13 December 2017

Why Am I Being Expelled? According to the Jewish Chronicle for Criticising Louise Ellman, Labour MP

Calling Ellman, the MP for South Tel Aviv is apparently ‘racist abuse’

Soldiers drag 8-year-old from home to home looking for stone-throwers, Hebron, March 2017

In an article allegedly about Nicola Sturgeon’s relationship with  Scotland’s Jewish community, Nicola Sturgeon sparks Chanukah pride as Labour woes continue Marcus Dysch devoted much of it to what he called ‘racist abuse’ she has experienced ‘within her own party and further afield.  Prominent amongst Ellman’s racial abusers was me!

Dysch complained bitterly that Ellman had been all but abandoned by the Zionists:  ‘the silence from all quarters is deafening’ he wrote. ‘Why is no one rushing to her defence? Why are her colleagues and our communal organisations not pursuing the expulsion of her abuser with the same vigour they have directed at Ken Livingstone or Jackie Walker?’

Presumably the  media campaign against me hasn’t been strong enough compared to Ken Livingstone  or Jackie.  Dysch wants it stepped up.  I am described as ‘her abuser’ which I take as a kind of flattery.  Would that were so!  In fact I have played a relatively small part in the campaign to deselect this foul and obnoxious woman, who has nothing in common with the working class electorate of Liverpool 8.  It is an utter disgrace that this racist has anything to do with a community that has a large Black and non-White population.

Soldiers enter Hebron homes at night, photograph kids, 24/02/15

Dysch wrote that my ‘attacks on her last year were the tipping point which prompted the party to suspend him. He now awaits his fate at the hands of Labour’s disciplinary team.’

I have my doubts about this.  Accuracy is not Dysch’s strongest point.  My key article Time to Deselect Louise Ellman MP for Liverpool Riverside and Tel Aviv North – Apologist for Israel's Occupation Forces was written on June 20th 2016 and I was suspended three months previously.  However if this is what Dysch believes then clearly that is the spin coming from McNicol’s monkeys.

In an article ‘Labour activist wins High Court injunction to delay disciplinary hearing on antisemitism charges’ it is asserted that ‘The JC reported last week that veteran Jewish Labour MP Louise Ellman had been racially abused in blog posts written by Mr Greenstein.’  Of course if this is true then it is truly terrible.  But is it true?  What is my offence?

Soldiers harass B'Tselem volunteers' family and confiscate hard disk

Perhaps they missed the irony in my article Attacked Because She is Jewish and thought I was being sincere!  No the reason is given by Dysch himself.

Described as the MP for “Tel Aviv South” and a “racist supporter of the child abuse of Palestinian children”, Mrs Ellman was repeatedly attacked by Tony Greenstein, a noxious Jewish anti-Zionist.’

Well I can live with the description ‘noxious’ when used by a Zionist hack like Dysch.  I was once called ‘odious’ by Philip Kleinman, the Jewish Chronicle’s boring media columnist (as was Ken Livingstone, who according to the Sun was the most odious man in Britain).
Is it indeed ‘anti-Semitic’ to call a Zionist MP, the MP for Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?  Am I doing that because they are Jewish?  Of course if that were the only reason then that would be anti-Semitic, without a doubt, even though of course Israel says it is the nation state of all Jews, not just its own Jewish citizens.  The fact that Zionism perpetuates the anti-semitic canard of 'dual loyalty' of Jews is no reason for anti-racists to do so.

Hebron - Soldiers detain Maher Abu Haya, a minor, threaten wrongful arrest

But of course it is nonsense.  I am calling her the MP for Tel Aviv for exactly the same reasons that we called John Carlisle, the Monday Club MP for Luton North, the MP for Pretoria.  Why?  Because he was a devoted supporter of teh Apartheid regime in South Africa.  It wasn’t because he was White or for any racial or ethnic reasons but because of his political positions.  Likewise when I write an article such as Louise Ellman MP for Liverpool Riverside and Tel Aviv South is a Racist Supporter of the Child Abuse of Palestinian Children I am attacking her because she is a vile Zionist not because she is Jewish.  Her religious affiliation is of no concern to me.  Her politics are. 

I homed in on Ellman in particular for her role in a debate in the House of Commons on 6th January 2016.  I have put a shortened version on the Internet.  It was a debate on Child Prisoners and Detainees: Occupied Palestinian Territories.  It covered a Report by a group of British lawyers and then Unicef on the beating, torture and maltreatment of Palestinian children.  Some videos showing the treatment of these kids can be seen underneath.
I have covered this in depth in Louise Ellman MP for Liverpool Riverside and Tel Aviv South is a Racist Supporter of the Child Abuse of Palestinian Children and don’t intend to cover it here.  All I wish to say is that if the Labour Party was serious in changing into a socialist party then it would be rid of this vile woman in a shot.  Not because she is Jewish but because she is a racist and a Zionist who is prepared to defend Israel’s military even whilst it is abusing and arresting Palestinian children as young as 9.

Marcus Dysch is renowned for the quota of mistakes in his articles.  Thus in his Labour activist wins High Court injunction to delay disciplinary hearing on antisemitism charges.  A small detail but it is indicative of his lack of attention to detail.  In an article that quotes me, the normal thing for most honest journalists would be to ring up the subject of their article and speak to them.  Dysch is content to quote my blog and make the rest up.

Tony Greenstein

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