7 August 2012

The Militarisation of the Syrian Conflict

The West's and Israel's Iraqi Recipe for Syria - Sectarian Conflict and Confessionalism

Syrian Christian Church - Threatened by Political Islam and Salafism
An excellent interview with Sami Ramdani, the exiled Iraqi lecturer at London University on how the West has subverted the Syrian revolution.

Despite all the rhetoric about Al Quaeda, the United States and its proxies, Turkey and Israel, included, have once again supported Muslim Fundamentalism and Salafism to target a secular regime.

Ramdani’s main point is that it is precisely the militarisation of the political struggle which has actually prolonged and strengthened the regime. Syria’s Christians, a community older than that of their Muslim neighbours, constitute 10% of Syria’s population and they have already been attacked in Homs. Confessionalism, in Syria as in Iraq, is the strategy of the West.

It is no accident that those good friends of democracy, Saudi Arabia and Quatar, have been to the forefront in arming the opposition. As Ramdani points out, prominent in the social base of the regime, which is any event considerable, are women who are scared that their gains will be lost as American Islamists roll back their gains. Saudi Arabia being the most backward regime in respect of women’s rights in the world, but the best of friends with the United States.

Tony Greenstein

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