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Proof that the Community Security Trust's statistics of 'anti-Semitism' are subject to Political Manipulation

On 10th February I sent a letter to Mark Gardener, spokesman for the Zionist Community Security Trust, which records incidents of 'anti-semitism' in such a way as to 'prove' that anti-semitism is increasing alongside criticism of Israel (rather than Israel's actions being responsible for anti-Semitism).

My letter referred to a number of such incidents:

i. When on 4th December Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation had apparently been subject to anti-Semitic jeering at a Boycott meeting at SOAS. The allegation was made by a far-right Tory activist and the BBC, after a deluge of protest, completely changed its report when being made aware of a video of the 'anti-Semitic' jeering. This did not prevent Gardener lambasting SOAS authorities for their attitude to 'anti-Semitism'. I asked Gardener whether he had recorded this allegation as another 'anti-semitic' incident.

ii. I also asked Gardener about a meeting at the House of Commons on 27th January 2010, Holocaust Memorial Day, organised by the International Jewish anti-Zionist Network. The main speaker was Hajo Meyer, a survivor of Auschwitz. He was subject to considerable abuse by Zionist hecklers, including Jonathan Hoffman, and a bearded friend of Hoffman, as he was being escorted out by the Police gave a sieg heil salute. Again I asked that this be recorded as an anti-Semitic incident. (also see a report on how the 'official' HMD authorities banned Hajo Meyer in Scotland.

iii. I referred to an incident involving Gardener's CST thugs, when the latter violently removed two peaceful Jewish anti-Zionists from a meeting at which David Bellamy was due to speak at at the Institute of Education on 9th February 2010. I asked how the behaviour of CST's stewards in seeking to suppress dissent within the Jewish community was compatible with its charitable objectives.

iv. In a further e-mail of today, I have also submitted two further anti-semitic incidents for Mr Gardener to record. Both involve comments sent to this blog, one wishing that Hitler had exterminated my family and those who belong to Neturei Karta and the other from a holocaust denier.

Unsurprisingly, I did not receive a response to my previous e-mail. Hence why I am following it up in case, as I said in my letter, it is simply pressure of work that is preventing the normally voluble Gardener from making a comments.

Tony Greenstein

Letter of 10th February 2010
Mark Gardener,
London Head Office
Community Security Trust
By email:
Dear Mr Gardener,

In the Jewish Chronicle of 23.12.09. it was reported, in respect of a meeting at the School of Oriental & African Studies of 4.12.09, that:

‘'CST spokesman Mark Gardner said: “Mr Hoffman merely repeated what the South African Human Rights Commission had said about Bongani Masuku’s alleged incitement of antisemitism. For daring to raise this he was jeered with outright hatred.
“The UCU’s attitude to antisemitism is disgusting, and those who collaborate with it should be ashamed of themselves.”
You clearly categorised what took place at the meeting as the anti-Semitic abuse of Jonathan Hoffman, despite the evidence of others to the contrary. I have detailed the history of what took place in an article on my blog and Jonathan Hoffman posted 3 comments underneath the article, on 28th December, by way of reply, reasserting that what took place was, in his view a clear instance of anti-Semitic abuse.

I am therefore writing to you to ask whether or not you have recorded what took place at SOAS on 4th December 2009 as an anti-Semitic incident? In view of the forthright nature of your comments above, I will take a refusal to answer or a non-committal response as confirmation that the incident above was indeed recorded as an anti-Semitic incident.
On 27th January, Holocaust Memorial Day, the International Jewish anti-Zionist Network, held a meeting at Portcullis House, Westminster, where the speaker, Hajo Meyer, a survivor of Auschwitz extermination camp, was subject to virulent abuse by, among others, the said Jonathan Hoffman. Mr Hoffman described Mr Meyer as a ‘dancing bear’ among other comments, something which is not only insulting in itself but anti-Semitic, belittling as it does Mr Meyer’s terrible experiences. I am therefore asking that this attack on Mr Meyer be recorded as an anti-Semitic incident. Please confirm that this will be done.

Yesterday, 9th January 2010, David Bellamy came to speak at the Institute of Education in London, on the subject of Israel and the Environment. A picket was held of the meeting and two Jewish anti-Zionists who were present at the meeting asked questions of Mr Bellamy after his speech. They were not in any way disruptive but were clearly critical of the context and substance of Mr Bellamy’s speech. This is quite normal in public meetings. Immediately it was discerned that they were critical of Israel and Mr Bellamy, they were physically ejected by stewards from the Community Security Trust. What took place raises fundamental questions as to the role of the CST.

The charitable aims of the CST are, according to your entry on the Charity Commission website:
1. To promote good race relations between the Jewish community and other members of society by working towards the elimination of racism in the form of anti-semitism.

2. To promote the efficiency of the police within the community at large and the promotion of good citizenship and greater public participation in the prevention of crime with particular reference to the maintenance of public order and racially motivated especially anti-semitic crime.

3. To relieve the victims of racial or religious harassment and especially anti-semitic harassment who are in need or who have suffered hardship or distress.

4. To promote research into racism and anti-Semitism and to publish the useful results of such research and otherwise to promote public education about racism and anti-semitism.

5. To promote and support such other charitable purposes or institutions as the trustees may from time to time think fit.

Perhaps you would be so kind as to tell me just what part of the above remit covers the ejection of peaceful (Jewish) members of an audience who attend and ask questions at a meeting of the Zionist Federation? Or is it the view of the CST that the presence of anti-Zionists at such a meeting is, in itself, anti-Semitic?

Yours sincerely,

Tony Greenstein

Letter of 21st February 2010
Mark Gardener,
London Head Office
Community Security Trust
By email:

Dear Mr Gardener,

I sent a letter to you, by e-mail, on 10th February 2010. For some strange reason I have not yet received a reply. Knowing how busy you and your colleagues must be trying to find examples of anti-semitic incidents, I suspect that my letter might have escaped your attention or be sitting even now in your in-tray. I am therefore writing to you again to remind you of my letter and with a further two examples of anti-semitic incidents which I am formally asking you to record.

You will recall how, on 4th December 2009, Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation, was apparently the subject of anti-semitic abuse, although he didn’t realise that this had occurred until two weeks later. Nonetheless, in the Jewish Chronicle of 23.12.09. you made it clear that Mr Gardener had been a victim of anti-semitism and you stated that ‘The UCU’s attitude to antisemitism is disgusting, and those who collaborate with it should be ashamed of themselves.’

You will also be aware that the original allegation of anti-semitism was made by Raheem Kassam, an activist in Conservative Future. When the BBC was made aware that a video of the said meeting did not show any evidence to support the above allegation it totally revised its report. In view of the widespread belief that CST conflates statistics of anti-semitic incidents and anti-Zionism, can you confirm whether or not this alleged incident was recorded as an anti-semitic incident? In the absence of any response I will assume, given your remarks, this has been recorded.

I also wrote to you about an anti-semitic incident on 27th January 2010 when a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, Hajo Meyer, was subject to considerable abuse by Zionist hecklers. I therefore asked that this be recorded as an anti-semitic incident. I have also been made aware that one of those removed from the meeting at the House of Commons gave a ‘sieg heil’ salute. Clearly this was of anti-semitic intent. Can you therefore confirm whether or not this incident has been recorded? I will assume, unless I hear to the contrary, that you have failed to record the incident because it involved members of the Zionist Federation.

I also wrote to you about the ejection of Jewish anti-Zionists from a Zionist Federation Meeting on 9th January at the Institute of Education, where David Bellamy was due to speak. Two Jewish anti-Zionists who were present at the meeting asked questions of the speakers. They were not in any way disruptive but were clearly critical of the idea that Israel makes a positive contribution to the environment. Immediately it was clear that they were anti-Zionists they were physically ejected by stewards from the CST.

I therefore asked you how what CST did, both at this and previous meetings, where they target Jewish dissidents, was compatible with your charitable aims and objectives. Unsurprisingly you seem to have had difficulty answering this question, which in itself begs further questions.

I also have another two anti-semitic incidents to report. As you may be aware, I run an anti-Zionist, anti-racist and socialist blog. I have received a number of abusive comments in the time it has been running, most of which are from Zionists and a few from fascists.

On 30th January 2010 I received two posts, one from a Zionist who believed I was a traitor and expressed his regret that Hitler had not exterminated my family and also Neturei Karta. The other post was from a straightforward holocaust denier.

Both posts are clearly anti-semitic and I would ask that you record both as anti-semitic incidents. I include below a screenshot of the posts as seen in the Comment Moderation box.

In view of the time that has already elapsed since my previous letter I look forward to a swift reply.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Greenstein


  1. FYI, here's my analysis of the CST's report for the first half of 2009:

  2. Yes it is a very good analysis and shows that so-called anti-Semitism just happens to peak at a time when Israel is slaughtering Palestinians in the name of all Jews.

    Far from the Jewish State being a safe haven for Jews, it's only contribution is to make their position less secure, as was the case with the Arab Jews.

  3. O/T:

    The story of Palestinian 'social security' contributions having been stolen (no such services having been supplied) by the Zionist Entity was on in full on Press TV last night. It's claimed 2.5 Billion USD have gone 'missing'...

    I wonder how many drones that money buys...

  4. You mustn't joke. The money stolen was used in part, to directly pay for the 'civil' administration of the Occupied Territories, i.e. the Occupation.

    But then the Jews and others who were slave labourers paid for their own slavery in Nazi Germany.


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