27 January 2015

Holocaust Memorial Day - Remembering all the Victims of Genocide

Hajo Meyer with his beloved cello

Tribute to Hajo Meyer

Hajo Meyer was a Dutch survivor of the Auschwitz/Birkenau extermination camp.  He lived his life in the belief that ‘never again’ applied not only to Jews but to every victim of racism and genocide.  I can remember when he came to Britain a few years ago and the Zionists (Jonathan Hoffman) tried to unsuccessfully disrupt his meeting at the House of Commons Portcullis House on Holocaust Memorial Day.
Hajo Meyer

Gypsies deported to Janesovac - a Croatian extermination camp

Soviets liberate Maidenek

watchtowers at Maidenek

Stangl - Commandant at Maidenek and later Belsen where the British hanged him with Kurt Franz 
Treblinka zoo and barracks

wooden bunks where 3 slept to a 'bed'

the infamous sign above most camps 'work makes you free'
Zionism wants us to believe that because of the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust when 6 million Jews and perhaps half a million gypsies and half a million of the disabled, as well as 3 million Poles and 3 million Russians, lost their lives, that Israel has a carte blanche to treat the Palestinians as the untermenschen.  The Lower Races.  Our message is that the Holocaust gives Zionism no such rights.
The record of Zionism during the holocaust they now exploit was one of complete indifference.  In this review by notorious Zionist historian David Cesarani of Dina Porat’s Blue & Yellow Star of David, itself an attempt to whitewash the record of Zionism during the holocaust, he admits that three times as much was spent on growing JNF trees as in ensuring that the Jews of Europe might be saved.  But it was far worse.  The major Zionist crimes were:
Bodies of Jasenovac victims floating in river
Koch-the Commandant of Maidenek
i.                     Ensuring that all rescue was directed towards Palestine and obstructing any rescue work that had as its destination any other country.
gas chambers at Maidenek
ii.                   Prioritising building the Jewish state not saving the refugees.
SS behead a man with saw
forest graves at Chelmno - the first extermination c
iii.                  At the height of an international boycott movement which may have toppled Hitler in 1933, the Zionists negotiated their own trade agreement Ha’avara to ensure that the wealth of German Jewry would be invested in Palestine.  Between 1933 and 1939 60% of capital investment in Jewish Palestine was from Nazi Germany.
Bodies at Maidenek
iv.                 Suppressing news of the holocaust, not simply in 1944 when Hungarian Jewry was threatened but throughout the war.  This is not even denied.  As Cesarani states between 1942 and 1945 the Mapai leadership of Ben-Gurion and the Jewish Agency (the Zionist government in waiting) rarely devoted a whole session to the extermination of European Jewry. 

The reason?  ‘The leadership never… made rescue work more important than efforts to achieve a Jewish state.’
Waldlager Memorial
Or as Shabtai Teveth, the official biographer of Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister’s wrote:
 If there was a line in Ben-Gurion’s mind between the beneficial disaster and an all-destroying catastrophe, it must have been a very fine one.’ [The Burning Ground 1886-1948, 1987: 851, Houghton Mifflin, Boston]

Tony Greenstein
Crematoria at Maidenek

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