27 October 2017

Britain First’s Leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen 'On the Run' - Tales of a Fascist Duo!

Dig Deep for Fascist Scum!
For some reason Britain First keeps emailing me the latest escapades of their leaders, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen.  For some reason they think I am a supporter!  

 It’s only exceptionally that I put up a fundraising appeal on this blog.  It has to be an especially deserving cause.  When the desperate plea from Golding and Fransen arrived in my Inbox I was particularly moved.  Both of these individuals are, it would appear, on the run from the British Police after having absconded rather than stick to bail conditions that prevent them from harassing people.

For some reason they keep writing to me.  I did unsubscribe a few months ago but they keep writing to me to ask for more cash which is why I am turning to you dear reader.  Why have I been resubscribed?  I suspect it is dirty tricks from one Jonathan Hoffman whose best friend is Britain First’s ‘Intelligence’ Chief Paul Besser.  Both like to picket Palestinian and other meetings on the grounds of ‘anti-Semitism’.
I guess it’s kind of flattering to be told that they need me, even if they offer me the alternative of signing up or do nothing.  At least, it would seem they take Jews!

Dig deep for these two neo-Nazi nuts.  You know they’re worth it.

Dear Tony,
I must admit, Britain First is in deep trouble.
For four weeks, Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen and I were literally “on the run” across Europe, unable to return to the UK because we would have been arrested at British border control and sent to prison.
After managing (against the odds and in disguise) to get back into the UK via a route with no passport control, we were picked up at a Scottish port and driven down to England where we "laid low" for 24 hours.
Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen was a guest speaker at the “Justice for Chelsey” protest in Sunderland the following day.
Britain First
With a team of security officers surrounding her, Jayda managed to smuggle herself into the crowd who marched her to a rally point and handed her a microphone so that she could speak about the injustice Chelsey Wright has suffered.
Over a hundred police officers rushed and surrounded the protesters, who linked arms to stop the police getting to Jayda!
But the bully boy coppers stormed the crowd of men, women and children, determined to apprehend Jayda.
Britain First
After seeing the police knocking over old ladies and manhandling fully grown men, and after they threatened to use CS gas on the crowd, Jayda decided to give herself up to avoid anyone getting hurt!
It was a disgraceful sight, watching an army of police bullies literally attacking a crowd of peaceful protesters!
The police thugs even choked a dog that Jayda had been pictured with during the protest.
Britain First
Jayda was led off and locked up for two nights in a stinking, rotten police cell, with nothing but four walls to keep her company!
Whilst Jayda was in custody, Sunderland police station received numerous calls from Kent Police demanding that Jayda be transported down to Kent where she would have to spend 100 days in prison on remand waiting for her trial!
But Northumbrian police ignored their demands and refused to transport Jayda to any court outside of their jurisdiction.
Come Monday morning, Jayda found herself cuffed in the back of a meatwagon and led into the dock at South Tyneside Magistrates court, with Kent Police still pressuring the court to remand her in prison.
By a stroke of divine luck, the Magistrates told Kent Police to take a running jump and they released Jayda from custody!
Britain First
Jayda then received a hero’s welcome in Sunderland and Kent Police skulked off to lick their wounds.
The following day, both Jayda and I were in the dock again, this time accused of “harassing” a gang of convicted migrant child rapists in Kent.
Kent Police, now angry that their plan to lock up Jayda had failed, tried to throw both of us in prison on remand, but to his credit the judge told them to sod off!
The judge fixed a date for our three-day trial and released us from custody to meet the national press who were waiting outside.
Britain First
Make no mistake: The establishment and their police stormtroopers are determined to destroy our movement!
Only your support can scupper their evil plans and stop Jayda and I going to prison after our trial for “harassing Muslim gang rapists”.
Britain First is being financially drained by the constant and relentless court, solicitor and legal costs incurred throughout this incessant harassment!
Britain First
This is part of their plan: Lock us up and drain all of our resources so that the Britain First movement ceases to exist!
But, they underestimate our British bulldog spirit and unwillingness to buckle in the face of their diabolical schemes.
We are British Lions, and we will not surrender or cave in, ever!
Can Jayda and I depend on your unwavering support as we battle the forces of evil that are destroying our nation?
Will you give us your most unshakeable backing during this dark and troublesome period?
We depend on you Tony, there is no one else we can turn to!
Please send your most generous financial gift as fast as you can - we need to keep the wheels turning on our legal fightback:
Yours sincerely,
Britain First

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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