20 February 2010

Hitler was right say Zionists

It is of course the ultimate, Zionist logic. If you stay in the diaspora or if you leave and then show some sympathy with the 'goys' (non-Jews) then you deserve nothing better than to be exterminated. Just like those who died in the holocaust, you have brought it on yourself.

This of course was exactly the attitude of the Zionist leadership during the holocaust. The Holocaust barely figured in their deliberations, but the 'dangers' of saving Jews when Palestine was not involved, were indeed the subject of deliberations.

No one better symbolised this than David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister. In 1938 he wrote a memo to the Zionist Executive on the dangers of what was termed 'refugeeism':
'If the Jews are faced with a choice between the refugee problem and rescuing Jews from concentration camps on the one hand, and aid for the national museum on the other, the Jewish sense of pity will prevail... We are risking Zionism’s very existence if we allow the refugee problem to be separated from the Palestine problem.' [Y E1am, ‘Introduction to Zionist History’ Tel Aviv, 1972, pp.125/6 cited by Machover/Offenburg, Khamsin 6. see also ‘Ot’ paper of youth cadre of Mapai, No. 2 Winter 1967].
So when 2 Israeli settler supporters shout 'Hitler was Right' they may be stupid but even in their stupidity they understand the 'logic' of Zionism. If Jews won't emigrate to Israel and insist on 'assimilation' then deserve all they get. What is interesting about this scene is not just the fact that 2 Zionists are so open about what support for the Palestinians should imply, but that they receive sympathy and support from other passers by. The Police come and go away, after all they are not Arabs or leftists, and an orthodox Jew makes it clear that he agrees with them.

This is not a unique phenomenon. In the 1980’s a group of soldiers in the Golani brigade set up an ‘Eichmann Commando’.

Zionism is synonymous with occupation and oppression. They therefore identify with other occupiers and oppressors. And if a Jew should side with the ‘enemy’ then they deserve all they get, yea even gassing and burning. So you see there is a ‘logic’ in the madness of Zionism.

Shouting ‘sieg heil’ in Israel is not an offence. Protesting against confiscations definitely gives offence. ‘Ashkenazis to the ovens’ causes no upset, resisting the occupation does.

Bearing in mind that these are clearly Oriental Jews to whom the holocaust means nothing anyway, their reaction was perfectly understandable if a little too open for comfort!

‘New anti-semitism?’ Of course not, it’s just an old theme tune. Zionism consorting with the enemy.

Tony Greenstein

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