Monday, 16 November 2015

Israel, the World’s Most Racist State says thank you to Hungary, Europe’s Most Racist State

What a surprise.  Israel, the world’s most racist state thanks Hungary, Europe’s most racist state, for opposing the labelling of West Bank settlement produce by place of origin.
Victor Orban Hungary's Prime Minister
Naturally Netanyahu can overlook minor matter such as the rehabilitation of Admiral Horthy, Hungary’s Regent during World War II, who presided over the deportations of nearly 450,000 Jews to Auschwitz between May 15 and July 7th 1944. 

Tony Greenstein
One dictator Sis greeting another - Victor Orban Hungary's Prime Minister

World Jewish Congress pans Hungary for Holocaust memorial

Protest outside settlement

Settlers throwing stones at Palestinians
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanks Hungary for coming out against new European Union guidelines regulating the labeling of goods produced in Israeli settlements over the Green Line.
“Thank you for your decisive statement against the labeling of goods,” Netanyahu tells the Hungarian foreign minister, Péter Szijjártó, during a meeting at the Knesset.
Refugees Outside Hungary's Parliament
Szijjártó, who is also Hungary’s trade minister, had said earlier in the day, “We do not support that decision. It is an inefficient instrument. It is irrational and does not contribute to a solution [to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict], but causes damage.”

— Raphael Ahren contributed

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