25 August 2012

The Most Sickening Picture of the Year - Cameron with a Disabled Child

First Cameron cuts their money, then he uses a disabled child as an election gimmick

This is a government which openly proclaims it intends to cut 20% from Disability Living Allowance by renaming it PIP (Personal Independence Payment).  The Daily Mirror recently ran an article that 32 people a week are dying because of the so-called Work Capability Assessments. 32 die a week after failing test for new incapacity benefit

New Labour's Liam Byrne MP began the attack on DLA - he has refused to condemn the attacks on the disabled

Cameron must be one of the most sickening individuals in this country, despite stiff competition from the likes of war criminals Blair and Brown.  He deliberately used his dead son, who died of cerebral palsy, to ‘prove’ that he knows about disability.  In fact he’d kill off his own grandmother if it brought him any political benefits.

As someone who is helping bring up an autistic boy, I probably have a somewhat greater grasp of the problems disabled people face.   But like the charlatan Cameron is he doesn’t mind posing next a disabled child.

I’ve written numerous articles for this blog in the past on the attacks on the disabled.  We cannot leave it to the ‘disability professionals’ in charities like Disability Alliance and the Autistic Trust who willingly sell out those they purport to represent if it will help their careers (& most of whom aren’t disabled anyway).

See  The Government DismantlesDisability Living Allowance 

Is this how the Nazis got away with so many atrocities?’


  1. Cameron, allegedly, claimed DLA AND free nappies for his late son. The creature is a millionaire and didn't need to access these benefits....I'm assuming the nature of the political beast is to get something for nothing. Pity he doesn't possess a whit of honour and, instead of cutting benefits to this country's most vulnerable, prosecuted tax avoiders (cheats) for the millions they have filched

  2. Sorry, but I don't agree that he shouldn't have claimed the benefits. I think it's an important point of principle that everyone entitled should claim, rich or poor.
    There should be no stigma in claiming and the money to provide for a universal system can be obtained via a proper tax system, which thereby reclaims from the rich who don't "need" the benefits. I share you anger however that Cameron's experience with his own son has taught him nothing. It shows the magnitude of the destructiveness and nastiness towards others that wealth and privilege usually engenders in people.

  3. Support for all disabled & chronically sick shouldn't be based on what you have, most attacks in the media are on those that need the support to survive whilst Cameron would have survived without it. He looks creepy in the photo, looks like the child snatcher creeping on a victim (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). Cameron probably thought I don't need this money why does anyone else need it.


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