8 May 2011

A Day Out at Abbots Wood in Sussex

Protecting the Countryside of Sussex from Farmers and the Agro-Business

One of the delights living in Brighton is the easy access to the newly created South Downs National Park. One of the goals of Brighton Unemployed Centre is to provide access to recreational activities for the unwaged/unemployed and working class.

One of a series of walks from spring to autumn this year was from Abbotswood, near Alfriston, to Polegate nr Eastbourne.

As the pictures show a group of about 30 of us had a wonderful day out as we defied the rain. I went with my boy, Daniel, on what was a lovely 6 mile hike.

Led by Chris Smith, a veteran rambler from Lewes and author of the Angry Claimant, we were led along blocked and hidden rights of way and footpaths, tearing down one dangerous style and walking in single file over a field of maze, where the footpath had been ploughed up. It looks like a picture out of Hardy’s Wessex. I didn’t see any deer but we did spot a fox as well as a herd of shetland ponies.

Below are some pictures of the working class at play!
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