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EXCLUSIVE Iain McNicol’s Dirty Tricks Brigade Infiltrates Labour Against the Witchhunt Meeting

Brighton Councillor Caroline Penn Makes Bogus Accusations of Harassment in bid to Help McNicol’s Court Case
Right-wing Brighton Caroline Penn's bogus complaints of harassment, which the Police have refused to act upon, is now being used to try and prevent the disclosure of documents in my application under the Data Protection Act.  In Penn's world an accusation is tantamount to guilt - and it is guilty until proven innocent
 On March 18th 2016 I was suspended from the Labour Party. I was given no details of what I was accused of and the first time I learnt about the charges was when those Labour supporting papers, The Telegraph and The Times printed spurious articles stating that I had been caught up in what had become Labour’s false anti-Semitism campaign, the latest victim of which is Israeli Professor Moshe Machover.  Both papers later retracted their allegations.

On May 30th 2016 I was interviewed by Harry Gregson, Labour’s Regional Organiser as part of the ‘investigation’. The meeting was recorded and a transcript can be viewed here.

McNicol claims to have 'lost' this document - clearly it's not just the identity of the sender or  recipient that has been 
Soon after I submitted a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act 1998 for all the documentation they had one me.  On July 15th, 20 days late, the Labour Party responded with a bundle of over 350 pages.  The identities of most correspondents were blacked out and some pages were entirely blacked out.

In March of this year I filed an application with Brighton County Court to force Iain McNicol and the Labour Party to unredact the documents under s.7(9) of the DPA.  A date was set for the hearing on August 8th.  Unbeknown to me, the fools at Labour Party headquarters had forgotten that they had responded to my original SAR on July 15th and they decided to send me a second bundle on November 10th.  Not only that but they sent it to an address I hadn’t lived at for 14 years, so I didn’t receive it!
Caroline Penn has sent the  solicitor for Iain McNicol an email as part of an attempt to help keep secret the dealings of the Compliance Unit - I have redacted Penn's phone number

On the day before the hearing it dawned on me that we were talking about two different sets of documents.  McNicol’s legal team were unaware of the bundle of documents sent in July.  In some ways this has been a very useful exercise because it has been interesting to compare the two sets of documents.  On the retirement of Mike Creighton, who had been with the Labour Party for 23 years, a new set of bureaucrats had taken over who clearly had less scruples than Mike. 

They didn’t send me so many redacted documents because they decided not to send them at all.  Anyone applying for a SAR is to some extent reliant on the honesty of the Data Controller.  If they are dishonest and simply don’t reveal the existence of the documents there is little you can do unless you can persuade a court that a search warrant should be issued ex parte.  The Information Commissioner has done this on occasion but it is extremely rare.

This Twitter exchange is apparently proof of abuse - Poison Penn asks if I have a problem with Jewish people - a strange question from a non-Jewish Zionist and my response is no, just with racists like her

The result was that the hearing had to be postponed until next Monday 30th October.  [see Don’t Ever Underestimate the Stupidity of McNicol’s Witch-hunters]  They had put in for £7,000 costs but I persuaded the Judge that they should be disallowed any costs for the last hearing. 

Given their duplicity it is clear that McNicol’s minions are feeling the heat.  There is clearly information in the documents that they will move heaven and earth to ensure isn’t revealed.  When all else fails it seems it’s time to bring in McNicol’s dirty tricks brigade.

Last Saturday the inaugural meeting of Labour Against the Witch-hunt held its first meeting.  An Executive of 4, including myself were elected.  Amongst our first tasks was the setting up of a Facebook group. [see Labour Against the Witchhunt Forms in Response to Expulsion of Moshe Machover – Join Us]

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from McNicol’s solicitor, Jai Sharda today.  Perhaps he wanted to agree to a settlement?  Unfortunately not.  He told me that he had received an email yesterday from a person whose identity had been redacted ‘for obvious reasons’ warning me that ‘your actions of intimidation and harassment are continuing to cause considerable distress. You are requested, once again, to immediately refrain from any engaging in further such conduct.’
Pretty serious allegations, if true.  Indeed I wondered why this person hadn’t contacted the Police to have me arrested.  The problem was, of course that she had contacted the Police and they had sent her away with a flea in hear ear.  I am referring to Brighton Councillor Caroline ‘Poison’ Penn.  This blushing violet had made two complaints to the local constabulary. 

Caroline Penn, like Jeremy Newmark and all the Labour Party’s other witch hunters operate under the belief that if an accusation is made against the Left or anti-Zionists it must be believed.An accusation is itself proof of guilt.  The Jewish Labour Movement  even proposed a Rule Change to the last Labour Party conference to that effect.  The ‘victim’ is always right even when they aren’t a victim.
Here we seen 'Poison' Penn attacking people like Mel Melvin and Greg Hadfield who have been expelled or suspended.  She taunts Greg because he has been suspended twice -  'once in 2014 for intimidating behaviour'  yes but the allegation was dropped.  According to Penn, you are guilty of whatever she accuses you of until proven innocent.  The Compliance Unit however never clears someone they just drop the charges.  
Unfortunately for the JLM Shami Chakrabarti had to remind Jeremy Newmark that even bourgeois justice demands something in the way of evidence before you convict someone.  This isn’t Israel.  Labour can't implement the equivalent of Israel's Administrative Detention whereby someone can be detained for years on end without a trial on the basis of a secret policeman’s say so.
The Compliance Unit leaked the details of my suspension whilst refusing to tell me anything - below are the retractions of both papers
Of course it’s quite understandable why Penn and people like Brighton Council leader Warren Morgan are confused. When Brighton Labour Party was suspended on July 2nd 2016 after the Left had won a majority of the officer posts, Warren Morgan, backed up by Penn made false allegations of spitting.  Immediately McNicol and his lackeys suspended the party, cancelled the elections and handed power back to the defeated candidates!

So it is no surprise that  Caroline Penn has sent an email alleging she is suffering ‘enormous distress’ that she has received ‘further abuse’ and is now concerned about her ‘personal safety and of others that have also complained about Mr Greenstein.’ She also finds it strange that I have not already been expelled.  The amazing thing is that this email says absolutely nothing about what this abuse constitutes.  It is totally vacuous, like its writer.

What is however interesting is that the email is accompanied by the minutes of Labour Against the Witch-hunt of last Saturday.  These minutes were only distributed to members of the Labour Against the Witch hunt Facebook group.  It is therefore clear that someone on the Labour Right, with whom Penn is in contact with, has taken it upon themselves to infiltrate LAW under false pretences.  There is nothing in the minutes that is at all damning and nor is there anything in a screenprint containing dialogue between members of the group.

In other words by her own admission Caroline Penn is party to the infiltration of a group set up to fight expulsions and suspension in the Party by someone who has been operating under false pretences.  And yet she has the audacity to complain of ‘abuse’ and ‘intimidation’.  If  you go to the Police Information Notice that I was issued with you can find out what her complaints are:

Poison Penn's Complains
1.      I have used social media to make contact with Ms Penn – well yes but she has also contacted me on social media.  That’s the nature of Twitter and isn’t in itself an offence.

2.      I have encouraged other people to send abusive messages to her.  What she means is I have tweeted responses to her Zionist nonsense and encouraged others to do so.  On no occasion have I asked anyone to be abusive to her.

3.      I have also ‘used anti-Semitic abuse towards her.’  This is a difficult one.  She is not Jewish unlike me.  How can I be anti-Semitic towards someone who is not Jewish?  There is something called associative discrimination which is where you believe someone to be Jewish when they are not.  For example in Israel there have been a number of times when Jews who look like Arabs have been attacked by those who believed them to be Arabs.  That is an example of anti-Arab racism.
Police Information Notice Detailing the Allegations Against Me but taking no view of the merits of the allegations

      However I have encouraged no one to consider Poison Penn Jewish!  She is without doubt a racist non-Jew a Zionist and an anti-Semite!

4.      Its true I have used the term Zio which is short for Zionist.  Many Zionists are non-Jewish, like Penn and many Jews are not Zionists like me. 

5.      It is true I have called her a racist since she is a member of the JLM.

6.      It is not true I have said she is a Nazi or a member of the BNP.  
      I don’t for one moment believe that the email in question was the work of Caroline Penn herself.  To put it bluntly she is not the brightest tool in the box.  Someone in Labour Party HQ realising how weak their case is, has decided to try and use Penn’s already existing false complaints against me to the Police despite the Police themselves turning them down.

These two emails are from the Jewish Labour Movement, almost certainly Israeli state agent Jeremy Newmark, whining 'is it acceptable to publish a full transcript of a post-suspension interview in this manner?'  Newmark doesn't say what manner would be acceptable.

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