8 December 2016

Neo-Nazi Audience Selector for Question Time, Alison Fuller-Pedley Invites EDL to Take Part

The BBC's Idea of Balance - One Fascist for Every Anti-Fascist

One of fascist Pedley's retweets - a celebration of a nauseating 'patriotism' and militarism
Even more nauseating - retweeting a group that would have supported the Nazis and which denies the Holocaust  

Thomas Mair - Jo Cox's killer is in the centre of the group whose message Fuller-Pedley retweeted
Ever wondered why no MPs supporting Jeremy Corbyn ever appear on Question Time?  

Ever wondered why the audiences these days seem full of UKIP types and bigots like the one who tangled with Laurie Penney last week.   

He was a ‘primary school’  teacher, or so he said, who hated hearing school children speaking other languages and managed to tie this in with waiting lists in the NHS.  

Ever wondered why Nigel Farage seems to appear virtually every week, something like 34 appearances in all, even though he is not an MP?
Our Alison gets around
Well step forward Alison Fuller-Pedley.  It would seem that our Alison has been retweeting Britain First posts as well as making her Brexit views clear on social media.  For those who are unaware, Britain First is the group that Thomas Mair, Jo Cox MP’s killer was a member and activist for. 

She even went to the Event Page for the EDL's demonstration in Boston to invite them onto the audience.  She didn't do this with any other group on social media.
Getting the credit for fixing the audience
Britain First, whose tweets she retweeted, was the group that Thomas Mair was an activist for and in. Pedley should be treated like someone who was a member of an ISIS supporting group - a political terrorist - and booted off the programme.
Fuller-Pedley contacted the EDL's Event Page for the demonstration in Boston asking them to help pack the audience for Question Time
No doubt this is another example of BBC Balance!

Tony Greenstein

by Mike Small 5th December 2016 
Pedley all at sea
The parlour game of raging at the goggle-box every week as the BBC reeled out another panel of right-wing eejits for Question Time was getting a bit tired. We’d had wall-to-wall Farage and even Nick Griffin; trainloads of right-wing ‘think-tanks’ and ‘pressure groups’ you’d never heard of; programmes dislocated from place, attempts to shut-down speakers talking about Scotland in Scotland; bizarrely imbalanced panels and chairing that seemed to favour the hosts own chummy predilections. And the audiences seemed to be like cross-sections of a world you’d just never been in. Eventually I assumed that this just was the world outside my own bubble and that conspiracy notions about fixing BBCQT audiences were just my own daft lefty paranoia.

But – thanks to an alert reader – it seems that might not be so.

Step forward Alison Fuller Pedley job title  ‘Audience Producer at BBC Question Time’, and member of the British Patriotic Front Facebook group. She also promotes ‘Britain First’ online.
Pure Aryan Alison
The role of the Audience Producer is to select the people who will form the audience, as this ‘Behind the Scenes’ article confirms:

“According to the the Question Time website, the heart of the programme is its audience. “We don’t invite anyone” said Hopkin. “We have a dedicated producer who chooses a representative audience that reflects the demographic length. It is an honestly picked audience.” Every week audience producer Alison Fuller has to select the audience and, depending on the city they are in, this can mean considering more than 4,000 applications. This process involves checking the background of every applicant against their political affiliations, campaign involvements, advertising intentions, and many other factors. As the 150 people she selects are intended to embody the image of their city in the eyes of the programme’s nationwide audience, her job is one of the most important for the programme’s production.”
Alison's Linked-in Foto
Her own Twitter account appears to be a muddle of BBCQT stuff and Leave endorsements.

Take Action: Vote Leave https://t.co/P6ye3akhju #voteleave via @vote_leave

— Alison Fuller (@Fullhouse21) May 16, 2016

She even invited the English Defence League to join the audience. As the Daily Politik wrote back in September:

“You might ask, ‘what does it matter? She is an Audience Producer. She probably advertises to all sorts of social media groups, from the far right to the far left, trying to attract people to be part of the Question Time audience’. If that were true, I would not be writing this. Fuller Pedley posted the above post on the EDL Demonstration Page and her own Timeline only. She did not advertise audience positions to any other social media groups. Why would a BBC producer be encouraging members of EDL, exclusively, to apply to be in the Question Time audience?”
Thomas Mair in a patriotic mood
Perhaps it is simply the cynical realities behind tv production? Invite an audience and pepper it with extremists, it just makes for better telly? Is that what’s going on here?

We’ve heard a lot about fake news in recent days, maybe we have fake audiences too?
Mentorn Media has produced Question Time since 1998. We approached them for a response and will update you if and when we receive one.

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