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Jewish Chronicle Found Guilty of Deliberately Misleading Reporting

Once Again Hoffman is Caught Out by his Lies

I first covered this story in April, when a meeting organised by the Universities College Union in support of the Boycott of Israel, at which 2 ANC speakers gave talks, was attacked as anti-Semitic. Chaired by UCU's Tom Hickey, speakers included legendary ANC figure and ex-Minister Ronni Kassrils, who is himself Jewish. His fellow speaker from the Congress of South African Trade Unions, Bongani Masuku, has been the subject of repeated claims of anti-semitism from the South African Zionist Federation whose complicity in support Apartheid is very well known.

At the meeting Jonathan Hoffman, co-Chair of the Zionist Federation, got up to speak and he was jeered by all present who knew full well of his uncritical support of Israel’s repression of the Palestinians. A man who would stop at nothing to support Zionism and the Israeli state, including demonstrating side-by-side with the fascist English Defence League.

Hoffman himself admitted he’d heard nothing on the night but soon after a Tory student activist, Raheem Kassam, claimed that the jeering had been anti-semitic. And the BBC, true to form, republished these allegations without checking with the meeting organisers. But the BBC retracted these allegations soon after and took down the original article (which Kassam still publishes on his web site). The BBC published a new article instead.

Hoffman’s explanation on that occasion was that he couldn’t hear and speak at the same time (it was said of one US President, Gerald Ford, that he couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time!).

Jonathan Hoffman’s lies caught up with him soon after when he accused a professional photographer, a David Hoffman, of having ‘photoshopped’ a picture showing him and the leader of the Jewish EDL, Roberta Moore, dancing down the street together. Hoffman was forced into a grovelling apology.
‘On my Jewish Chronicle blog I described a photograph taken on 14 August 2010 at the pro-Ahava demonstration as "fraudulent". I also wrote "That photo was 'Photoshopped' -- and it is bloody obvious that it was 'Photoshopped' I do not discuss but I do identify lies and fraudulent Photoshopped photos."
These statements were entirely without foundation and I had made no attempt to check their accuracy. I accept that the photo was absolutely genuine and had not been tampered with in any way. The photographer, David Hoffman, is a well known and respected photojournalist and I apologise to him unreservedly for my hasty and unfounded comments and for the distress and embarrassment caused.’
And his explanation? He justified himself thus on my blog:'

When I lie I apologise. For the Israel haters such as you and Fnik, lying, defamation and provocation are a way of life.
JH 30 August 2010 23:45

After ex-Express editor Stephen Pollard refuse to deal with Naomi Wimborne-Iddrissi of Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, calling J-Big a ‘contemptible organisation’ Pollard has been forced to print a mealy mouthed paragraph accepting that the facts were in dispute and not a matter of fact.

It should be noted that the PCC is an extremely weak, pro-Editor body, which has repeatedly failed to inquire into scandals such as the News of the World’s phone tapping. To get them to do something about this case reflects credit on both Mike Cushman and Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, not least for their persistence and it demonstrates just how damning was the case against the JC and Hoffman.

The JC retraction is:
NB: The facts of this story are in dispute. Since it was published, the organisers of the meeting have been in touch to tell us that they absolutely deny that there was any “racist jeering”. In their view, the words reported were misheard. They say what was actually said was: “Do you really want to know?”, in response to Mr Hoffman’s question, “Why don’t you let me speak?”. They say that Mr Hoffman was unwelcome because of his views, not because of his Jewish name.

This is, as far as I know, only the second time that the Jewish Chronicle has been hauled over the coal for its repeated attacks on critics of Israel and Zionism as ‘anti-semitism’. The first time was when I complained, about 28 years ago, that an Anti-Arab Racism Conference, was also motivated by anti-semitism. I protested that the JC was implicitly accusing Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which organised the conference and of which I was an Executive Member and founder, of being anti-semitic – a pretty serious charge. The then JC editor Geoffrey D Paul, refused to print my letter as it was ‘boring’ (unlike the repeated charges of ‘anti-semitism’) so I complained to the then Press Council, which was far more vigorous than today’s PCC and the complaint was upheld.

Once again, by his adamant refusal to admit the truth and persisting with lies which are well past their sale by date, Hoffman has performed a good service to those with an interest in the truth. He is truly the Oliver Hardy of Zionist politics as he gets his masters into one fine mess after another.

Tony Greenstein

J-Big Press Release


A complaint to the Press Complaints Commission by campaigners for Palestinian rights has forced the Jewish Chronicle to modify an article alleging anti-Jewish racism during a public meeting at the School of Oriental and African Studies last December.

For almost a year, the JC’s website carried a story stating that a Jewish man was subjected to “overpowering racist jeering” when asking a question at the London meeting, called to consider the parallels between apartheid in South Africa in the past and in Israel now.

The story alleged that Jonathan Hoffman ‘was told he was “not welcome” after revealing his Jewish name.’

The JC story did not say that this was vehemently denied by many of those present, including many Jews, that the panel included veteran Jewish anti-racism campaigner Ronnie Kasrils, a former member of Nelson Mandela's ANC government, and that Hoffman, co-vice chair of the Zionist Federation, was well-known for disrupting meetings opposed to Israel’s illegal activities.
Mike Cushman, a Jewish member of the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine, was one of the organisers of the meeting. He told the commission that his words had been, inadvertently or maliciously, misheard and misinterpreted on the publicly available video recording.

“No-one jeered at Hoffman for being Jewish,” Mr Cushman said. “It was his history of hostility to Palestinian human rights that made him unwelcome."

The Commission said the JC story had made “serious allegations.” It breached the Editor’s Code on accuracy by failing to take care "not to publish inaccurate or misleading information" and by failing to tell readers that its account was strongly contested (full PCC text attached).

JC editor Stephen Pollard responded dismissively when asked last May by one of the sponsors of the meeting, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi of Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, to retract the story.
“We drew his attention to the fact that the BBC Editorial Complaints Unit had acknowledged errors in a BBC Online story that was the source of the JC’s report, but he refused point blank to discuss it,” said Ms Wimborne-Idrissi.

In an email exchange in June Mr Pollard insisted the JC story was "entirely accurate" and wrote: "I do not propose to enter into a correspondence with you or your contemptible organization."

“Only after we involved the PCC did the paper admit to misleading its readers,” Ms Wimborne-Idrissi said.

She said it was disappointing that the PCC had fallen short of requiring the JC to admit that its story was plain wrong, not just “contested”.

But she said it was positive that the Commission had insisted on the statement which now follows the JC’s online story at
The Press Complaints Commission decision in full is attached below.

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi (J-BIG) - on Facebook
Mike Cushman (BRICUP) -

See Commission’s decision in the case of Wimborne-Idrissi v Jewish Chronicle

The complainant said the newspaper had inaccurately reported that an audience member at a meeting of activists, which she had attended, had been told he was “not welcome” because of his Jewish name. The article had also quoted a claim that the man, Jonathan Hoffman, had been subjected to “overpowering racist jeering” when he spoke during a question-and-answer session and said that there had been a shout of “Jewish”.
As the complainant had recognised in correspondence, the matter was to an extent one of
interpretation. It turned on an indistinct video recording of the incident, in which a number of people were loudly speaking at once. While the Commission noted the evidence provided by the complainant – which included a statement by Mike Cushman, an audience member who said that his words had been misheard and misinterpreted – the Commission considered that it was not in a position to establish that the newspaper’s claims were inaccurate. The newspaper, and those quoted in the article, were entitled under the principle of freedom of expression to set out their views as to the nature and cause of the protest against Mr Hoffman, subject to the requirements of Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Editors’ Code.

The Commission noted that the article had appeared online only, where it was accompanied by a video that showed nearly ten minutes of the question-and-answer session. This recording – which the complainant considered corroborated her position – would have assisted readers in forming their own views about the claims made in the article.

Nonetheless, the Commission concluded on balance that the newspaper had not taken care as required under Clause 1 not to publish inaccurate or misleading information. It had not made clear to readers that its account – and the account of those quoted in the article – was contested, nor that there existed strongly competing alternative views, including the complainant’s. To that extent, the article may have significantly misled readers as to the underlying position. The result was a breach of the Code.

Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Editors’ Code states that a significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distortion once recognised must be corrected. The newspaper had offered in correspondence to append the following statement to the article: The facts of this story are in dispute. Since it was published, the organisers of the meeting have been in touch to tell us that they absolutely deny that there was any “racist jeering”. In their view, the words reported were misheard. They say what was actually said was: “Do you really want to know?”, in response to Mr Hoffman’s question, “Why don’t you let me speak?”. They say that Mr Hoffman was unwelcome because of his views, not because of his Jewish name.

The complainant considered that this wording was inadequate and that the article should be withdrawn entirely, with an apology by the newspaper and statement by two of the groups involved in the meeting substituted in its place.

The Commission recognised that the allegations made in the article were serious, involving a highly charged area of debate. However, it considered that the role of the statement, in accordance with the terms of Clause 1 (Accuracy) and Clause 2 (Opportunity to reply) of the Code, was to make clear to readers that the version of events reported in the article was strongly disputed by a number of those who were present at the meeting.

On balance, the Commission concluded that the wording offered by the newspaper was sufficient for this purpose. It therefore considered that the amendment of the article had constituted a proportionate and appropriate remedy in the circumstances. The Commission hoped that the complainant would reconsider her rejection of this remedy and trusted that it would remain open to her.

Reference No. 103274
Press Complaints Commission
Halton House
20/23 Holborn
London EC1N 2JD
Tel: 020 7831 0022


  1. Pollard refused to take down the article, claiming that it is 'entirely accurate'. Not that he was even at the SOAS meeting. His arrogance is astounding. And so it seems that J-BIG is the nemesis to his hubris.

    We would have liked a more detailed retraction and apology, pointing out that there were many Jews present,in the audience and on the panel, and for it to be more prominent but I'm not sure we can get any more out of the feeble PCC.

  2. So the lying Stalinazi racist scum bucket Tony Greenstein has taken time off from his Neo-Nazi crusade against dem joos to claim that the Jewish weekly "lied."

    Greenstein is frustrated because he lost his poor foreskin and because al-Qaeda turned him down for membership.

    Greenstein has not completed a sentence about Jews without lying since he was 6 years old.

  3. Again I usually don't print such anti-Semitic crap from Zionists but this was too good to miss!

    Interesting that even their 'jokes' about foreskins are much the same as the worst anti-Semites. No doubt Jonathan Hoffman is proud that his friend Roberta Moore and her ilk engage in such witty repartee.

  4. I see that Hoffie hasn't posted this time. I don't suppose he dares....What's he going to do, say that this is wrong and that he was subjected to anti-Semitic abuse?

    I wonder if 'anon' is Howard Jacobson as his stupid Finkler Question brings foreskin into it....

  5. I imagine that my good friend JH is still too traumatised by what happened at SOAS to offer any comment!

  6. Another roaring success story for Palestinian solidarity in the UK, to go with J-Ho's equally successful Ahava BUY-not campaign.

    What would we ever do without J-Ho?
    He will be sadly missed whenever his employers Z-FUK finally get round to awarding him the coveted 'P45' for a lifetime achievement in discrediting everything to do with Israel here in the UK.

    So the lying Stalinazi racist scum bucket Tony Greenstein has taken time off from his Neo-Nazi crusade against dem joos to claim that the Jewish weekly "lied."
    - These allegations are similar to J-Ho's fanatically ranting slogans into the faces of Jewish people in public, accusing them of racism, simply because they disagree with him.
    See the following link for a live recording of J-Ho's rendition of -
    "ISM PSC Want to kill Jews like me"
    Free Palestine Fortnightly Demo
    27 Nov 2010

    J-Ho, and Anonymous commenteer presumably, don't mind being seen in public with ski-mask wearing neo-nazis, with their arms in air, outside the Ahava shop in London. That's a strange kind of identification of where the threats to Jewish people are to be found.

    Here is a more realistic slogan to chant which conforms to everything we know about these holocaust denying racist scumbags outside the Ahava shop, which is allowed to trade knowingly and openly in the receiving and selling of stolen goods -
    EDL BNP Want to kill Jews like me
    or the more inclusive
    EDL BNP Want to kill you and me

    Take care.


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