7 April 2017


Oppose the Attempts of Progress and the Zionists to Expel Ken Livingstone & Destroy Labour Party Democracy

Those who support Livingstone’s expulsion today are paving the way for Corbyn’s removal tomorrow
The Guardian is virtually running the campaign to expel Livingstone as it provides free publicity and editorials and opinion pieces - all of them anti-Livingstone
Today's Progress and Zionist letter in the Guardian

Today’s Guardian has a letter from the Jewish Labour Movement with over a thousand signatures.  Many of them are not Jewish and a large percentage of them are, by their own admission not supporters of the Labour Party, e.g. Cllr. Inkpin-Leissner, who resigned from the Labour Party in Brighton to sit as an Independent in the Council.  [see Far-Right Brighton Labour Councillor resigns from Labour Party citing 'anti-Semitism' as his excuse]

The call to expel Livingstone is the precursor to the removal of Corbyn

This letter is a roll call of the Right in the Labour Party.  There are no figures on the Left openly supporting it but behind the scenes Momentum’s Jon Lansman is doing its best to undermine support for Livingstone.  The Alliance for Workers Liberty openly support Livingstone’s expulsion too!

Livingstone's principled support for the Palestinians is his real offence

Jeremy Corbyn in supporting action against Corbyn is oblivious to the consequences for himself.  It is up to us to oppose the removal of Livingstone for three reasons:

i.               Democracy and free speech in the Labour Party around Israel and Palestine must be defended against the racist supporters of Apartheid.

ii.             Nothing Livingstone said was remotely anti-Semitic but he is an opponent of Israel, a state which demolishes Arab villages to put Jewish towns in their place. 

iii.           The removal of Livingstone will pave the way for the removal of Jeremy Corbyn.

Owen Jones and co. support Livingstone's removal as the first step to being rid of Corbyn

All the Brighton signatories I can see are not Jewish but are supporters of Progress, including Councillor Julie Cattell, who allowed a BNP supporting member of the Labour Party, Harris Fitch, to register her address for the purpose of Labour Party membership.  Also on the signatory list is the leader of Brighton and Hove Council, Warren Morgan, a non-Jewish Progress and Jewish Labour Movement member.

The Guardian heading ‘Jewish Labour says Livingstone must go’ is extremely misleading.  It is Zionist Labour and Progress/Labour First who are calling for Livingstone’s removal. Most Jewish Labour Party members are not calling for the expulsion of Livingstone because they are socialists not racist Zionists.

We have therefore drawn up a letter which we asking Labour Party members and supporters, Jewish and non-Jewish, who support Ken Livingstone to sign.  If you agree with it, please send your name and CLP to:tonygreenstein104@gmail.com

Letter to the National Press - Please sign

As Jewish and non-Jewish members and supporters of the Labour Party, we reject the call from supporters of Zionism and the Labour Right for the expulsion of Ken Livingstone. [Jewish Labour members say Livingstone must go, April 6th] 
Those who call for a new disciplinary hearing simply because they didn’t like the conclusions of the previous one, demonstrate their contempt for democracy and due process. 
A year ago Livingstone, responding to a question from Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London, said: ‘Let’s remember when Hitler won his election in 1932, his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism.’ 
There is nothing whatsoever anti-Semitic about this.  Francis Nicosia, the Raul Hilberg Professor of Holocaust Studies at Vermont University wrote in his book Zionism and Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany (p. 79) that: 
‘Throughout the 1930’s, as part of the regime’s determination to force Jews to leave Germany, there was almost unanimous support in German government and Nazi party circles for promoting Zionism among German Jews’   Is telling the truth also anti-Semitic?
As Donald Trump and his supporters demonstrate, support for Zionism can go hand in hand with anti-Semitism.  
What the campaign against Livingstone is really about is his long-standing support for the Palestinians and his opposition to Zionism and the policies of the Israeli state.  
Those who help to throw Livingstone overboard today are preparing the way for Jeremy Corbyn’s removal tomorrow. 
Yours faithfully,

If you agree please send your name and CLP (if you have one) to tonygreenstein104@gmail.com

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