyn’s statement was extremely weak.  Nonetheless it did accept that people had the right to argue Israel’s founding was racist and it also accepted the existence of non-Zionist Jews.  Instead the NEC agreed a weak free speech caveat.
According to the IHRA comparing Israel to the Nazi regime is anti-semitic - it doesn't however apply to Zionists who  compare their opponents to Nazis

However for the Zionists all talk of free speech is a red rag to a bull.  Jennifer Gerber of Labour Friends of Apartheid Israel ‘claimed the “freedom of expression" clause “totally undermines the other examples the party has supposedly just adopted”.  The Jewish Labour Movement stated that ‘The only speech that IHRA definition seeks to limit is antisemitism.’
The bigger the lie the more often these racists repeat it.  It is as if the JLM and Gerber have a photo of Goebbels on their wall, such is their devotion to his propaganda techniques.
 Tony Greenstein

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