23 March 2018

Arundel and the Swanborough Lake walk

The Beauties of the Sussex Countryside
Arundel is one of my favourite towns in Sussex.  The River Arun runs through it and it has a Roman Catholic cathedral in it as well as a medieval castle owned by the Duke of Norfolk, which costs an arm and a leg to visit!  When I used to teach German language students we always went to Hever Castle in Kent, the home of Anne Bolyn.

When I first arrived in Brighton and went to Arundel, I visited a strange  museum which is long gone.  It had on display all sorts of strange things like babies with 2 heads, hands with 6 fingers and other curiosities.  I can’t remember a great deal about it now since it has been gone at least 25 years.
We sometimes go to Arundel for a day out and it has some nice restaurants and walks.  One particular favourite is around Swanborough Lake which is to the South-East of Arundel castle.  I thought I would share some of the photographs with you as I haven’t done a scenic post for a long time!

Tony Greenstein

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