Friday, 26 June 2009

Victoria Buch - We Salute You

One of the most tireless campaigners for Palestinian rights and against Israeli Apartheid, Victoria Buch, sadly passed away 3 days ago. She was the editor of the Occupation Magazine, an essential source of information on Israel’s repressive policies. Tony Greenstein

Our friend and co-editor, Victoria Buch, has passed away

We have the sad duty to tell you that our friend and longtime partner in activism, Prof. Victoria Buch, passed away yesterday, after a courageous struggle with cancer.

Victoria was actively involved against occupation related human rights violations, and was from the very beginning the moving spirit of Occupation Magazine.

As coeditors and friends we will miss Victoria, but we will go on in her spirit.

The contributions of Professor Victoria Buch to theoretical chemistry are described on the Hebrew University academic website

With all our hearts we deeply mourn the untimely death of our dear friend and colleague


There is so much we still wanted to share with her –

Victoria always found time to discuss with us a great variety of many questions and we very much enjoyed and profited from our talks with her.

We admire and cherish her brave stand until the very last.

With the passage of time our bereavement will weigh the heavier.

Please do not hesitate to write to:

We are collecting a small volume of memoirs – which we shall then put on the net

In Memory of Victoria Buch – The Brave and True Scientist

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