Saturday, 8 November 2014

Labour Heads for Electoral Disaster

Those Who Want to Replace Miliband Miss the Point - It's the Strategy that Needs Changing

That speech

New Labour MPs Panic as their Seats Are in Danger – But None Advocate a Change in Strategy

When I posted an article in July this year saying that there was no way Miliband could win the election, a lot of my friends told me I was wrong.  On the contrary, given the disarray of the Tories under Cameron and the threat from UKIP Labour stood a good chance of an overall majority.

I doubt if anyone today would repeat that.  The fact is that the chickens have come home to roost.  It wasn’t his disastrous speech at New Labour’s conference, parts of which he forgot, but the lack of any theme to articulate.  Instead Labour comes across as a pink and watered down version of Cameron’s Tories.  They support welfare reform, but not quite as much of it as the Tories and Lib Dems.  They favour capping pr ices on rail and utilities but public ownership is a no-no, but you can’t control what you don’t own.  It’s elementary and Attlee and Wilson understood this.  The policy wonk Miliband understands nothing.
Miliband Address the Zionist Labour Friends of Israel

It would be easy to target the 1% of Britain that owns 55% of its wealth, the savage rich and hangers on but that wouldn’t be the New Labour way and that is why Miliband is doomed.
Miliband Says Nothing in Hiw Own Long-Winded Way
To compound Labour’s misery, the Scottish heartland they took for granted is deserting them en masse.  The Scots rejected devolution but the working-class heartlands such as Glasgow voted to support independence.  Labour ran a campaign with Cameron, with that useless washed up disaster area, Gordon Brown, performing the role of a Tory patriot.  Well devolution was narrowly rejected but Labour has suffered the price of working with the Tories (as well as being stabbed in the back by Cameron the day after the vote).
Ralph Miliband - turning in his grave at the treachery of his sons!
The panic of Labour MPs says more about their fears for their careers than any rethink of  strategy or purpose.  The result may be Labour will struggle to even get 200 seats in the next General Election.   The tragedy is that the socialist left and in particular Left Unity, is so tied up witness navel gazing that it is in no position to take advantage of Labour’s problems.

Tony Greenstein

I posted the following on the Left Unity site.  I doubt it will see the light of day!

‘At a time when Labour is in disarray Left Unity is still obsessing about internal matters.
Who gives a fuck as to who is the principal speaker?  You've lost 1,000 of your members - one third - and have learnt as few lessons and drawn as few conclusions as Miliband has done.

Another left sect consigned to obscurity for which u can thank the ISG and navel gazing 'feminists'. 

Well done for squandering another opportunity for the Left.’

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