Thursday, 15 January 2015

Facebook is not Charlie

Free speech is not so very free

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Banned by Facebook
Well what do you know?  Facebook, in all its corporate idiocy, is determined to lend a hand to Political Islam.  All criticism of Jews is banned even when it isn't Jews but Zionism (Political Islam's idiots and Facebook's moronic administrators don't know the difference).

On 14th January, Aaron Dover, who is himself Jewish but not a Zionist, wrote that:
'they singled out this image as one they removed (in addition to banning me) because it is so violating of the community standards. Not the jewish community; the facebook community remember...
I have been doing a satire page called The Zionion which has gained a very loyal fan base. Basically I mock Zionists/Zionism and the surrounding media circus. Facebook just banned the page and banned me from posting (so I also cant do the JFJFP page for the next 3 days).
You can help me by posting the image below on FB (just peoples timelines and any I/P groups), with a comment of the text below the image... I am unable to even get word out of the ban!!!
The Zionion page is no longer published after suffering a major IRONYPLOSION TERROR incident inflicted by MILITANT ZIONIST RADICALS that has melted our concrete superstructure and destroyed our main offices which have collapsed into their own footprint.
The Zionion was banned today by Facebook for controversial humour. Because it satirises the hypocrisy of the free speech debate around the right to publish satire. Which violates the community standards. Also it published some very naughty gags mocking Zionism which were singled out as being very very naughty indeed. Although Zuckerberg did recently promise to defend the right to free speech on Facebook particularly satire, in the light of the Charlie Hebdo theatrical production, this appears to be somewhat fucking bullshit.
The Zionion editorial team have been banned from posting on Facebook completely, which prevents them from being able to inform people of this, thus protecting the Facebook population from any further exposure to the METAIRONY which could endanger conformity and cause potentially lethal levels of facepalming around the world.
The editor has been told he cannot log back into Facebook without first providing a copy of his passport to Facebook. This is really true, and he has done so.
For once we are nearly lost for words because we feel that Facebook may have out-satirised us. All we can say in the immediate aftermath of this is...


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