12 November 2015

Germany’s Racist Green MP Volker Beck Calls for the Repression of Palestinian supporters

Die Grunen - Germany's Greens spearhead the Zionist Attack on BDS in Germany

Calling Green Parties in Britain & Internationally to Dissociate Themselves from Germany's Green Party

You might expect a Green Party, of all parties, to extend a hand of solidarity to the oppressed.  If Green politics means anything it must mean opposition to racism ethno-nationalism and systematic discrimination and genocide.  But when it comes to Germany’s Green Party, it would appear that it’s a case of Green Imperialists ‘R US.

The rot set in in 2002 when the German government, which was a Green-SPD coalition, with Joshka Fischer of Die Grunen as Foreign Minister, sent German troops into a war, the Afghanistan War, for the first time since World War 2.
The label may read Green but the reality is racist 
But Volker Beck of Die Grunen has really outdone any of this.  Knowing full well that the Palestinians are living in an Apartheid state and Volker Beck is no fool, he nonetheless accuses supporters of BDS of ‘anti-Semitism’.
Volker Beck describes Al Quds day as hateful as hundreds of Berliners take to the streets in support of the Palestinians
Even worse, this rat of a green, tries to get the German state to employ the full    panoply of its powers.  He is asking the State to begin employing repressive and coercive measures against those who are  trying to build solidarity with an oppressed people.  If what is happening to the Palestinians were to happen to the Jews in Germany then Beck would be the first to cry anti-Semitism.  Or would he?  Given that anti-Semitism and Zionism are the opposite sides of the same coin one suspects that Volker Beck would turn a blind eye to native racism.
Germany's racist Green  MP
The question is why this bigot has not been criticised by either fellow Greens or other Green parties internationally.  If the whole of the German Green Party is now compromised and beyond salvation then we would expect Green parties in other parts of Europe, including Britain, to speak up.
The racist Green who accuses anti-Zionist Jews of 'anti-Semitism'
Volker Beck was responsible for the removal of Jewish and Israeli anti-Zionists Max Blumenthall and  David Sheen from the Bundestag earlier this year on the false grounds of anti-Semitism.

The irony is that the German conservatives, the CDU rejected Volker Beck’s suggestion that BDS was anti-Semitic (see below).

So we have the position that Beck is to the right of the Christian Democrats on the question of Palestine!

Tony Greenstein
Enjoying a joke at the expense of the oppressed
 German lawmaker outraged: 'BDS aims essentially against Jewish Israelis and is therefore anti-Semitic'
Germany has rejected a definition of anti-Semitism that labels the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) as anti-Semitic, the Jerusalem Post reported Monday.

Responding to a legislative questionnaire released Thursday by leading Green Party MP Volker Beck, the Merkel administration wrote that “there does not exist a general academic definition” of anti-Semitism.

Beck, who heads the German- Israel parliamentary group in the Bundestag, sharply criticized the Merkel administration: “Here the federal government has cowered,” he said. “There is no doubt of the anti-Semitic motivation within the spectrum of the BDS campaign. BDS aims essentially against Jewish Israelis and is therefore anti-Semitic. Whoever aggressively boycotts Israeli goods and people, should also be viewed as anti-Semitic by the federal government.”

The German government said it defined anti-Semitism, as “political, social, racist and religious” hostility toward Jews.
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Volker Beck's questions whose purpose was to begin the repression of Palestine solidarity supporters
Volker Beck’s Questions to the Government and the Responses
google translation: 

29. Does  the federal government  classify the so-called BDS campaign against Israel (BDS - Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions) as anti-Semitic?

If so, why? If not, why not?

a) How many followers and supporters does this campaign have in Germany according to the knowledge of the Federal Government ?

b) Is the BDS campaign or its supporters according to the the knowledge of the Federal Government under observation of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution?

The questions 29, 29a and 29b are answered together.

The Federal Government has no knowledge of the activities listed above of the
campaign, which is allowed under § 3 BVerfSchG observation by the BfV.

The Federal Government has not got any evidence concerning the findings in terms of the question.

The BfV has no knowledge of the observation of the campaign by a State Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

BfV = Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution

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