17 May 2011

Jewish Chronicle Columnist Geoffrey Alderman expresses his 'pleasure' at the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni, Italian and ISM Peace Activist

Contrast the Hate-Filled Mind of Geoffrey Alderman with the Life of Vittorio Arrigoni Who Lived for Others

I must confess that when I read the hate filled words of Geoffrey Alderman, I was somewhat taken aback. It’s not often that you read a columnist of a paper like the Jewish Chronicle glorifying, indeed expressing positive ‘pleasure’ in the death of a young man, cruelly murdered by fanatic followers of the Al Quada brand of Islam. That his murderers belong to an organisation that was effectively the creation of the Saudi monarchy, the Pakistani ISI and the CIA is a fact that Alderman has no comprehension, still less understanding of.

He probably has even less comprehension of the fact that Hamas owes its existence to the machinations of Israel's Shin Bet, which in the 1980's sponsored Islamic fundamentalism as a counter-weight to secular Palestinian nationalism.

We are all used to vicious personal attacks by Zionists. It is a sign that not only are we winning the war but that our opponents have nothing to say. I have often had comments along the lines of a pity the Nazis didn't get you, but to read in - in what used to be an august publication - a columnist expressing his warped pleasure at the death of a peaceful activist demonstrates that despite its use of 'Shalom' Zionism is motivated primarily by hatred of the other.

There was a time when Alderman, on leaving the Board of Deputies of British Jews, heard the sounds of jeering all round. Never a popular man, he was described in the Jewish Chronicle as a ‘communal gadfly. That was the title of a collection of his columns (not the most sought after publication it must be said!).

But even for the Jewish Chronicle, whose unparalleled ability to ignore the oppression of the Palestinians, the racism and the barbarities, is unsurpassed, Alderman takes the biscuit. If Alderman were really concerned about ‘Jew haters’ or any other haters he might have a word to say in passing about the sayings of racist Rabbis who justify the deaths of non-Jews as sub-humans and talk about 'Jewish blood' in the same way as Hitler did. But of course Alderman has no such qualms, being as he is a prime example of a Jewish racist.

The attack of the Aldermans of this world, far from diminishing can only enhance the reputation and memory of fine young activists like Vittorio and Rachel Corrie. In the process Alderman has only diminished himself even further, though it is arguable that Alderman had already sunk to the bottom of the Zionist sewer.

For our tribute to a brave young man see. http://azvsas.blogspot.com/2011/04/memorial-picket-for-vittorio-arrigoni.html

I have penned a letter to the JC, but knowing its record for printing contrary opinions under its podgy failed tabloid editor Stephen Pollard, I am issuing this as an open letter instead.

The only other question is how long is the Guardian's liberal Zionist leader-writer, Jonathan Freedland, going to continue to share space with the execrable Alderman.

Tony Greenstein

Letters Editor, The Jewish Chronicle, 25 Furnival Street,London EC4A 1JT

Dear Sir or Madam:

Even by his own standards, the statement of your columnist, Geoffrey Alderman, (This was no 'peace activist) that nothing had caused him greater pleasure in recent weeks than news of the death of the Italian so-called "peace activist" Vittorio Arrigoni.’ has plumbed a new low.

Vittorio Arrigoni, came out to Gaza to support the breaking of a starvation siege, the purpose of which is to punish the Palestinians of Gaza for having elected Hamas rather than Fateh. The suggestion that he or Ken O'Keefe, who desperately appealed to his murderers to spare his life, were ‘Jew haters’ is as obscene as it is a lie. Like Rachel Corrie and many other ISM members, Jewish and non-Jewish, the only thing that motivated Vittorio were Israel’s attacks on a defenceless refugee, population.

Alderman’s ‘proof’ of Vittorio’s anti-Semitism is a cartoon of Jesus being arrested by the Israeli military. Not only does Alderman not understand what anti-Semitism, is but it would seem he has had a sense of humour failure. Undoubtedly Jesus would have been subject to harassment by today’s occupiers of Palestine, just as he was by the Romans. Comparisons between the repression of the Palestinians, the life of Jesus and the living reality of Bethlehem today, surrounded by the ugliness of the Apartheid Wall, are only too apposite. If Alderman were a man of subtlety, rather than an academic past his sell-by-date, he would recognise the irony of Israel having rebuilt the ghetto walls in Israel/Palestine.

When people like Vittorio Arrigoni and Ken Keefe saved Jews during the holocaust they were recognised as ‘righteous gentiles’. When people refuse to turn a blind eye to the Palestinians they are, according to Alderman, ‘Jew haters’.

The hysterical and vitriolic attack of Alderman on what he terms ‘Hamas supporters’, continues the lie that to support the Palestinians of Gaza is to politically support Hamas.

There was a time when Geoffrey Alderman was a thorn in the side of the powers that be, not least in his criticisms of the Board of Deputies for its attacks on anti-fascists in the 1970’s. Today he is no more than a pale male reflection of Melanie Phillips, minus her journalistic talent.

In glorifying and expressing pleasure in the strangulation of an unarmed peace-activist, Geoffrey Alderman does no more than contrast what a hateful, mean-minded individual he is in comparison with Vittorio Arrigoni.

Yours faithfully

Tony Greenstein


  1. Unfortunately, for far too long Zionists like Alderman have misled the masses by displaying anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic sentiment as one and the same. And for far too long this has worked by instilling fear into the masses. Finally, people are beginning to realize the clear distortion in this lie, ironically thanks to the actions of Israel itself. The statement by this grotesque man is typical of those that follow his ideology. A statement by one embarked upon a sinking ship no doubt...

  2. Indeed a very nasty piece of writing. I did once hear Prof Alderman described as the community's "licensed fool".

    I happen still to have, oddly enough, a copy of his column from 15 July 2005, ie 10 days after the 7/7 bombings. The JC website, at least the non-archive bit, only seems to have his old columns going back to 2008, so the following is from my copy.

    From "Mistaken responses to acts of war" By Geoffrey Alderman 15/07/2005

    "[I]n winning the war against [the fanatical Islamists whose doctrines GA had summarised] both the sword (military methods) and the pen (propaganda methods) must be employed.

    "In regard to the latter, there is
    one small and inexpensive step that our government could take. It could announce, now, the abandonment of its current attempt to criminalise incitement to religious hatred.

    "The article you are now reading is, I assure you, intended to incite hatred for a particularly nasty religious doctrine, and for those who profess it.

    "In a few months time, I could face prosecution for writing such a piece. What a further victory that would be for the Islamists whose religious butchery was visited upon London last week!"

  3. Yes Alderman has turned out to be a very nasty piece of work. He used to be considered an Orthodox left-winger, not unlike Yehoshua Leibowitz though not as bright, but these days he is just a licensed bigot

  4. Geoffrey has pi**ed you off, mendaciouas Trot- he must have done something right then

    Jonathan Hoffman

  5. Jonathan Hoffman gets it wrong again.

    Alderman hasn't pissed me off (what's with the ** Jonathan, you don't usually write 'fuck off' or say 'fuck' interspersing it with 'star, star' you old hypocrite.

    On the contrary he has proved what I and many others have always said. That is, despite Zionists talking 'shalom' they take pleasure in the death and pain and destruction they cause and that everything is judged from their narrow, racist attitude.

    Hence it is Israel's 'security' that is important, not the security of those they bomb and maim.

    No Alderman (& you) came out in his true colours. No hiding or pretending, no shalomsm, no hypocritical left-Zionist talk about 'mutual recognition'.

    He rejoices in the death of a pacifist whose only concern were those who were suffering from the Nazi-style siege of Gaza.

    If that is mendacious then clearly you don't understand English.

  6. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  7. It's not surprising to see Hoffman, and his fellow rabid radical ultra-nationalists, support the same sort of people who carried out the unspeakable terrorist atrocities against the Synagogue in Mumbai in 2008.

    Both sets of vicious loony-bin extremists were made for each other. In fact, they both know they need each other to stay in buisness - hence the reason they both rejoice in the murder of innocent, peaceful human beings who represent a threat to no-one except those who peddle islamophobia and antisemitism.

    Of course, in Hoffman's world, anyone who doesn't support the EDL is an antisemite - and anyone who doesn't support the murderers of Vittorio Arrigoni is some kind of antisemite, according to the his fellow extremist British windbag Alderman.

  8. It looks like Hoffie has run out of things to say....He's called Tony a mendacious trot before....


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