12 September 2018

29 Rabbis of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations issue statement supporting Jeremy Corbyn – for some reason it is ignored by the BBC and the MSM!

Please watch this excellent video from Rabbi Shapiro of True Torah Jews on how the Jewish Nation State Law will increase Anti-semitism
Statement by 29 Rabbis defending Jeremy Corbyn -   for some reason the BBC has not yet publicised it!!

The Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations is an umbrella organisation of Haredi Jewish communities in London and has an estimated membership of over 6,000. It was founded in 1926 "to protect traditional Judaism" and it has over a hundred synagogues and educational institutions affiliated to it. It caters for all aspects of Haredi Jewish life in London. 
The UOHC have issued a statement supporting Jeremy Corbyn and condemning the ‘irresponsible remarks’ of Ephraim Mirvis and Jonathan Sacks calling him an anti-semite. The UOHC do not recognise the post of Chief Rabbi and nor do they recognise as Chief or former Chief Rabbis Mirvis or Sacks.  The UOHC represents traditional Orthodox and Hasidic Jews as opposed to Jews who define their Judaism by reference to Israeli Apartheid and Zionism.
Original statement in Hebrew
You will be surprised to hear that neither the BBC nor the mainstream press, the Guardian included, have seen fit to give this statement any publicity.  Clearly it is a message that is not welcome to supporters of British imperialism and its racist rottweiler in the Middle East but it is also clear that the activities of the Zionist  rabbis, in claiming to speak on behalf of all Jews, have riled the Orthodox sections of British Jewry.  In particular their attempt to conflate British Jews and the actions of the Israeli state, which is an example of anti-semitism, has particular annoyed Orthodox Jewry. Given the media blackout, I am happy to give this publicity.  Please share.
Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro - explaining why the Jewish Nation State Bill is anti-semitic and dictatorial
I also copy here a video from Rabbi Shapira of True Torah Jews on why Israel’s recently passed Jewish Nation State Law is bad for Jews.  Zionism claims that Israel is the nation state of all Jews, not simply those who reside there.  This is a claim that Israel has no right to make and it is symptomatic of the dictatorship that Israel is underneath its veneer of democracy.  British Jews first loyalty is to Britain not Israel and to claim otherwise is anti-semitic.  It is ironic that the Zionists’ International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-semitism claims that accusing Jews of a dual loyalty is anti-semitic when it is Zionism which does just that. 
Rabbi Ephraim Padwa - the lead signatory
The Jewish Nation State Law, which says that I am a Jewish national irrespective of my wishes and therefore a subject of Israel, does not accept that Israel’s 2 million Palestinians are its nationals.  It is thus both racist towards Palestinians and anti-semitic towards Jews.
Tony Greenstein

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