1 August 2015

Why All the Fuss – We Kill Children All the Time

A Response to ‘Israeli condemnation ‘not enough,’ say US Jewish groups, after baby killed’ 

Fatal firebombing of Palestinian family by alleged Jewish terrorists prompts unusually harsh criticism by mainstream US Jews

Below is my response to an article in The Times of Israel on the murder of a Palestinian baby:

The whole concept of terrorism is a useless one in trying to understand the barbaric murder of a Palestinian infant. It is not simply the action of the 2 crazed settlers.
 It was Rabbis Shapira and Elitzur who wrote Torat HaMelech (the King's Torah) which justified the killing of even Palestinian infants, because they may grow up to hate 'us', who are equally responsible. The same goes for all the rabbis who forbade the renting of apartments to Arabs starting with Safed's Shmuel Eliyahu.
 But the cancer of racism permeates the whole of the Zionist body politic. How can Netanyahus' fake condemnation be taken seriously when his own deputy Defence Minister Eli Dahan describes Palestinians as beasts and animals whilst proclaiming the superiority of the Jewish soul, yea even those of Jewish homosexuals.
Racist graffiti
 Or a 'Justice' Minister who posts a screed on her facebook page calling for the wiping out of the whole Palestinian people and its mothers in particular, so they don't give birth to 'little Palestinian snakes'. Or Naftali Bennett who is proud of having killed so many Arabs. Or Miri Regev who compares African asylum seekers to 'cancer' and then apologises to cancer sufferers for the analogy.
 Yet who was suspended for 6 months from the Knesset? A secular Arab woman MK Haneen Zoabi, not the Jewish racists, because Jewish racism is always exempt. That is what a Jewish state means.
 And why all the fuss over a couple of molotov cocktails that burnt alive a child and his family? Isn't that what Israeli pilots did over Gaza last summer? Perhaps next time a group intends to perpetrate a 'price tag' attack, someone can whisper in their ear that they should join the Israeli airforce instead. That way they can become heroes when kill Palestinian babies and people will watch them from armchairs on a hill overlooking Gaza whilst they drink coffee.

Tony Greenstein 

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