16 December 2010

Jewish Protestor Accused of Killing Jesus by Ahava Staff

Ahava’s New Defence Strategy – anti-Semitism!

If you didn’t think it could get worse, with the English Defence League turning up to demonstrate in support of Israel’s Ahava shop in Covent Garden you were wrong.

Jewish protestors today were accused in this clip, by a staff member, of ‘killing Jesus’. When asked why she had accused them of this, the staff member replied ‘because you are Jewish’. Somewhat surprised that a staff member at what purports to be a Jewish shop, albeit a Zionist one, would indulge in the crudest and basest anti-Semitism, the protestors were somewhat taken aback. Really’ one asked, to which the staff member replied ‘yeah.'

The false accusation that 'the Jews' (in fact the Romans) executed Christ, himself a Jew of course, is one of the oldest canards in the book of anti-Semitism. It is therefore no surprise that at an Israeli Zionist shop, the crudest anti-Semitism is given vent to. After all, many of the demonstrators are Jewish, there is no getting away from it!

Of course none of this should surprise anyone. Ahava sells stolen goods from the Occupied West Bank of Palestine. The occupation is based on the most overt and naked racism. Is it any surprise that a store whose very existence is based on racism and theft from the indigenous population should also be home to anti-semites?

Scratch a Zionist and you will usually find an anti-Semite underneath.

No doubt when Jonathan Hoffman, co-chair of the Zionist Federation next turns up with his EDL friends, he will accuse all and sundry of anti-Semitism!

Tony Greenstein


  1. I think at this time of year, with its spirit of peace on earth and goodwill to all men, that it's important to finger who exactly is ultimately responsible for murdering the Baby Jesus.

    This should take away some of the heat from British Muslims whom the EDL, and their co-loonies, are accusing of wanting abolish the tradional and quintessentially British pagan festival of Christmas.

    I can't help noticing it's getting like a re-creation of Nazi Vienna around that Ahava shop in London. The J-Man himself specifically targets individuals who are Jewish for having the audacity to be seen in public there, shouting and screeching in their faces in a high camp xmas pantomine fashion -
    "Queen of the renegade Jews"

    I thought that kind of racist public abuse was illegal in Britian.

    Just to be clear, J-Fun is the one not wearing the ski-mask and not holding his arm in the air.

  2. Joe, you’re hitting the nail on the head here, or rather quite a few nails.

    The height of fun with Jonafun must have been where he referred to Holocaust survivor Hayo Meyer as a ‘dancing bear’.

    This guy knows no limits…

  3. I had been wondering why Hoffman's current insult of choice was "Queen of the renegade Jews". Now I understand. Well he couldn't say "King of the Jews" could he? That would make him sound like Pontius Pilate.

  4. Yes but at least Pontius Pilate merely washed his hands of Jesus. Jonathan Hoffman seems to revel in the support of the anti-Semites.

    Let's see if he has any comment to make about Ahava employing an open anti-Semite

  5. Who gives a flying fuck who killed Jesus. If you believe the story he resurrected and flew to heaven where he remains alive to this day and can be contacted by anyone. If you don't believe the story, you're probably wondering when people will stop with all the Mel Gibson bullcrap.

  6. with respect Jason I think you've missed the point. As an atheist of course I don't buy into religious mumbo jumbo and superstition. BUT some people do and they give such quaint beliefs a political substance of its own.

    So the belief which grew that Jews baked their unleavened bread at Easter with the blood of non-Jewish children fuelled many deaths and pogroms eg. that in Damascus in 1840.

    Likewise the accusation that Jews today are responsible for the death of Jesus, if he ever existed (for which there isn't a great deal of evidence anyway) was used by political agitators and reactionary politicians like Luger and Stockman to build an anti-Semitic movement the consequences of which were all too apparent in Germany.

    So yes, I also don't give a flying fuck for whether Jesus flew to heaven or not, what I do care about is the consequence of myths that cloak reactionary and racist political movements. e.g. the belief that Palestine belongs to European settler Jews.

  7. If no one had killed Jesus, Jew or Roman, there would have been no Christianity. So the Jews or Romans should be complimented.

  8. Nice pictures, Tony. Where did you get them from! ;-)

  9. Richard,

    as a fellow journalist you should know that the first rule is never to disclose your sources.

    I'm going to be running another story so don't worry, I'll source some more!


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