19 February 2008

The Hornets' Nest and the Stick: an Indymedia UK update

Indymedia UK is limbering up for yet another whack at the hornets' nest. A near final draft of a feature on how it became a haven for racist scum is knocking about their system.

Yet again, it shows all the tactical nous of a sniper with Tourettes. Yet again, what they are saying is blinder to what is going on around them than Mister Magoo with cataracts:

There is nary a mention of connections to holocaust deniers like Eisen, Zuendel (whose website carries Atzmon) to the extreme right like David Duke; of virulent Antisemitic hate sites like Radical Press, whom Atzmon personally contributed at least one article. Nor of links with crackpot paedophile apologist Israel Shamir.





This isn't journalism. It is whitewash and spin that would make Alistair Campbell wet his gusset:


Moreover, yet again certain internal factions are going to sully the name of Indymedia UK with a rehabilitation of persons who make a virtue of soiling support for Palestine with anti-Semitism and holocaust denial.

We await a final version to appear on their site before we take the text to task. Besides, we can hardly believe they really are going to be that bloody stupid.


  1. I just became aware of this blog, and I'm glad someone is doing this sort of necessary work. I'm tired of seeing bigoted "anti-zionist" writing that resembles the israel apologist's line on the equivalence of anti-zionism and anti-semitism to the point that you wonder if the author wasn't being paid by the Mossad...

    A pity for some bigot to put so much time and energy into PR work without seeing a penny...

  2. Well, yes. All false accusations of crimes are reprehensible. Mainly because it weakens real victims.

    There are some quite sophisticated arguments equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. But there are any types of anti-Zionism anyway.

    Sadly, NeoNazis like to recode real anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism too...

    So the whole thing gets very blurred and ultimately one hand ends up shaking the other in terms of extremists.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I wouldn't bet that Atzmon doesn't see a penny! It is widely believed that he does have links with Mossad, but even if that proves to be untrue (& his friend Israel Shamir is almost certainly an agent, as he was for the KGB previousl) then Atzmon is worth his weight in gold to them because he is the living 'proof' that anti-Zionism=anti-Semitism.

    Tony G

  4. Against the Grain


  5. Check out the comeents at Against the Grain, last one especially.

  6. "Forrest, contrary to his claim in the introduction, that it is legitimate to criticize Israel and Zionism, attacks everyone who opposes their policies as essentially neo-Nazis, e.g. the Christansons, whom he mentions in his piece, are retired CIA agents and know about the neocon/Zionist subversion of American foreign policy first hand. Gilead Atzmon, is an Israeli who served in the IDF now living in London, who has turned against Zionism. Mike Jones will do an article on him in the October issue of CW. Does this make them all anti-Semites?"

    Thanks for the heads up.

    The thing that makes me laugh about Christians who charge the Jews with the murder of Christ is that you would think they knew their scripture better.

    According to 'original sin' Christ was predestined to be the human embodiment of God on Earth whose suffering and sacrifice would atone for the sins of Adam & Eve, all subsequent sins and all future sins.

    So, if it were God's Will that his son/self were to be nailed to a piece of wood, surely these people who profess to believe in this dark ages mumbojumbo should regard the Jews as heroes. Besides, his disciples were Jews too.

    Apart from that the Bible is the biggest pile of crap I have ever read, worse than Mein Kampf, and can only conclude that if anyone thinks it is the word of God, they are quite plainly in need of a good therapist.

  7. Just a point of detail:

    That any Israeli was in the IDF is no more remarkable than any Swiss person having served in the Swiss Army.

    Both countries have compulsory military service.

    In Israel as I understand it, if you don't do IDF service you become a social pariah.

    So, when fans hail Atzmon for
    'turning his back on the IDF', they aren't really praising
    anything unusual at all.

    There have however been cases of Israelis who have either dodged or deserted IDF service and exiled themselves in Palestine. Now that is indeed a brave thing to do.

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  9. Why are you repeatedly linking to neo-Nazi sites, Tony? This is what we have to ask ourselves. You keep accusing other people of doing it, but in fact you are suffering from a serious case of projection.

  10. Why would a site concerned about racist material quote and reference racist material.

    Wow! That really is a tough one to answer.

    My wild guess is that they are offering proof, as is normal in any serious kind of research. Which excludes the lies of Ernst Zuendel and David Irving of course.

  11. You're not offering proof of anything at all though, just wildly accusing others of POSTING to sites to which you regularly link, despite the fact that they (like all sites on the net) simply use editorial of their own choosing. Ah but you avoid linking to Ernst Zundel or David Irving, you say, but David Duke is ok in your book????? You're a joke, Greenstein, and you wonder why everyone is laughing at you?!

  12. Anyone critically linking to racist material in the name of anti-racism is fine by me.

    We link to Zuendel too. To your... sorry Atzmon's article that is published there, to Eisen's article there.

    Do you think that someone's sayso is good enough as proof?

    It's obvious to anyone that looks at this site that were against racism. We don't link to these places uncritically. Unlike some people; who now claim ignorance, but didn't seem to care when their links were brought to their attention months ago.

  13. It doesn't wash with anyone except you, Greenstein. You keep doing it, and your ***reputation*** is just going down, down, down. I've just done a very thorough scan of both Rizzo's and Atzmon's sites, and there is NOT ONE link on either to any white supremacist site. That's a fact. This site is just reeking, however. Wonder why the only comments yu ever get are those you have to delete??? Not because of anti-semitic comments, but because they tell the truth... anout YOU!!! That forefinger must be getting stiff by now!

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  15. No Mary, or is it Gilad, there are no links any more that we can see on Rizzo's sewer site Peacepalestine. That's because we have pointed them all out to her. There was The Radical Press, to which Atzmon still posts, then there was David Duke's KKK site to which Rizzo was happy to link and on which Atzmon is praised to the skies.

    But Rizzo objects to us referencing such sites to point out what the neo-Nazis think of Atzmon. Fine, so you don't want us to produce the evidence about the fact that his best friends today are neo-Nazis. Well I'm afraid that any anti-fascist worth his or her salt cites fascist references, not to justify them like Mary Rizzo but to show who are the fascist fellow travellers in our own ranks.

    Tony G


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