11 June 2016

How a Watermelon Posed a Threat to Israel’s Security

The Bureaucratic Malice of Israel’s Occupation
On one level of course it is amusing, that a water melon is deemed to be a security threat.  :But  the fact that Israeli soldiers won’t led an old Palestinian man pass with his watermelon is indicative of the crushing nature of Israel’s military presence in the middle of Hebron.  Whilst the settlers are allowed to come and go without hindrance and the settlers are allowed to attack and intimidate the Palestinians of Hebron without let or hindrance, the Palestinians face bureaucratic obstacles every day. 
Everything is a security threat.  Despite Israeli human rights workers arguing that their action in preventing him pass into ‘a closed military zone’ which happens to be where the man lives, the soldiers refuse to budge.
Because in an illegal occupation there is of course no law.  What matters is might, nothing more and so we see the crushing and bureaucratic nature of the Israeli occupation, which makes someone wait for 4 hours in order to pass with their water melon.

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