Sunday, 23 November 2014

Let Mads Gilbert Back Into Gaza - Norwegian doctor banned from Gaza for life

Israel – the only State where it is a crime to save life

But see it from Netanyahu’s perspective.  Israel spends much time and money killing as many Palestinian civilians as possible and then this upstart from Norway, who should be minding his own business, tries to subvert their efforts by saving peoples’ lives.  Not only should he be banned but but he should count his blessings.   Israel could have let him come, arrested  him and then charged him with terrorism instead

Tony Greenstein

The Norwegian 67-year-old has travelled to and from Gaza to treat Palestinians. This summer, the chief physician who lives and works in northern Norway, was back working at Shifa hospital, Gaza, where he spend more than 50 days treating many of the 11,000 injured.

The doctor was attempting to return to the region in October to help in the hospital and was stopped by Israeli officials from entering.

Gilbert says: “When we came back to the Erez border station, the Israeli soldiers told me that I could not go in to Gaza.”

 Now the Israeli government is stating that Gilbert is banned for security reasons, according to an email from the Norwegian embassy in Tel Aviv. The embassy took up the case on Gilbert's behalf after he was refused entry last month.

Norway's Secretary of State, Bård Glad Pedersen, said to VG: “From the Norwegian perspective, we have raised Gilbert's exclusion from Gaza and asked Israel to change their decision. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is still difficult and there is a need for all health workers.”

Gilbert himself believes the decision is connected to his critical comments against the state of Israel.
 The outspoken peace activist wrote a letter to the global media in July this year in which he spoke about the extreme conditions at the Gaza hospital where he worked. 

Campaign created by Tariq Ziyad Icon-email
To appeal to the Israeli Government to lift their imposed life ban on Dr Mads Gilbert returning to Gaza

Why is this important?

Dr Gilbert worked tirelessly trying to save the children of Gaza during the recent bombing campaign by Israel, the Israeli government are attempting to silence him for speaking out about the atrocities that he witnessed first hand, Dr Gilbert carried out great humanitarian work in the most difficult of circumstances, banning from entering Gaza for like is tantamount to a kind of punishment and is certainly not the actions of a 'democratic government'

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