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Boycott Eurovision 2019 in Israel and Tel Aviv Pride - More Apartheid Adventures

Celebrate Apartheid with a fun filled Vacation in Israel

Despite not being anywhere near Europe, this year's Eurovision is being held in Apartheid Israel. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is urging people to boycott this celebration of Apartheid

Why It Was not Anti-Semitic for Ilhan Omar to raise the question of Dual Loyalty

Those who accuse Ilhan Omar of 'anti‑semitism' are guilty of dishonesty and bad faith

Middle East Eye recently printed my article on Dual Loyalty, one of the most frequent Zionist tropes. Their arguments are dishonest and self-serving. I have made some slight changes to the printed version.

I’ve always had a problem with the concept of dual loyalty since I don’t owe loyalty to any state! I agree with what Marx and Engels wrote in the Communist Manifesto. The loyalty of the working class is to each other regardless of nationality not to ones ruling class.

Palestinians struggling against the Occupation have more in common with Black Lives Matter than with Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies. As Mohammed Ali put it, ‘No Vietcong ever called me a nigger.’

In the words of Samuel Johnson patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Appeals to patriotism never apply to the rich and powerful who invest in the cheapest non-unionised labour regardless of country and then salt away their ill-gotten gains in offshore islands.

Cries of anti-Semitism[1]

When Ilhan Omar, the new Congresswoman from Minnesota responded to Glenn Greenwald’s comment that “It’s stunning how much time US political leaders spend defending a foreign nation even if it means attacking free speech rights of Americans.” by tweeting “It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.”all hell broke loose.

The Forward’s Batya Ungar-Sargon asked Ilhan who she thought was paying American politicians to support Israel. In response she got a brilliant one word answer ‘AIPAC’. The air was thick with cries of ‘anti-Semitism’
Even Donald Trump, who came to power nakedly using anti-Semitic theme tunes, condemned the Democrats as the 'anti-Jewish party' for not condemning Omar's  'terrible comments'
Trump's 'fine people' at Charlottesville
Even Donald Trump, who came to power nakedly using anti-Semitic theme tunes and for whom the neo-Nazis at Charlotteville were ‘fine people condemned the Democrats as the ‘anti-Jewish party’ for not condemning Ilhan’s ‘terrible comments. This is the man who lit the fire that resulted in the worst anti-Jewish massacre in American history at Pittsburgh. The Donald does not do irony.
A Trump ad that was later pulled - Crooked Hilary complete with a Star of David
Ilhan then repeated much the same remarks at Washington DC's Busboys and Poets Cafe: ‘I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is O.K. for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”
According to Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine this statement was “much worse” than her previous statements, when she ascribed support for Israel to financial contributions from the lobby.
Accusing Jews of “allegiance to a foreign country” is a historically classic way of delegitimizing their participation in the political system.’ Michelle Goldberg in the New York Times accused her of waging a series of ‘microaggressions.

Talk of dual loyalty

So is it true? Is Ilhan Omar anti-Semitic and even more pertinently is talk of ‘dual loyalty’ in itself anti-Semitic? Well the first problem is that nowhere did Ilhan mention Jews. She talked about a foreign country, Israel.
The IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, which Zionist groups have lobbied for strongly in Britain, a definition which conflates anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, states that ‘Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel... than to the interests of their own nations is an illustration of anti-Semitism.’
For Republicans support for BDS and hostility to Israel is equal to 'antisemitism'
The IHRA also states that ‘Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination’ is anti-Semitic! If Israel is the embodiment of Jewish self-determination, and it calls itself the Jewish state, then why is it anti-Semitic to accuse Jews of being more loyal to Israel? Would it be anti-German to accuse Germans of being loyal to Germany?
Others such as Philip Weiss in Mondoweiss have argued that far from Ilhan being anti-Semitic even many Jewish writers agree that the question of dual loyalty is no myth. Palestinian American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib made similar comments when she said in January that Senate supporters of anti-boycott legislation “forgot what country they represent.”
If the concept of dual loyalty is anti-Semitic then that is because Zionism rests on the anti-Semitic canard that Jews, wherever they live, are aliens
If the concept of dual loyalty is anti-Semitic then that is because Zionism rests on the anti-Semitic canard that Jews, wherever they live, are aliens
So are accusations of dual loyalty, in respect of Israel, anti-Semitic? The first and most obvious point to make is that it is fundamental to Zionism that Jews form a single nation. If the concept of dual loyalty is anti-Semitic then that is because Zionism rests on the anti-Semitic canard that Jews, wherever they live, are aliens and not part of the nations among whom they live.
In 2015 after the supermarket killings Netanyahu told French Jews that their ‘real home’ was in Israel. A call repeated by Israeli Labour Party leader Avi Gabbay after the Pittsburgh murders.

Jewish nationality

Israel is unique among states in not having its own nationality. It has hundreds of nationalities but only one, the Jewish nationality, is of any importance. That is why Israel is an apartheid state. This issue was settled in 1972 in the case of Tamarin v State of Israel. George Tamarin wanted to change his nationality from “Jewish” to “Israeli” but the Court refused. Chief Justice Agranat ruled that:
 ‘the desire to create an Israeli nation separate from the Jewish nation is not a legitimate aspiration. A division of the population into Israeli and Jewish nations would … negate the foundation on which the State of Israel was established.’
The court went on to state that
 ‘There is no Israeli nation separate from the Jewish People. The Jewish People is composed not only of those residing in Israel but also of Diaspora Jewry.’
This decision was upheld in 2013 in Uzi Ornan v Ministry of the Interior.  The Jewish Nation State Law passed last summer makes it explicit that Israel is the nation state of the Jews, all Jews, wherever they live. That is why Netanyahu has described himself as the ‘Prime Minister of the Jewish people.’
On 10th March popular Israeli actress Rotem Sala asserted that “the Arabs are also human beings’, in response to an accusation from Culture Minister Miri Regev that the opposition in the current general election wants to form a government with the support of the Arab parties. In Israel such an accusation is almost like accusing someone of being a child molester. Netanyahu immediately wrote in response that ‘Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish nation – and it alone’.

Strategic interest

Half of the world’s Jews live outside Israel and are nationals of the country they live in yet Israel claims that they are part of the same nation as its own Jewish citizens. It is this claim, not what Ilhan Omar said, which lies behind the belief that Jews have a dual loyalty to both Israel and the country they live in.
Clearly it is not possible to be a member of two nations simultaneously (although legally one can be a dual national).
So when Ilhan Omar accused members of the Senate of spending time defending a foreign nation by attacking its own nationals’ right to free speech she is correct.
There is nothing whatsoever anti-Semitic in such an assertion. The reason isn’t so much ‘the Benjamins’ i.e. money but because support for Israel is seen as in the United States’s strategic interests.
Hence why some of the most vociferous supporters of Israel are not Jewish but fundamentalist Christians and many, such as Trump, are known for their use of anti-Semitic tropes.

Guilty of dishonesty

Ilhan was attacking all those Senators, regardless of religion, who voted for a Bill that prioritised the defence of America’s racist Rottweiler in the Middle East over the democratic rights of Americans.
Those who accuse Ilhan of ‘anti-Semitism’ are guilty of dishonesty. They are arguing in bad faith.
It is inherent to Zionism that the first loyalty of any Jew is to Israel because their stay in the Diaspora is temporary. ‘The negation of the diasporais fundamental to Zionist ideology. The accursed Galut (diaspora) needs to be wound up, although it is convenient having a large community in the United States that can lobby on its behalf.
When you support AIPAC, you support the interests of a foreign state, Israel

The wrong sort of Jews

This is not an academic argument. Like most anti-Zionist Jews I receive my full quota of abuse from Zionists. One of the most frequently used terms of abuse is to call us a ‘traitor’ to which I respond by asking who it is that I am disloyal to?

What lies behind this accusation is the belief that a Jew’s first loyalty is to the State of Israel not the country they live in.
That was why the Israeli Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Absorption distributed in 2013 a survey asking American Jews ‘where their allegiance would lie in the case of a crisis between the two countries.’
Netanyahu had the survey stopped in its tracks but what is interesting is that this survey was ever thought of. It would have been interesting to see the results!
Phillip Weiss cites a number of Jewish writers such as Joe Klein who wrote about the push to go to war in Iraq by the neocons:
The fact that a great many Jewish neoconservatives – people like Joe Lieberman and the crowd over at Commentary – plumped for this war, and now for an even more foolish assault on Iran, raised the question of divided loyalties: using U.S. military power, U.S. lives and money, to make the world safe for Israel.
When you support AIPAC you support the interests of a foreign state, Israel. As the former Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren tweeted ‘AIPAC is Israel’s national strategic asset.’ If anyone is questioning American Jewish loyalty it isn’t Ilhan Omar it people like Israeli government minister, Michael Oren.
Tony Greenstein

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OPEN LETTER TO TOM WATSON - the Unlikely Anti-Racist who supported May’s ‘hostile environment’ policy and the Windrush deportations

Why is Watson so concerned about ‘anti-Semitism’ when he supported Phil Woolas  whose election campaign tried to ‘make White folks angry’?

Dear Tom,
I listened with rapt attention to your conversation with Lee on LBC. You said that you were determined to stop Labour ‘being stained by the stench of racism’ and that you would ‘not resile from driving out anti-Semites from my party.’
You stated that ‘one anti-Semite in the Labour Party is one too many” and expressed your anger that Luciana Berger was ‘bullied out of her own party by racist thugs" I assume you were referring to the Jewish Chair of Wavertree Labour Party Dr Alex Scott-Samuel?
A smug Tom Watson defends himself from a Labour member on LBC

You stated that this was Labour’s "worst day of shame" in its 120 year history. I must confess that I recall a few other days that were even more shameful than when Luciana Berger, fearful that she was going to be deselected, cried ‘anti-Semitism’ and then jumped ship.
When Emily Thornberry refused to vote for 90 days detention without trial, Tom Watson accused her of being a 'traitor' - bullying women is second nature to him
I am referring for example to the (Kenya Asians) Commonwealth Immigration Act decision of the Labour Government in 1968 to remove the right of Asian passport holders to come to this country, despite the promises made to them in 1963 at the time of Kenyan independence. The right of White settlers to enter the UK was preserved. This was passed after a campaign by Duncan Sandys and Enoch Powell. So shocking was this act of naked racism that even Tories such as Iain Macleod, Michael Heseltine and Ian Gilmour voted against it. If this pandering to Powell and the National Front has escaped your mind then I refer you to Mark Latimer’s article in the New Statesman, When Labour played the racist card.
There was however a time when genuine anti-Semitism was rife in the Labour Party but this was amongst the Fabian Right. Sidney Webb, later the Colonial Secretary Lord Passfield, observed that ‘French, German, Russian Socialism is Jew-ridden. We thank heaven, are free.’ His explanation being that ‘there is no money in it.’
What the Webbs said paled in comparison to Clement Attlee who chaired a Cabinet Committee on Jewish Refugees. Government policy was summed up in a telegram to Lord Halifax on 8th January 1943 expressing concern that Nazi policy might change ‘from the policy of extermination to extrusion.’ Eleven days later Attlee told the Commons that there could be no relaxation in the immigration rules and that ‘efforts to save the Jews cannot be simply British efforts.’ [Auschwitz and the Allies (pp. 110-11) Martin Gilbert]. What he meant was that no effort would be made.
If you really think that the whining plaints of ‘anti-Semitism’ by Blairite Berger was Labour’s worst ever day of shame then it is clear that your resignation is long overdue. The Labour Party has very many things to be ashamed of but the present synthetic ‘anti-Semitism’ is not one of them.
Leaving aside Labour’s shameful record in respect of Jewish refugees from Nazism there is the Attlee government’s super-exploitation of the African colonies and Malaya. There is the decision of Tony Blair to go to war in Iraq in 2003 at the expense of a million Iraqi lives.
If racism is your primary concern then why do have nothing to say about Islamapobia or racism against Black people? How do you explain your decision to abstain on Theresa May’s 2014 Immigration Act which introduced the hostile environment policy?  When an opposition abstains this means it supports the government. There were just 6 Labour MPs who voted against this Act and you were not amongst them. Why does the Windrush scandal not trouble you?
Tom Watson (& Ruth Smeeth) giving succour and comfort to the racists of the Israeli Labor Party
In your exchange with Lee you purported not to understand the connection between the fake ‘anti-Semitism’ narrative and support for the Palestinians. I am happy to explain. Luciana Berger was Director for 3 years of Labour Friends of Israel. You were Vice-President of Trade Union Friends of Israel. If you are having to defend the abominations of the Israeli state, a state that its own Prime Minister says is a state only of its Jewish citizens, then it is easier to accuse its critics of ‘anti-Semitism’ than to have to justify Israel's behaviour.
Last Sunday, Israel’s Ha’aretz published the testimonies of Palestinian children who have been gaoled, 'Endless Trip to Hell'. What happens to Palestinian children never happens to Jewish children. This is a state of affairs usually described as Apartheid. However your voice has never been heard because you spend your time as an apologist for Israel’s Occupation.
Khalil Zaakiq. Meged Gozani
Khalil Zaakiq a 13 year old boy, described his ordeal.
 “Around 2 A.M. someone knocked on the door. I woke up and saw a lot of soldiers in the house. … The commander called Uday, my big brother, told him to get dressed and informed him that he was under arrest. It was the third time they arrested him. My father was also once under arrest. Suddenly they told me to put my shoes on too and go with them. 
“They took us out of the house and tied our hands and covered our eyes. We went like that on foot to the base in Karmei Tzur. There they sat me on the floor with hands tied and eyes covered for around three hours. At about 5 A.M., they moved us to Etzion. On the way there in the jeep they hit us, they slapped me. In Etzion, I was sent to be checked by a doctor. He asked if I had been beaten and I said yes. He didn’t do anything, only checked my blood pressure and said I could stand up to an interrogation. 
“My interrogation started at 8 A.M.. They asked me to tell them which children throw stones. I said I didn’t know, so the interrogator gave me a slap. The interrogation went on for four hours. Afterward, they put me into a dark room for 10 minutes and then took me back to the interrogation room… After an hour, Uday and I were moved to Ofer Prison. I didn’t sign a confession, neither about myself nor about others. 
“I got out after nine days, because I wasn’t guilty of anything…. My little brother, who is 10, has been really afraid ever since. Whenever someone knocks at the door, he wets his pants.”
Palestinian children detained by Israel - stripped and in the sun - this is what Watson and his LFI friends support
Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children was debated in Parliament in January 2016. Introduced by Sarah Champion it was based on a UNICEF Report based on 400 testimonies which found that the ill-treatment of Palestinian children by the Israeli military was ‘widespread, systematic and institutionalized’.
None of this stopped two Labour MPs, Louise Ellman and Ian Austin, repeatedly interrupting other MPs in order to defend Israel’s military. This is why, when you pretend not to understand the connection between anti-Semitism and Palestine it’s difficult to believe you.
I also fail to understand why, when John McDonnell called on you to return half a million pounds from Max Mosley (son of Oswald), a disgraced tycoon and a racist, who called for immigrants to be offered “financial inducements to go home”. you did not return the money?
Some of the donations to Tom Watson - most of them were from Zionists 
Speaking of donations you have received, in the past 3 years, a total of £50,000 from Sir Trevor Chinn, a prominent Zionist and owner of Kwik Fit and £30,000 from Sir David Garrard, a supporter of Labour Friends of Israel and now TIG as well as £4,500 direct from LFI.
Yvonne Davies (left) the woman that Tom Watson bullied
On 13th September 2018, Skwawkbox published a story about Sandwell councillor Yvonne Davies whom you bullied because she didn’t want to continue St George’s Day parades that were being used by the BNP. Yvonne proposed a family-friendly ‘party in the park’ event instead but you went to the newspapers who quoted you as explaining what had happened was just “high spirits.” Yvonne said that your harassment got worse over time and that you were behind attempts to get her deselected as a Sandwell councilor forcing her to move outside your constituency to escape your bullying. How do you reconcile your friendliness to the BNP with your opposition to anti-Semitism?
On 26th February, the Board of Deputies, a Zionist group, complained that Chris Williamson had booked a room in Parliament for a Jewish Voice for Labour screening of Jackie Walker’s WitchHunt, accusing Williamson of “trolling the Jewish community” even though Jackie is Jewish and JVL are a Jewish group. You reported this to the Chief Whip and General Secretary. Why?
On 27th February you demanded that Chris Williamson be suspended for claiming that the Labour Party had been 'too apologetic' over false claims of antisemitism. You said “If it was in my gift I would have removed the whip” from Chris Williamson. Nothing Chris said was anti-Semitic and you know it. Why did you try to suppress this film?
On 11th March, the Spectator revealed that your new 'Future Britain Group' had registered its website on 18th February, the very same day The Independent Group (TIG) was launched. Was this a coincidence or more evidence that you are coordinating with TIG?
Other relevant facts include the fact that:
Ø   In 2003, you voted in favour of going to war with Iraq and you have consistently voted against an investigation into the war.
Ø   In 2004, despite your apparent concern with racism, you were responsible for putting out a nakedly racist leaflet that said "Labour is on your side – the Lib Dems are on the side of failed asylum seekers"
Ø   In 2009 it was revealed that you had claimed the maximum £4,800 allowance for food in a single year and that between 2005 and 2009, you and Iain Wright claimed over £100,000 for a central London flat you both shared.
Ø   In Oct 2016 you abstained from voting on a Labour Party motion calling for the UK to withdraw support from the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen. Why? 
Leon Brittan, Anti-Semitism and allegations of Child Abuse
In October 2012 you made allegations about a paedophile network that had been protected by their Parliamentary connections involving a close aide to a former Prime Minister. Although you refused to mention any names publicly there was one exception to this, Leon Brittan.  Why?
As you know Brittan was continually dogged throughout his career by an undercurrent of anti-Semitism.’ This was summed up by Harold MacMillan who described Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet, as being ‘more Old Estonian than Old Etonian.’  Eventually you were forced to apologise for your unsubstantiated allegations and description of Brittan as ‘evil’. What explanation is there, other than the fact that he was Jewish, for your attacks on Brittan?
Phil Woolas was a Labour MP and Immigration Minister who was infamous for being an opportunist with no fixed principles. He met his comeuppance after the 2010 election, which he won by 103 votes, for making false allegations that his Lib-Dem opponent supported Islamic terrorism. After the election Elwyn Watkins complained of Woolas’s lies and was quoted as saying:
"Woolas is trying to portray this as me being antisemitic. I'm not antisemitic at all. He has taken something and tried to make it something it's not.’
The BBC reported that a special election court found in November that Woolas had knowingly lied about his Liberal Democrat rival, Elwyn Watkins in the weeks running up to the General Election.
Woolas’s leaflets accused Watkins of pandering to Muslim militants. In an email disclosed during the hearing, Woolas' agent, Joe Fitzpatrick wrote: "If we don't get the white folk angry, he's gone."
The court found that Woolas’s chosen method for achieving this was to suggest there were Muslim extremists who advocated violence against Woolas and that Watkins was attempting to seek their support.
In November 2008 Woolas attacked lawyers and charities working on behalf of asylum seekers, accusing them "playing the system" by taking legal action. You might have expected Tom Watson to have been the first to call for the expulsion of this racist shit. Not a bit of it.
In Tory lies, Lib Dem lies, Phil Woolas and a mystical shaman of truth you described the Court’s decision as one we will all regret’. You stated that:
‘I’ve lost sleep thinking about poor old Phil Woolas and his leaflets.’ He felt ‘like a piano has been dropped on my head. It is the most brutal truth of all – the realisation that you are on your own in politics. When the shit storm hits, you have no allies. Being a member of Parliament is a lonely, solitary, dangerous life….Truth and Lies. They said Phil lied on a leaflet. He lost his job because of it.
It’s hard to believe that this is the same Tom Watson who won’t rest until the last anti-Semite is driven out of the Labour Party! There is only one explanation. Tom Watson is motivated, not by anti-Semitism but a love for Israeli Apartheid!
Tony Greenstein

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On the Day that 50 Muslims were murdered BBC Newsnight Interviews the White Supremacist leader of Generation Identity Benjamin Jones

Imagine interviewing a spokesman for ISIS after the Paris massacres or Oswald Moseley after the capture of Belsen - BBC Heads Should Roll

It seems that the BBC’s idea of Balance is to give equal weight to the Right and the Far-Right. How else to explain the BBC’s decision to interview, on the day of the New Zealand massacre of 50 Muslim worshippers, a spokesman for the fascist Generation Identity, Benjamin Jones? 
It was akin to asking ISIS for their views on the Bataclan massacre in Paris or the Manchester bombing. There was no possible justification for presenter Richard Watson interrupting a report on the massacre by White Supremacist Brenton Tarrant to interview Jones.
Jones whole purpose in the interview was to provide a justification for what happened, to explain the background from the point of white supremacists whilst distancing himself from the massacre itself. What was worse was that far from challenging Jones, Watson allowed him to develop and elaborate his points. Watson opened by explaining that
Richard Watson - BBC Interviewer Completely Folded when attempting to challenge Benjamin Jones
‘His (Brenton Tarrant) document is titled The Great Replacement, a reference to European culture being subsumed by immigration. That’s precisely the same phrase used by European group called Generation Identity which campaigns against immigration and Islam. Generation Identity uses similar arguments to those found in the New Zealand document. I spoke to its UK leader, Benjamin Jones [BJ], today.
Firstly BJ was allowed to make the unsubstantiated assertion that they are ‘fundamentally opposed’ to the American alt-Right when in fact there is no substantial difference.  Both are ethno nationalist groups.
BJ:      Generation Identity is fundamentally opposed to what we call alt-Right tendencies and the vast majority of what we find in this manifesto we classify as alt-Right. It’s simple as that.
Benjamin Jones
Then BJ was given the opportunity of condemning the violence, which of course he did. Watson, in typical Establishment-speak talked of ‘extreme and offensive’ views. It is irrelevant whether they are extreme or offensive, what matters is their content. There is nothing wrong in being ‘extreme’ or indeed offensive. It depends on whom you are being offensive to. The views espoused were overtly racist, a word that Watson never once used.
Jones was allowed to get away with talk of ‘the typical Muslim’. Just imagine if he had said ‘the typical Jew’. There would have been uproar because there is no more a typical Muslim than a typical Jew or a typical Christian but Watson as with the BBC in general, is completely incapable of challenging racism since the BBC continually gives racists like UKIP a platform.
The BBC's Reporters are so Useless that they don't mention that Replacement is nothing but Refugees fleeing our Violence
Jones was then allowed, twice, to explain that this violence was ‘inevitable’ because you could not have different peoples mixing. It as if BBC reporters have learnt nothing over the past 30 years. This was the argument used repeatedly against Jewish and indeed any form of immigration. It was a lie then and it is a lie now. But the pathetic Watson could only ask Jones to elaborate.
Jones spoke about ‘radically different points of view’of Muslims without ever being challenged to explain this nonsense. Indeed at no point did Watson, even once challenge any of the arguments or tropes of Jones. One can only presume that the reason for that is because the BBC operates within the same right-wing consensus of Generation Identity.  That is why Nigel Farage is such a regular guest on Question Time.  True it is just a bit more civilised but there is no fundamental disagreement. The interview continued:
RW:    So you absolutely condemn his use of violence?
BJ: We condemn the use of violence in all circumstances and contexts.
RW:    But Generation Identity does have very extreme and offensive views especially about Muslims.
BJ:      As far as the typical Muslim is concerned their way of life is completely incompatible with the lifestyle of the average person in this country lives. I see instances such as this as inevitable if we continue to put different peoples with different perspectives, radically different points of view in terms of how we conduct our lives as human beings together and I think that will come from extremists across the spectrum which is why it is so important that we continue to advocate the advantages of a homogenous society.
Instead of challenging any of the above Watson throws a softball question.
RW: You just said that violence of this kind is inevitable if this kind of immigration continues. That’s a very serious thing to say.
BJ:      It’s something that all sorts of people have been saying for many decades. This goes all the way back to Enoch Powell.(inaudible) We don’t want it to happen. But we are fundamentally bringing people from parts of the world who have a radically different perspective of how to conduct their lives as human beings to the typical Westerner. That is inevitably going to lead to conflict.’  
Tommy Robinson's supporters outside the Old Bailey last year
The first thing a Labour Government should do is to remove the Establishment’s control of the BBC. We need an exodus of the Tory boys and girls – Laura Kuensberg, Andrew Neil and Andrew Marr for starters. When was the last time the BBC employed a socialist or radical political commentator?

Although her usual timid and hesitant self, Chakrabarti at least raised the question on the Andrew Marr show.  Perhaps she should find the same fire in her belly that she displayed when arguing for Ken Livingstone’s expulsion.  See

We need to talk about BBC Newsnight’s coverage of the New Zealand massacre. It’s not okay.