4 December 2017

EXCLUSIVE – Focus on Jonathan Hoffman’s Fascist Friends

The Question is why Jonathan Arkush tolerates Hoffman, the friend of neo-Nazis as a member of the Board of Deputies

Liar, liar’ former Zionist Vice-Chair Jonathan Hoffman tweets whenever I point to his links with his fascist friends Paul Besser included.  Now it seems that Besser is involved in Pegida UK, which Tommy Robinson helped found.  One wonders whether that is more kosher than Britain 1st?  What is clear is that whatever his fascist links, they are still current and active.  The fact that Hoffman and his merry band of Zionists, who go around London trying to disrupt Palestinian events, work with an assortment of fascists throws new light on their claim to oppose ‘anti-Semitism’.

One such fascist is Dr.Brian of London who supports the EDL. Dr Brian hosted Tommy Robinson on his trip to Israel last year, as did KAY WILSON  who is also on the far-right. Wilson was the main speaker with the President of the Board of Deputies Jonathan Arkush at the Board’s and Zionist Federation’s Al Quds Day counter-demo in July this year.
what is that on the bottom right if not an anti-semitic cartoon from Dr Brian of London
Another Zionist fascist is Simon Harris who attended the LAST DAY OF SILENCE RALLY of UK Pegida on 23 Sept. 2017 in Whitehall.

Ann Marie Waters
Pic showa Waters speaking with Besser on far left. Also in pic Hoffman crony
Ambrosine Shitrit looking at camers.
Anne Marie Waters was the main speaker at the rally. Waters was a founder of PEGIDA-UK with Tommy Robinson in early 2017. Robinson apologised for his absence from the rally but he had to attend a wedding. Pegida-UK use "front"names for their demos. The other main speaker was Zionist SIMON HARRIS  who runs EDL -EEUROPEAN DEFENCE LEAGUE.   Here is a bit more about Harris.  Also in the frame is Hoffman crony Ambrosine Shitrit looking at camera.
Besser with Simon Harris at PEGIDA-UK front rally 23 Sept.2017
Ms Waters seems to have had quite a chequered political career.  She stood for Labour in a Lambeth borough council election in 2010 and in 2013 she was shortlisted as a Labour candidate in Brighton Pavilion!  She was recently the runner up in the UKIP leadership election.  Indeed she was tipped to win the election until Farrage, Banks and others threatened to resign.  She has now set up a far-Right party For Britain, which has the support of Tommy Robinson.
Tommy Robinson on tank
Here is Brian of London hosting Tommy Robinson in Israel-

You can hear Simon Harris and "Dr. Brian of London" - in their own words
Bessser with assorted fascists at their tiny demo on 23rd Sept - Simon Harris is sitting down besides him.  Thanks to the owner of the drone!
In this picture Besser is at top left of the picture with Simon Harris sitting down behind him. In got this picture through the use of a surveillance drone.  Unfortunately it was not possible to purchase one with hell fire missiles!

Besser is apparently crowing that Asa Winstanley "admitted" he is no longer with Britain First. However before Asa published his excellent article which I am copying below, Asa asked Besser and BF  to comment on his relationship to Britain First but they did not respond.  It seems though that Besser has gone from the Jayda Fransen/Paul Golding frying pan to Pegida and the Anne Marie Waters fire. 

Besser professes his Jewishness in touching tones: 

‘i am Jewish, born a Jew and brought up within the Jewish faith and i have never stepped away from my Jewish faith. Everything i have ever seen or researched leads me to one inevitable fact that the region now named the State of Israel, is the Jewish homeland.’ 
Here we see  the BF 'Intelligdence' Officer Besser on the far right in the second row marching behind a large cross - very Jewish!
Leaving aside the small fact that Israel is not a region it is noticeable that this doesn’t however stop him and Paul Golding from signing off to each other with OCS – Onward Christian Soldiers!  Britain First are a fascist group that hark back to the golden days of Christian anti-Semitism. As you will see in the pictures, both Fransen and Golding march with a large cross.

In Europe there were a number of regimes and groups, especially in Eastern Europe whose anti-Semitism was clothed in a Christian guise.
I am bemused that Besser signs off OCS - Onwards Christian Soldiers - that was the slogan that the Crusaders used when they slaughtered 1.5 million Jews before setting off in the 12th century
In Slovakia the Nazi puppet state from 1939-45 was led by a Catholic priest, Father Tiso.  Likewise the Ustashi in Croatia where there was the only extermination camp, Jasenovac not run by the Nazis.  In Romania the main fascist group the Archangel of St Michael or the Iron Guard was a viciously anti-Semitic group and the Arrow Cross in Hungary, which had the blood of at least 50,000 Jews on their hands was also Christian.  For Besser to ally with this group demonstrates the extent of his Jewishness.  And for Hoffman to keep company with this neo-Nazi demonstrates exactly what the extent of his opposition to ‘anti-Semitism’ amounts to.

Besser doesn’t seem to have enjoyed all the free publicity I have given him.  In Timothy Horgan ‘The Jew Stalker’and the left wing Nazi propaganda machine he bemoans the

‘goons from the political anti-Israel  left wing, (who) have led a coordinated smear campaign about myself. First of all, i am new to this but after certain events have unfolded i feel that i have had to give a written response. Never Again UK has allowed me a platform in which i can tell part of my story, so please do excuse the fact if this blog is not grammatically perfect.’

Of course we forgive his lack of good grammar but that is the only thing we forgive this most unintelligent former Intelligence Officer.
It's difficult to get to sleep knowing that Besser is threatening me with a libel suit
I have to say that I am most disappointed that Besser has resorted to personal attacks on me and my friends.  I really did think that he was better than that.  He writes:

‘Being politically active and sharing my love and support for the State of Israel, this is where people such as Timothy Horgan, Jacqueline Walker, Tony Greenstein, Asa Winstanley, etc. have decided to co ordinate an attack on my character and demonise me in order to hurt my fellow Jewish advocates for the State Of Israel.’

The Labour Party's attempts to expel me for 'anti-Semitism are approved by fascists and holocaust deniers!
Apart from the lack of, well, good grammar it would appear that he doesn’t appreciate my associating him with Jonathan Hoffman.  Or is it the other way around?  Who is the bigger liability these days?
It would seem that Besser is gathering evidence for a libel action against me.  Although I don’t usually provide free legal advice to fascists, on this occasion I will make an exception.  If you go to the libel courts you have to have a character to defend.  Besser’s is beyond repair.  It is noteworthy though that this fascist goon has picked up on my threatened expulsion from the Labour Party.  It’s a sad state of affairs when fascists and anti-Semites crow about the right-wing’s expulsion of socialists for ‘anti-Semitism’.  But maybe I should not be too surprised.  Besser signs off Am Yisrael Chai, Long live Israel, the chant of the Israeli settlers and also Tom Watson at the last Labour Friends of Israel reception.

Tony Greenstein

Virulently anti-Muslim Britain First, retweeted by Trump, also backs Israel

Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of Britain First, in a still from one of the anti-Muslim hate group’s “Christian Patrol” videos. Behind her is Paul Besser, an anti-Palestinian activist who was Britain First’s “intelligence officer.”
President Donald Trump shared three tweets Wednesday from a far-right anti-Muslim party with ties to the UK’s Zionist movement.

Trump’s account retweeted deputy leader of Britain First Jayda Fransen, sharing three anti-Muslim videos she had posted.

Fransen responded by tweeting, “God bless you Trump! God bless America! OCS” – an acronym for Onward Christian Soldiers.

She also boasted that Trump’s tweets had led to new interviews with mainstream media outlets.
Fransen claimed in one of the tweets shared by Trump that a video portrayed a “Muslim migrant” attacking a disabled Dutch boy.
The Dutch embassy in Washington responded to the tweet, pointing out that the “perpetrator of the violent act in this video was born and raised in the Netherlands” and had served a sentence under Dutch law.
“Abhorrent” and “dangerous”
Prime Minister Theresa May said Trump was “wrong” to share the videos and said Britain First used “hateful narratives which peddle lies and stoke tensions.”

Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn urged the government to condemn Trump’s reposting of the tweets, calling them “abhorrent, dangerous and a threat to our society.”

Britain First’s aims include a total ban on Islam. The group was founded in 2011 by former British National Party activists.

In a BBC documentary in 2015, leader Paul Golding warned of “bloodshed” and “civil war” against Muslims.

One opposition Labour lawmaker has called for Britain First to be banned, after fellow MP Jo Cox was murdered by neo-Nazi Thomas Mair last year.

Platform for hate

Although Britain First is thought to have only a small number of active members, and its performance at the ballot box has been dismal, its Facebook page now has 1.9 million “likes.”

This gives it a large platform to spread its often factually questionable and stridently anti-Muslim message.

As previously reported by The Electronic Intifada, Britain First is pro-Israel and has links to the UK’s Zionist movement.

In July, Fransen appeared to endorse Israel’s violent suppression of what she labeled “Muslim riots.”

The video she posted appears to show Israeli occupation forces firing tear gas at Palestinian civilians.

Fransen has frequently posted tweets in support of Israel’s violent tactics against Palestinians. She has also called Palestinians “imbeciles” for protesting Trump.

Paul Besser, once a leading Britain First activist and the group’s “intelligence officer,” is a frequent part of London’s anti-Palestinian scene.

Although both he and the Zionist Federation did not reply to requests for comment at the time, months after The Electronic Intifada report on him was published Besser claimed to have left the group “up to 15 or 16 months ago.”

In a blog post earlier this month, he said that “why I joined and why I left [Britain First] are different stories to tell, for another time.”

Britain First videos – some racking up millions of views – often revolve around violent anti-Muslim provocations, such as the group’s “Christian patrols” and “invasions” of mosques and halal slaughterhouses.

A Britain First video from last year shows Besser was present at a provocative “Christian patrol” led by Fransen in Luton.

Such “invasions” are usually led by Fransen and leader Golding, and have often landed them in legal trouble.

Just days ago, Fransen was arrested and charged with allegedly using “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior” at a Belfast rally in August.

In October, Fransen was arrested for allegedly breaching bail conditions. She also reportedly gave an interview to a neo-Nazi radio station during a tour of Europe.
In November 2016, Fransen was fined $2,500 for religiously aggravated harassment of a Muslim woman.
Ali Abunimah 5 August 2013
“Brian of London,” (center) with the Israeli army spokesperson Barak Raz (right) and the Jewish Agency’s Avi Mayer. (Source)

“I am pissed off that he’s being arrested by soldiers in the middle of the night for the umpteenth time. Because he should have been shot and killed already.
This incitement to murder Muhammad Abu Hashem, a 17-year-old from the occupied West Bank village of Beit Ommar, appeared today on a prominent blog which has close ties to the Israeli army and functions as an outlet for its anti-Palestinian propaganda.

The incitement came in response to a New York Times article by Jodi Rudoren, which profiled boys in the village who throw stones at Israeli occupation forces and settlers who have forcibly taken much of the village’s land (the facts about Israel’s massive expropriations of Beit Ommar’s land are omitted from the article, which represents stone-throwing as a sort of Palestinian pathology).

The village of Beit Ommar and its people – especially children – are under constant violent assault from the Israeli army and settlers, as Mousa Abu Maria of the Palestine Solidarity Project told The Electronic Intifada in April.

Yet, Brian of London, who also uses the alias Brian John Thomas, added, “This kind of writing, humanising these damn savages with their rock throwing as if its some kind of noble endeavour, sickens me. The only reason they do this with rocks is they know we’d shoot them if they had guns.”

Brian of London had also posted similar incitement on Rudoren’s Facebook page, prompting Rudoren to comment publicly: “I asked Brian John Thomas to refrain from violent, threatening messages.”

Ties to Israeli army and “security” establishment

Brian of London wrote his demand that indigenous children living under occupation be killed in cold blood for the benefit of illegal colonial settlers on the blog Israellycool, whose publisher David Lange is invited to special briefings with Israeli “security sources.”

Lange, a settler from Australia, goes by the pen name “Aussie Dave.”

Among the propaganda services the Israellycool blog has provided to the occupation is advancing the baseless theory, fed to Lange by the army, that the 2010 death of Jawaher Abu Rahmeh, in the West Bank village of Bilin was due to a so-called “honor killing.” Abu Rahmeh, 36, died, according to witnesses, as a result of exposure to teargas that occupation forces fired at villagers protesting land confiscations.

Brian of London can be seen in the photo above, posted on Twitter by Israeli army spokesperson Barak Raz on 31 July, standing between Raz, who is on the right, and the Jewish Agency’s social media propagandist Avi Mayer. Thomas also tweeted a photo of himself with Raz and Mayer on the same day.

This appears to be more than just a fleeting meeting, as Mayer, himself a former Israeli army spokesperson, had tweeted about meeting with Brian of London in February as well.

Brian of London/Brian Thomas also writes for the Times of Israel website and has helped to promote the Israeli electric car company Better Place, an occupation profiteer which is illegally building infrastructure in the occupied West Bank.

According to his Times of Israel profile, Brian of London became a settler from the UK in 2009, and as recently as today, according to a check-in, traveled to the colony of Alon Shvut in the occupied West Bank.

With thanks to Benjamin Doherty and Andrew Kadi for additional research.

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