13 March 2018

NEWS QUICKIES: Katy Hopkins & Mark Regev Love-in at Zio Federation – Britain 1st Snakes Lose Their Head! Scottish Friends of Palestine statement

VICTORY -  Glyn Secker Reinstated – Sack Labour’s Racist Witchfinder General Sam Matthews – Support the Lobby of Labour’s NEC -  March 20th

Glyn Secker

It’s been a strange day.  As expected the Labour Party has reinstated the Secretary of Jewish Voice for Labour.  In a curt letter, Sam Matthews announced that Glyn’s suspension was being lifted.  He gave no reason for why he had been suspended in the first place, still less any apology for the stress that had been cause.  His only ‘explanation’ was that his suspension had been linked to David Collier’s racist expose of the Facebook group Palestine Live.  As I have already posted Collier is one of a number of far-Right Zionists and he works closely with open fascists to discredit the Palestine solidarity movement.
A delightfully romantic liason - Mark is 4th on the list of suitable husbands - we think he should be promoted - a war criminal and a would be genocidalist - an ideal match 
Katy Hopkins

who says she doesn't have a heart?

Advocating a Final Solution to the Muslim 'Problem' - Could one think of a more appropriate guest to a Zionist Federation dinner?

The Zionist Federation's ideal dinner guest
Clearly the Zio Federation had gone to great lengths to find a topic suitable for Katy Hopkins - she must be delighted at Israel's proposed deportation of 40,000 African refugees
It was heartwarming to hear that Katy Hopkins, the person who described refugees as ‘cockroaches’ and who participated in a boat to the Mediterranean designed to prevent the rescue of drowning refugees (the boat ended up breaking down and needing help from the refugee boats!) was invited to the Zionist Federation Annual Dinner. 
Charming to a fault as usual
She must have felt at home there amongst all the other racist bigots.  Indeed the guest of honour was none other than Gideon Saar, a Minister in Netanyahu’s government, who proceeded to defend Israel’s deportation of refugees by denying there were any deportations!  He was heckled at this point by a Rabbi who was then escorted out of the room for her efforts.
Later on Katy had her picture taken with Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev, who according to Katy is 4th on the list of eligible husbands.  My advice to her is to promote him to number one as quickly as possible.  This is clearly a marriage made in hell!

Britain First

The output from Britain First, now that their Fuhrer and his Deputy, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, are enjoying free accommodation at Her Majesty’s expense, is not up to the previous quality.  

Yesterday I had a perfunctory email headed This is unbelievable.  It then followed the usual routine of asking me to ‘chip in’ £10 to help out the ever busy legal teams that BF employ to no good effect.
Well of course it wasn’t a hard decision.  I could think of no better cause to donate to than the Free the Nazi Two campaign. When you think of all the good causes around – Homelessness, Refugees, Victims of War, Poverty – then it is obvious that Paul and Jayda should be the recipients of my largesse.

Lobby of the Labour Party NEC

In the wake of the reinstatement of Glyn Secker and the determination of Sam Matthews, Head of Disputes, to continue with Crooked McNicol’s witchhunt of socialists, it is more important than ever that people turn out next Tuesday to lobby  the National Executive Committee.

Support Labour Against the Witchhunt’s
Lobby of Labour’s National Executive Committee

End the Witchhunt
Drop the Charges Against Marc Wadsworth and Cyril Chilsom
Reinstate Tony Greenstein
Implement Chakrabarti – Close the Compliance Unit
Suspend Labour’s Witchfinder General – Sam Matthews

Statement from Scottish Friends of Palestine
I copy below a statement from Scottish Friends of Palestine on the situation surrounding the march of Stand Up to Racism this Saturday in Glasgow and the participation of supporters of the Israeli state in it.

Tony Greenstein

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