Sunday, 28 June 2009

Throwing Arabs into the Sea

It is one of those myths beloved of the settler-colonial that the natives want nothing more than to drive the settlers into the sea, murder them in their beds, eat their babies….

But the phrase about ‘driving the Jews into the sea’ has a particular resonance amongst Zionist apologists. But now we have the truth from the horses mouth.

Aharon Barak, the former Israeli Chief Justice, reputedly a liberal (at least in Israeli terms though his record on the bench was abysmal in terms of human rights), now he’s no longer a serving judge, has admitted that if anything, the reverse is true.

In a lecture to the New Israel Fund’s Jurists for Human Rights, Barak bemoaned the fact that human rights violations in the West bank are coming home to affet Jews too. He uses a telling analogy:
"If you were to ask a Jew: 'Are you in favor of equality with the Arabs?' he would say, 'Of course.' If you were to ask if he is in favor of throwing the Arabs into the sea, he would say, 'Of course.' He does not see a contradiction between these two things."
In fact the only recorded incident of people being driven into the sea was of Haifa’s Arabs in 1947 as their homes were bombarded and set alight by the Irgun terrorist militia. (see Ilan Pappe's 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine'.

Haaretz used Barak’s comments as the vehicle for an Editorial, ‘Courageous, but belated’ of today.


  1. sad sad man. Your dishonesty is so clear as usual- twisting the judge's comments.

    Poor sad twisted man. You are so much to be pitied.

    Are you so unhappy that your only goal in life is to trawl for dirt? Can't you see anything good in anyone?

    Poor poor unhappy man.

  2. I thought I'd publish this comment, although it cames from the same anonymous Judeo-Nazi who expressed his wish that Hitler had managed to get my family, or all of it, in a different post.

    This same creature has posted various vile and obscene comments applauding the death of courageous Israel human rights activist, Victoria Buch, all of which I deleted.

    However since his post this time is a little more literate and asks me whether I can see any good in anyone, the answer is of course yes. Victoria Buch, Ezra Nawi, all those who fight for justice and human rights are indeed good as in 'righteous Jews'.

    But, to use his own words, it is a good example of the sad and twisted defenders of Zionism that the only person they see any good in these days is Adolf Hitler. Because of course he helped them establish their state and provide both legitimacy and funds, via the Havarah agreement.


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