15 June 2012

Hillary Clinton Admits that the USA Created Al Quaeda

Looking pleased after another drone attack on some poor dead family

Bin Laden - an All-American Creation

The May be Sons of a Bitch - But they were Our Sons

It’s not often that members of the ruling elites come clean so we should, I guess, savour the moment when Hilary Clinton admits that Al Quaeda was an all-American creation.  The absurdity of her proclaiming that having created their Frankenstein, the USA is best placed to destroy it, should be evident to all.

The best thing the West could do would be to get out of the Middle East.  But truth to tell it can’t do that whilst it is hooked on black gold.

Tony Greenstein

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  1. This has been known for a long time ago of course but it’s nice to have confirmation from the horse’s mouth.

    The Ruskies must be laughing their heads off: when they were there, largely to try and take that country into the 20th Century, the same old, same old (the Taliban) resisted that. The West (well mainly the US) then allied itself with those guys and al Qaeda to oust the USSR. Now the tables are completely turned and we’re fighting the same backward numbskulls, who still resist any decency like education systems, central G’ment etc.

    Still, it’s been a good few decades all around for Meircan elites, with an amount of hardware sold that must have made a few very rich and a few rich even richer. That is after all the purpose of American ‘democracy’, is it not? It is about ‘Freedom’: the freedom to become rich beyond absurdity at the expense of the many and while trampling over huge piles of ‘collateral damage’.


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