4 June 2012

The Habima Protests – The Inside Story

Once Again the Zionists Are Beaten - 

Despite Police State Security

I love this short video.  It tells it like it is.  I feel privileged to have taken part in another successful BDS protest and to know that our protest has, yet again, had world-wide  repercussions.  As the woman in the film said, the Zionists convinced themselves that they were enjoying the mediocre play on stage, with its little Zionist addition of a Venetian attack on Shylock at the very start.  Coupled with the hideous masks (they accused us of being anti-Semitic for wearing the same mask as the actors!).
Picket of Sir Bob Geldoff - Honorary Doctor at Ben Gurion University of Ethnic Cleansing
It was only through dozens of security goons and lines of Police that the 'culture' of Israel can now be displayed in all its hideous glory.

As a member of Brighton PSC it was great that once again so many of the protestors came up from Brighton.  Must be something to do with the sea air!

And below is a lovely photograph of a picket  on Thursday of the wretched Bob Geldoff’s performance at the Brighton Concordia.  The promoter was none too pleased alternatively threatening to set the security on us and pleading we move!  However we stayed stuck to the spot and lots of Geldoff’s fans came up to say how much they agreed with us.

For a contrary Zionist opinion on how terrible it is to boycott Zionist ‘culture’ see Sarah Gillespies piece  on Atzmon’s ‘deliberation’ site ‘The BDS Cultural Boycott and Integrity’ http://www.deliberation.info/the-bds-cultural-boycott-and-integrity/ in which she declares that Israel is not an apartheid state and launches into   Omar Barghouti for his ‘hypocrisy’ in daring to study  at Tel Aviv University.  Apparently 
‘Barghouti’s attendance at TA University doesn’t exactly make Israel resemble the Apartheid State he tells us it is. The Apartheid 1959 ‘Extension of University Education Act’ bared non-whites from entering white Universities. This has not happened to Barghouti.  His presence there reinforces TA Universities’ reputation as a tolerant and multicultural institution.’  Err yes Sarah.  Perhaps Israel is more clever and dispenses with petty apartheid within Israel proper whilst enforcing apartheid rigidly in the occupied territories.  But whilst not being not having ‘No Palestinians or Dogs’ signs it still bars Palestinians from buying or renting land or travelling on roads or even going on most of Tel Aviv’s beach (well you can do but you’re likely to be beaten up if you do).
Sarah Gillespie - Atmon's Closest Collaborator Depicts The Habimah Supporters as Stalinists


  1. Had the horror of Stalin’s Holodomor been contemporaneous today, we may well have been called upon to boycott the works of Bulgakov.

    Gillespie and Atzmon, Israel's useless idiots.

    There was actually a boycott of Stalin's USSR. It is known as the Cold War, where the US-led West hermetically sealed off the Soviet East at every opportunity and at all points on the map. Further, any real or imaginary criticism of the Soviet regime by internal dissidents was widely praised and encouraged in the West.

    I mean, Gillespie's analogy of why a boycott of the USSR would have been wrong, with today's boycott of the Israeli regime, and its material and cultural exports, is so inappropriate and unapt as to be bizarre.

    Critics of Stalin weren't actually boycotted. His regime was. Just like today's Palestine BDS which does the same. In fact, Gillespie's analogy fits her better given she supports the Israeli racist regime against a boycott and criticises its BDS critics. Talk about being a useful idiot!

    She also claims that because she can't see the effects of Palestine BDS then it's useless to go ahead with it. If there is a principle in her strategy here, other than stupidity, maybe somebody can point it out to me.

    The rest of her article is a just a re-hash of Atzmon's pro-zionist opinions ie equating Palestinians with Nazis; Israeli racism isn't a problem given Palestinians get to use its universities; and anybody who disagrees with Atzmon, including Palestinians, is a zionist etc etc.

    At the end of her article she reinforces her stupidity by stating Israeli products should be boycotted after all, but not ..art, spirit and ideas... Don't worry Sarah, the police, jails, courts and private security guards are on hand to make sure these are all safe from harm so you and your pro-zionist pals are able to enjoy them. Even Habima's productions on the West Bank.

    Anybody know when Gillespie and Atzmon are going to do a concert in Israel?

  2. Barghouti’s attendance at TA University doesn’t exactly make Israel resemble the Apartheid State he tells us it is.
    - Sarah Gillespie, zionism's useless idiot.

    The Israeli system of apartheid -
    On Israel's system of segregated roads in the occupied Palestinian territories
    By Ahmad Barclay and Polypod, May 2012

    In PDF format from the same website - L’archipel de Palestine orientale

  3. Gillespie and Atzmon's positions rest on self-interest. They don't support a boycott precisely because it might offend all those luvvies they hang around with who also don't want to boycott Israel.

    The attack on someone like Omar Barghouti is disgraceful given Omar's prominent role in PACBI and spearheading the Boycott and the fact that he is such a target for the Zionists.

    Atzmon's attack on Omar's attendance at Tel Aviv University (the oppressed should make their own lives even more difficult) exactly mirrors Zionist attacks on him. Don't the proponents of BDS say that it will hurt the oppressed most of all yet the Palestinians and Black South Africans said 'go ahead' we have the least to lose.

    Atzmon and Gillespie want to prove that it is Palestinians who are affected the most by BDS whereas it has always been understood by anyone in the least involved in support liberation struggles, that our position and those who live with the settlers are in an entirely different position. For Palestinians it might indeed mean going hungry, foregoing education etc. It is an absurd moralist position typical of the wealthy property speculator Atzmon who expects everyone else to engage in sacrifices.

    Re the Holodomor, the general estimates are about 3m who died. Atzmon quotes neo-Nazis and their apologists and claim it is 30m as a counterweight to the holocaust. Forgetting it wasn't targetted at an ethnic grouping but a socio-economic one. Not that that is any form of justification of course.

  4. Five minute video of the wonderful Deborah Fink and her amazing singing voice -
    Deborah Fink, JBIG - Boycott Habima @ The Globe #8 [29 May 2012] [inminds]
    You Tube
    30 May 2012

  5. Wonderful illustration of Apartheid segregation, that first one, Joe. "One for my media projects" as they say...

  6. Thanks Gert.

    As TG took part in the protest I thought I'd pass along this account by someone who claims to be a sympathiser of the Palestinian cause, who attended a performance by Habima, but who wasn't convinced by the boycott protesters. Indeed she claims to have been mistreated by Palestine solidarity supporters.

    Personally I'm not convinced by her account.

    The internet is a perfectly accessible source of info these days so there's no real need to rely on strangers in the street to convince one of the justice of a cause, especially one as well known as that of the Palestinians. If you can convince such people in such a way then fair enough, but such conversions are difficult to measure and person-to-person contact is a pretty limited way of trying to influence the rest of society.

    Same goes for trying to directly influence the theatre audience. It's not really about them, nice though it would be to influence them to support the cause of justice for Palestine. It's almost a given most of them will be miffed at their evening out after a hard days work being ruined by a bunch of arrogant anti-social spoilsports.

    Why the boycotters of Habima didn’t persuade me of their cause
    by Sarah Hesketh
    Liberal Conspiracy
    30 May 2012


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