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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Why ZIONISM is as relevant now as it ever was

A Response to Didi Herman’s ‘Zionisms’

Didi Herman - Believes We Should Vacate Zionism & Use Israeli Nationalism
In an article 'Zionisms' in Critical Thinking of 29th April 2016 Didi Herman argues that the left should drop the use of the term ‘Zionism’.  I disagree.  The term Zionism is as relevant now as it has ever been.
Zionism red in tooth & claw
This argument is not taking place in a vacuum but in the context of a concerted attempt to depict the anti-Zionist left, including Black and ethnic minority members of the Labour Party, as anti-Semites.  Part of the narrative of the defamers is that Zionism has become a dirty word, a term of abuse.  There are those on the left who have been seduced by this special pleading.  Not only Didi Herman but Jon Lansman of Momentum.  [Why the Left must stop talking about ‘Zionism’]
Graffitti on walls of Hebron - is this a result of Zionism?
There is, as always, when dealing with the Zionist hasbara [propaganda] a certain amount of disingenuousness.  On the one hand we have the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis asserting that ‘One can no more separate it [Zionism] from Judaism than separate the City of London from Great Britain.’ and then Didi writes that ‘scholars replace Jews and Judiasm with Zionists and Zionism, and label Zionism ‘racist’ or part of a ‘racial contract’ or ‘apartheid’.]  I’m sorry Didi, but it’s not left-wing scholars but right-wing Zionists who conflate Zionism and being Jewish.  It hardly takes a logician to work out that if Judaism and Zionism are one and the same, then Jews must indeed be responsible for the actions of the Israeli state.
Theodor Herzl - founder of Political Zionism -  saw in anti-Semitism the 'divine will to good' (Diaries)
Didi Herman believes that the way to cut the Gordian knot is to agree not to use the term ‘Zionist’ as if that will remove the confusion between criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism.  It will not because Zionists will cry ‘anti-Semitism’ for as long as Israel is under attack from BDS or any other civil movement.  Didi Herman’s article merely furthers the confusion.

Didi says that ‘zionism is first and foremost a state of mind’ and that ‘some forms of it do not require (indeed, are opposed to taking) actual land’.  I’m sorry but this is nonsense.  Zionism is not some kind of spiritual experience, a psychedelic trip to the unknown.  It involved the colonisation and settling of land and the forcible eviction of the Palestinian peasants from its earliest days.  In 1948 it involved the massacre of thousands of Palestinian peasants and the forcible expulsion of ¾ million refugees.  This was no state of mind.
Didi Herman - Professor of Law but a Mistress of Vacuity
And let us deal with this ‘let a thousand flowers bloom’ version of Zionism.  Virtually all wings of Zionism – from Political to Practical to Socialist to Cultural agreed on the need for the colonisation of land.  The only real debate, between Zionism and the Territorialists, was over which land.  The history of Zionism is the collapse of the binationalist Zionists and the left Zionists into the colonialist wing of Zionism.  As Ben-Gurion once remarked to Martin Buber, ‘was it with the permission or against the wishes of the Arabs that you came to this country?
Perhaps Didi does indeed believe that she was once an anti-Zionist.  I can’t ever recall her name cropping up as an Jewish anti-Zionist activist.  Perhaps she kept the secret closely hidden.  Maybe, in a vague and unformulated way she was, but clearly she didn’t understand the specific nature of the Israeli state and why it is different to other states, still less the dynamics of Zionism itself. 
I don’t refer to the Zionist movement because I wish to demonise anyone, still less to summon the ghosts of anti-Semitism past, but because I want a precise and scientific term with which to understand the trajectory of the modern state of Israel and where it came from.  Without understanding what Zionism is and was you cannot understand why Israel is what it is.  The subjective prose that Didi wishes me to use by way of a substitute clouds rather than clarifies.
Didi writes that ‘Israeli nationalism = apartheid’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.’  That is true.  A false equation rarely does have the same impact.  Israel is quite unique as an ethno-religious state.  Many states for example Ireland have immigration laws based on patriality, whereby those who have some family link to the country can immigrate and claim citizenship.  But no state that I know accords such a ‘right of return’ to people who have never been there and who have a mythical attachment going back 2,000 years in preference to those who have always lived there.

I would expect someone who is a Professor Law to at least take the time out to study the basic constitutional framework of Israel, the legal position of the individual and the jurisprudence of the state they are pontificating about.  Indeed I would expect Didi to have at least some idea of what it means for Israel to declare itself a ‘Jewish state’.
The socialist Zionist stockade & watchtower settlements
Let me help her.  There is no Israeli nationalism for the very simple reason that there is no Israeli nationality.  There is a Jewish nationality and a Christian, Muslim and many more ‘nationalities’ but there is no Israeli nationality, for the simple reason that Israel is a Jewish state.  It is a state of the Jewish ‘nation’, as the Jerusalem Program of the World Zionist Organisation prescribes.  That means it is a state, not of its own citizens, but of all Jews throughout the world.  That is why Israel is unique.  That is what makes Israel an apartheid state.  It is the Zionist movement, a settler colonial movement, which sought from the start to create a Jewish state which excluded non-Jews from its borders or, if they continued to live in it, from any notion of equality. 

In 2013 Israel’s Supreme Court in Uzzi Ornan v the State of Israel ruled that there was no such thing as an Israeli nationality. [‘Supreme Court rejects citizens' request to change nationalityfrom 'Jewish' to 'Israeli' - Court rules against change in identity cardregistration, citing that there is no proof of the existence of a uniquely' Israeli' people’, Ha’aretz, 3.10.13. 
Zionism or merely Israeli nationalism?
This followed a similar decision in 1972 in Tamarin v State of Israel. George Tamarin wanted his nationality to be changed from ‘Jewish’ to ‘Israeli.’  Justice Agranat ruled that ‘the desire to create an Israeli nation separate from the Jewish nation is not a legitimate aspiration. A division of the population into Israeli and Jewish nations would … negate the foundation on which the State of Israel was established.’ The court ruled that “There is no Israeli nation separate from the Jewish People. The Jewish People is composed not only of those residing in Israel but also of Diaspora Jewry.” O. Kraines, The Impossible Dilemma: Who Is a Jew in the State of Israel? (Bloch Publishing Company, 1976), p.67.  Tamarin v State of Israel (1970). 

Didi’s article is one long concession to the Zionists’ cynical weaponising of ‘anti-Semitism’.  What is happening today has nothing to do with historical and largely dead Christian anti-Semitism.  By disavowing the use of the term ‘Zionism’ Didi is left in a sea of subjectivity, wittering on about homelands of the mind.

It’s not Israeli nationalism that explains why mobs marching in Israel today chanting ‘Death to the Arabs’.  Does this not remind her of another time and another place and another people?  National Socialism was not merely a form of German nationalism but a particular political creed which used (volkish) concepts of the German nation in order to pursue imperialist aims in Eastern Europe.  Both Zionism and Nazism took the form of blood and soil racial nationalism.

Does not the assumption to power in Israel of the fascist Defence Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who promptly announces that the death penalty he is introducing will only be for Arabs, suggest other countries in other times.  And what does the plurality of Israeli Jewish voters who support expelling Israel’s Palestinian citizens suggest?

Britain is a Christian state but Christianity is a constitutional adornment.  The Prime Minister appoints the Bishops of the Church of England and the Queen is the head of the CoE.  But there is no Christian National Fund which declares that Jews cannot rent or lease 93% of British land.  Nor are there hundreds of Christian priests ruling that it is a mortal sin for anyone to rent a Jew a room or flat.  But in Israel the Jewish National Fund controls 93% of the land from which Arabs are barred.  In Israel there is a situation where hundreds of rabbis support commanding Jews not to rent to Arabs, all of them paid state officials. Dozens of Top Israeli Rabbis Sign Ruling to Forbid Rental of Homes to Arabs

In Islamic states such as Iran and Saudi Arabia Muslims don’t receive any benefits.  Quite the contrary, an Islamic state is a heavy burden on Muslims.  It legitimises the most terrible forms of repression in the name of Islam.

In Israel being Jewish entitles you to privileges in the same way as being Aryan in Nazi Germany entitled non-Jews to privileges.  If you are a Jewish child then your school will receive about 30% more funding than if you are an Arab child.  Jewish local authorities get far more state aid than Arab equivalents.  Indeed half of Israel’s Arab villages are unrecognised, meaning they can be demolished at any time and they do not receive basic services such as electricity and running water.  Al Arakabh in the Negev has been demolished nearly 100 times as part of the Prawer Plan for Judaisation of the Negev.  As Meirav Arlosoroff observedIsrael is a country of national separation − or to put it more starkly, of segregation.’    

This isn’t accidental.  It is Zionist institutions that have been used by successive Israeli governments, Labour and Likud alike, to implement apartheid in Israel.  Organisations like the JNF and the Jewish Agency.  Israel isn’t ‘post-colonial’ as Didi imagines, it is an active settler-colonial state which is still throwing Arabs off the land, even within Israel. 

Zionism isn’t some warm dream of a homeland.  In its origins it was a reaction to anti-Semitism in Europe but it was a reaction that accepted anti-Semitism as the normal reaction of non-Jews to the abnormal situation of Jews in their midst.  In the words of the founder of Political Zionism Theodor Herzl 
In Paris..., I achieved a freer attitude towards anti-Semitism, which I now began to understand historically and to pardon. Above all, I recognise the emptiness and futility of trying to 'combat' anti-Semitism.’ [Diaries, ed. Patai, p.6]  
Whilst Zionism accepted anti-Semitism most Jews rejected it.

The founders of Zionism constituted the most reactionary segment of Jewish society.  They teamed up with people like Edouard Drumont, the leader of the anti-Dreyfussards in France.  Both the Zionists and anti-Semites accepted that Jews did not belong in the countries they had made their home.  Zionism consisted of the believers in eugenics and the racial sciences.  They were the movement that welcomed Hitler to power because, in the words of Berl Katznelson, a founder of Mapai and editor of its daily paper, Davar, the rise of Hitler was “an opportunity to build and flourish like none we have ever had or ever will have”. [Francis Nicosia, Zionism and Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany p.91]

The sneering reference to Ken Livingstone, that he has been  making stupid remarks about Jews for years is just that, an unmerited sneer devoid of substance.  Because Ken is right.  Zionism is a movement whose leader David Ben-Gurion could declare, in response to the Kindertransport that saved 10,000 Jewish children after Krystalnacht that:
‘If I knew that it would be possible to save all the children in Germany by bringing them over to England, and only half of them by transporting them to Eretz Yisrael, then I would opt for the second alternative. For we must weigh not only the life of these children, but also the history of the People of Israel’. Tom Segev, The 7th Million, p.28.
Zionism was seen by most Jews in the pre-war period as a form of Jewish anti-Semitism.

Zionism wasn’t a movement consisting of ‘homeland’ dreamers.  It was a settler colonial movement that took its inspiration from Cecil Rhodes in southern Africa.  It colonised the land and dispossessed the indigenous population.  Unlike in South Africa, it did not reintegrate them in the economy as exploited labour but sought to expel them first from the economy and then from the land altogether.  It followed the Australian and American colonial models.

So yes Zionism has become a dirty word and quite rightly so.  Just as ‘segregation’ and ‘apartheid’ were also considered dirty words.  We didn’t use the term ‘separate development’ when the meaning of ‘apartheid’ was perfectly clear.  Nor should we use Israeli nationalism when it is ‘Zionism’ that we really mean.

The suggestion that ‘Judaism is zionism’s parent’ is simply nonsense.  If anyone was Zionism’s parent it was the Russian Czar Nicholas II and his Interior Minister, the instigator of the pogroms von-Plehve.  British Evangelical Christians and anti-Semites like Arthur James Balfour and William Evans-Gordon came a close second.  They supported Zionist colonisation of Palestine because they didn’t want Jews to come here.  

Anti-Semitism in Britain today is minute.  I don’t fear being physically attacked walking down the street.  I am not only Jewish I am White.  I don’t suffer from police raids, stop and search or being asked for my passport like Black and Asian people.  The ‘Anti-Semitism’ of Zionism is a ruse, a device to deflect attention from the actions of Israel.  That unfortunately is the effect of Didi’s article.

Yes Jews in Europe had a legitimate desire for a homeland.  When fleeing the Czarist pogroms they found one – in Britain and the United States.  That’s why Palestine was a racial dream that has turned sour.  

In Israel Zionism means the demographic question, the fear that in the night more Arab babies were produced than Jewish babies.  It is the fear of racists throughout the ages.  When the issue of African refugees who had entered Israel illegally first raised its head, the question was posed in Zionist terms - the threat to Israel's Jewish identity.  The refugees became 'infiltrators' a term first used for Palestinian refugees trying to make their way back into their own country.

Netanyahu exclaimed that "If we don't stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state," [Guardian, 20.5.12.].  

Israel's then Interior Minister, Eli Yeshai, was even more blunt:

"I want everyone to be able to walk the streets without fear or trepidation ... The migrants are giving birth to hundreds of thousands, and the Zionist dream is dying,"

But I make a promises.  If Zionists stop referring to their Zionist dreams and the World Zionist Organisation and all similar organisations abolish themselves then I will stop referring to Zionism!

And finally Didi, if there's one thing I detest it is when an academic deliberately uses obscure words for the general public, like autochthonous instead of the more normal word indigenous.  This is just obscurantism.  At least you have now corrected the spelling!

Tony Greenstein

Saturday, 21 May 2016

When Jeremy Corbyn Supported a Democratic, Secular State & Breaking Links with Poale Zion (JLM)

On Palestine Corbyn has become a Trappist Monk

Of course everyone is entitled to change their mind.  Sometimes people even change the parties they belong to but I’m not aware of a time when Jeremy Corbyn changed his mind about support a 2 state solution in Palestine or the breaking of links with Labour Zionism. 

The primary purpose of a 2 state solution was and is to justify a never ending peace process (in Israel its known as the ‘piss process’).  As long as the Peace Process can be said to be continuing so long will there be a justification for the present Apartheid situation on the West Bank and the pretence that Gaza isn’t occupied.
Corbyn has changed his tune since becoming leader
Netanyahu made it clear during the General Election in Israel that he did not believe in a 2 State Solution.  His Ministers have made it even clear.  Tsipi Hotoveli, the Deputy Foreign Minister (there is no Foreign Minister as Netanyahu has also taken that position) has made the position of the Israeli Government crystal clear:
Tzipi Hotoveli - the religious nutcase who is Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister
‘This land is ours. All of it is ours. We expect as a matter of principle of the international community to recognise Israel’s right to build homes for Jews in their homeland, everywhere.

Zionism from its foundation has asserted Jewish sovereignty over all of the biblical Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael), which extends up to the Litani, east to the Euphrates and south to the Nile.  There is no recognition of shared sovereignty.  As Moshe Dayan explained to a group of university graduates: 
Moshe Dayan
During the last 100 years our people are in the process of building up this country and this nation, of expansion, of getting more Jews and more settlements to expand the borders.  Let no Jew say that this is the end of the process.  Let no Jew say that we are near the end of the road. Ma’ariv, 7.7.1968.

The ‘peace process’ has only one function.  To maintain the pretence that a 2 state solution is possible and therefore to provide justification for the denial of any political or civil rights for over 4 million Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.  It is a pretence that western leaders are happy to play along with.
When you're surrounded by  New Labour sharks it's best not to feed them
But for socialists and Corbyn in particular to play along with this is despicable.  Corbyn was arrested at South Africa house once protesting Apartheid in South Africa yet he is willing to go along with Apartheid in Israel.   Because that is what the 2 State solution amounts to.
The Labour Movement Conference which Corbyn chaired in 1984
Of course the Jewish Labour Movement and assorted hypocrites will pretend they support a 2 State solution, knowing full well it won’t come about.  However they oppose any pressure upon the Israeli state, such as sanctions or BDS, to bring it about.  Sanctions on Iran, a siege of Gaza (which is the most coercive form of sanctions) is fine, but sanctions against Israel – let the heavens fall in first.
Report of LMCP Conference which Corbyn chaired - the Zionists tried to hoax the speakers that the conference had been cancelled
In the Spring of 1984 the Labour Movement Campaign for Palestine held a conference at County Hall, London when the GLC was still in existence.  The Conference was sponsored by AUEW-TASS, the engineering section of the Engineering Union, 11 MPs and Palestine Solidarity Campaign as well as the London office of the PLO.   Among the speakers were Peter Tatchell and Richard Balfe MEP (he's now Lord Balfe of the Conservative Party!).

One of its main demands was for the breaking of links between Poale Zion, the British branch of the Israeli Labour Party and the Labour Party.  Poale Zion has now changed its name to Jewish Labour Movement but it is the same creature.  Now Corbyn is happy to preside over an absurd situation where JLM is going to be ‘training’ people to recognise ‘anti-Semitism’ – which in their view is opposition to the Israeli state and Zionism (a word they don't like to use because Zionist, I mean the word, is 'abusive'.

Jeremy Corbyn was the Chair of the Conference and a very good and enthusiastic chair he was.  He was fully in support of the principle aims of the conference so I am interested to know why he has changed his mind about what, if the Trades Description Act applied to politics, would be called the Labour Friends of Apartheid Israel.
Jeremy Corbyn was one of the LMCP's original sponsors - the LMCP's platform included support for a democratic, secular state not a Jewish Apartheid state
It’s not terribly difficult to discern the strategy of Corbyn’s advisers.  Keep you head down when it comes to anything to do with Palestine.  Above all don’t say anything about how the current campaign about ‘anti-Semitism’ is really about criticism of Israel.  If you concentrate on the bread and butter issues of austerity then other things will disappear into the distance.  This is a particularly stupid strategy because the Zionists, aided by their chorus in the Mail, Guardian etc. will not let the issue of Palestine and Zionism die.  They will continue to root out ‘anti-Semitism’ in the party even if it does mean ludicrously examining every tweet for the past decade in the hope that some minor misdemeanour might be discovered.  In my own case it has taken ludicrous lengths.  

The idea is to focus on economics and ignore the political and questions of the State.  Pretend that the capitalist state is neutral as opposed to an instrument to be used by one class against another.  Leave the question of monarchy and control of the army to another time.  That is why there was such a fuss made about Corbyn singing the national anthem.  Deference to the Crown and the institutions of the State is important for Labour’s servile worshippers at the altar of the capitalist state.  The monarchy provides the icing over the division of the cake between rich and poor.  However rich or poor you are you can identify with Mrs Windsor.

Even the mild-mannered PLO representative in Britain, Manuel Hassassnian lambasted Corbyn’s silence over Palestine.  Palestinian ambassador says leaders won’t stand up to Israel for fear of being labelled anti-semitic.  Corbyn used to attend every AGM I can remember of Palestine Solidarity Campaign.  He was vocal on the oppression of the Palestinians.  Now he has taken a vow of silence as if he were a Trappist monk when it comes to Palestine.

As Hassassnian said:  ‘“Jeremy Corbyn (who) was an ardent, staunch supporter of the Palestinians and now we hardly see any statements coming from him in support of Palestine.’

Naturally ‘when the Star contacted the Labour Party for comment on Mr Hassassian’s statements’ it ‘did not receive any responses. 
Blairite clone Fabian Hamilton accuses BDS supporters of 'anti-Semitism'
Corbyn’s silence led to the ludicrous appointment of arch-Zionist Fabian Hamilton to a junior shadow foreign office minister who in the Jewish News has accused supporters of BDS of being ‘anti-Semitic’.  According to this useless New Labour clone, opposing the military and police state that is the life of Palestinians on the West Bank is ‘anti-Semitic’ and yet Corbyn appointed him despite knowing of his views.  

Corbyn has also gone along with the 'anti-Semitism' smears made against anyone those who are deemed a political threat by Labour's Blairite civil service.  He has been attacked repeatedly by the Jewish Chronicle's editor Stephen Pollard yet not once has he pointed out that Pollard acted as an apologist and worse for anti-Semitic politicians Robert Zile and Michal Kaminski, Latvian and Polish MEPs, whose anti-Semitism was only exceeded by their support for Zionism.

If Corbyn is so willing to bow down to the Zionist lobby today, he will bow down to the financial lobbies tomorrow.

Searchlight 'anti-fascist magazine joins forces with Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism’ witchhunt

Searchlight Magazine – the Racist ‘Anti-fascist’ Magazine

Searchlight Magazine, under Gerry Gable, has a long history of attacking the Palestine solidarity movement and the Palestinians.  It also has a record of never attacking or criticising Israeli Apartheid.
Searchlight's racism quickly alienated Black organisations in Britain
Searchlight's libellous editorial
In its current edition, quite bizarrely, out of the blue in an editorial, it describes me both as an anti-fascist, a Palestine solidarity activist and a ‘Jew hater’. Clearly the statement is actionable.
What has prompted its editor, Gerry Gable, to this outburst he doesn’t say.  I can only presume it is the accumulation of various resentments built up over the years.  It is probably a result of criticisms I have made over the years about Searchlight’s Zionist politics, its destabilisation of the anti-fascist movement and its spying on anti-fascists and anarchists on behalf of the secret state see e.g. The Death Agony of Searchlight Anti-Fascist Magazine - How Gerry Gable endedup defending racism in the name of anti-fascism   Gable has certainly proved sensitive in correspondence to the comparisons I drew between him and his illustrious predecessor, Maurice Ludmer.
Gable and friend
When Apartheid existed in South Africa, Searchlight didn’t hesitate to criticise the actions of the Apartheid Government, although it never mentioned the close diplomatic, economic and military relations between the two governments.
Gables memorandum to his bosses boasting of intelligence contacts and how he spied on the Left and Anarchists
When it comes to Israel Gable, whose magazine only comes out every 3 months now, since the cash cow that Hope not Hate and Nick Lowles represented have departed, sees no evil, hears no evil and says no evil.  The injunction by hundreds of Israeli rabbis that Jews should not rent apartments to Arabs is not mentioned.  [Dozens of Top Israeli Rabbis Sign Ruling to Forbid Rental of Homes to Arabs, ]  Neither the demolition of hundreds of Palestinian homes, Jewish roads in the West Bank, the official Apartheid in the West Bank (2 separate legal systems for settlers and Palestinians) or the segregated schools are worthy of mention.  No mention either of the Judaisation programmes within Israel, which bear a market similarity to the deJewification program of the Nazi party. 
Gable and his wife Sonia
In a profile of Gable he explained that he left the Communist Party in 1961 "because the party had begun to adopt an anti-Israeli line." (Jewish Chronicle  23.10.87).  This is in contrast to the previous editor of Searchlight, Maurice Ludmer, who was President of Birmingham Trades Council and a stalwart of the trade union movement.  Ludmer left the CP in 1968, because of its lack of commitment to anti-fascism and anti-racism.
Searchlight fantasy about an international fascist axis - drawn from Israeli paranoia
Despite this, Searchlight has a fondness for Stalinist politics.  How else can one explain the racist justification of Stalin's expulsion of the Tatar people because a minority of them collaborated?
During the Labour Government of 1974-80, the security establishment persuaded Home Secretary, Merlyn Rees into deporting journalist Mark Hosenball and ex-CIA agent Phil Agee.  Duncan Campbell of the New Statesman, was investigating GCHQ (then a secret installation) with Hosenball and the result was the ABC trial (Aubrey, Berry and Campbell) under the Official Secrets Act.  In November 1978 this trial collapsed with token sentences being handed out.  During the trial and the campaign that preceded it, the security services had done their best to poison the media via corrupt and tame journalists.  One such was Gerry Gable, a researcher with London Weekend Television.
In May 1977, Gable wrote one of a number of reports to his superiors at London Weekend Television regarding Phil Kelly, who became editor of Tribune and an Islington Labour councillor, was then active in the ABC Defence campaign.
Maurice Ludmer - first editor of Searchlight - an anti-imperialist unlike his successor
"He was also seen frequently... at the offices of the Vietnam Sollidarity   Campaign.  It was suggested that in either late '67 or early '68 he travelled to Cuba and was trained as was 'Carlos...  in Guerilla warfare and Espionage by the KGB."  In 1969, "Kelly went to Jordan, not, as he told people, to see the refugee amps... but to a proper Fatah training camp.  Members of the Baader Meinhoff group also attended these camps."  On a demo in London "he was seen to kick a policeman... Reports from left watchers state that he has been to Cuba, America, East Germany, Jordan, Sofia in Bulgaria...
The arrest of Campbell, Berry and Aubrey has caused a civil rights row, but according to my top level security service sources, they inform me in the strictest confidence.. Kelly is suspected of being the KGB man who reaps the goodies...I have now given the names I have acquired to be checked out by British/French security services especially the French and German connections and the south  American stuff is being checked by Geoffrey Stewart-Smith's Institute.  He has strong CIA links (and links with WACL - a fascist group - TG). I may try somebody in the Israeli Foreign Office that I know for some checks on Kelly..." 
Searchlight Conference with Zionist pressure group, the Islamaphobic Campaign Against Anti-Semitim
According to the New Statesman (15.2.80): "The wording of Mr  Gable's memo suggests clearly that he was engaged in a 2-way transaction with his security sources... The nature of the official material received and recorded by him suggests that much of it was coloured by phone-tap info and informer reports."  As Time Out remarked, the  memo caused those who Gable mentioned, like Hosenball, who had previously considered Gable as a friend, to feel betrayed" (22.2.80)  It is something that people in anti-fascist politics have also experienced.  There is reason to believe that Campbell was also being monitored by Gable.

Nine years later and Gable was up to his old tricks, this time for Channel 4's 20/20 Vision.  Gable befriended, and took advantage of, a lonely low-level civil servant in the DTI, Brian Gentleman.  One day he found himself accused, live on TV, of being a Czech agent.  However the Police refused to prosecute. Gentleman was considered a Walter Mitty character whom Gable had entrapped. The Broadcasting Complaints Commission delivered a stern rebuke. 

But it is in his effect on the anti-fascist movement that Gable and Searchlight has been most destructive, precisely because it is here that their reputations have been established. Anti Fascist Action was formed in February 1985.  Almost immediately via Searchlight/Guardian journalist David Rose a controversy was sparked over an anarchist group, Class War.

CW were never popular on the Left, their paper was particularly crude. They attracted a young, punk periphery with a low political awareness. They were the perfect foil for Gable and his security service chums. Allegations were made that their leadership were NF'ers, that racism was  endemic in CW, that they were police agent-provocateurs on demonstrations and that the NF & CW jointly planned the Stop the City demonstrations as an anti-Jewish pogrom.  CW were immediately suspended.  When a Commission of Enquiry reported, CW were exonerated but the damage to AFA had been done.  The 1976 AGM nearly broke up in turmoil.  AFA’s Report stated that "Despite the leading role of Searchlight magazine in the affair, and despite many approaches to the magazine for evidence, the sum total of material from Searchlight to the enquiry was nil.  We are bemused by Searchlight's role in this affair."  In the course of the inquiry Gable had admitted to monitoring anarchists.  For whom he didn't say.

Gables Memorandum to his bosses at London Weekend Television
From:  Gerry Gable
Date:  2 May 1977
About: Agencies
To:    Julian/Mike Braham/Barry Cox (Please keep these reports secure)

Phil Kelly was a member of the Young Liberals who in the sixties joined what was known as 'the Red Guard'. Young Liberals like Peter Hain and Peter Hellyer went against the traditional Liberal line and started campaigning along lines more akin to the Radical left. They stood out against the Vietnam War/Apartheid and for the Palestinians against the Israelis. At home they were for direct action on housing and other evils in our society.

In the first place, as I understand it, Kelly was an odd fish in the rather middle class Young Lib circles, he had a strictly working class background. He was up to his neck in various campaigns in 1967. The Biafra aid set up was one of them. He was also seen frequently during that year at the offices of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign. It was suggested that in either late '67 or early '68 he travelled to Cuba and was trained as was 'Carlos' during the same period. Certainly Cuba held a Tri-Continental conference at that time involving many third world and Latin American states where Cuba was active in spreading their own brand of revolution. It is suggested that parallel to the conference, an extensive course of training in Guerilla warfare and Espionage took place. If the latter is true, then certainly Cuba's own Secret Service would have been aided by the KGB on the espionage side of the courses. In the early part of 1969 Kelly was seen at the Soviet Trade Mission in London.

I think that around this time he worked on the Hornsey Journal or another paper in that area, then he moved to work in the new radical press -- being a familiar face at Black Dwarf/Seven Days and later Time Out. Hellyer and some other Young Liberals got very involved with the Palestinians around this time and in the summer of 1969 Kelly went to Jordan, not, as he told people, to see the refugee camps, schools and medical aid groups, but to a proper Fatah training camp. Members of the Baader Meinhof group also attended these camps and learnt their bombing and killing skills in them. Kelly was taught firearms/explosives and went out on some treks to the Israeli border with Fatah patrols.

Around this time, after returning to London, Kelly acted as a cheer leader on several Arab demonstrations in London and during fighting in one of them he was seen to kick a policeman.

But although he seemed firmly in the left camp, a number of odd things about his attitude towards a person he knew to be hostile to the left are rather strange, on several occasions he could have blown the cover of a man who had infiltrated the Palestinians and some left groups. This man ran into him time and time again, including once at a function organised by the Cuban embassy in London. Kelly was seen on Irish Rights marches the night the Ulster office was attacked, medical aid for Vietnam, Portugese meetings and even a demo over Anguilla.

Wherever he worked on left journals he always seem to get into a position [section illegible, but probably 'had access to the'] names and address of subscribers. Reports from left watchers state that he has been to Cuba, America, East Germany, Jordan and Sofia in Bulgaria for a Peace Conference. In the early seventies he went to work in West Germany and was away for around two years, I understand that he worked as a sports reporter (he was there at the time of the Munich massacre). He also had a German girl friend whose name is either Gerde Jager, or Jaegar, the daughter of a rich lawyer. She is said to be close to SWAPO operations in Western Europe and tied up with something named 'Informist'?

Back in Britain Kelly worked at Time Out and was instrumental in introducing Mark Hosenball to stories that are part or even all of the reason for his deportation order. Around Time Out a group of Americans, Kelly, Duncan Campbell (the technology freak), plus Crispin Aubrey and John Berry (not just a former Army signals clerk, but a former member of British Military Intelligence) began to operate.

More than a year ago Kelly started to work for Interpress Services, a press agency of which he appears to be the sole employee in this country.

Even some of the left watchers here thought that this agency was set up at the time of a Third World Conference held in Colombo in Sri Lanka a couple of years ago and that in some way it is connected with the Yugoslav State Press Agency. However our checks reveal that it was set up in Italy in 1968 as a press co-operative and the directors are South Americans an Italians, one of the original people before Kelly at this end was John Rettie -- a man I still have to check out but was in some KGB scandal in Moscow some years ago.

The last return made by the co-op shows an annual turn-over of a quarter of a million pounds sterling, although it precedes Kelly's joining them (at least officially) salaries are shown as only two thousand per annum.

Hosenball, who to my knowledge was always keen to meet any new contacts, told me that he had refused to meet Kelly's contacts in Germany but would say no more. He was also prepared to tell me that the co-op was, as he understood it, set up by some Chilean Christian Democrats who in more recent times dropped out to be replaced by the Iraquis, although no signs of this appear on the company house records. Hosenball is frightened to tell me more about Kelly and it is almost certain that Kelly could blackmail Hosenball to keep silent. Since the Agee/Hosenball expulsion notices were issued, Kelly is often being seen more and more running round organising things. When Hosenball made it clear that he did not wish to be used as political cannon fodder, Kelly wrote an attack on him that appeared in the 'Leveller', a radical magazine.

This is not all that Kelly has done for the 'Leveller', he has also produced material on West Germany for them about the trials of the Terrorist groups.

The arrest of Campbell/Berry and Aubrey has caused a civil rights row, but according to my top level security service sources, they inform me in the strictest confidence that for about four years Campbell, Berry and Kelly and others have been systematically gathering top level security material. Campbell, who claims to have only an interest in technological matters in as far as the state is involved, had done four years detailed research into the whole structure of the other side of not only our Intelligence services but those of other NATO countries. He has also gone to people who work on top security contracts and started off by asking them about open commercial work their companies do and then gradually asked them for information on top secret work, including that on under-water detection hardware, which he clearly knows is beyond the pale.

Politically it appears that the group have no one political guiding light or line, but Kelly is suspected of being the KGB man who reaps the goodies gathered by people who are possibly as disapproving of the KGB as they are of the CIA. [Two words illegible but probably 'Other teams'] like this have been operating in France and Sweden. (Agee has been in contact with the Swedish set up.) The security services feel that once the real nature of this case begins to emerge they expect people like Jonathan Aitken will fade away fast. The security service accepts that a number of decent people have been signed up to support these people on civil rights grounds and they also unofficially accept all the short-comings of the act that they have been held under, but they say they are sure this has gone well beyond the bounds of Press Investigation.

Hosenball, although supposedly having his differences with Kelly, was party to a strange chat between Kelly and Steve Weisman at Granada's Christmas party. They were going through a list of contacts and what Hosenball's reaction would be be if he were asked about them. I could not catch the names but when one name came up all three of them seemed very keen to keep it out of the hearing.

Hosenball got extremely angry with Malcolm Southam of World In Action when asked about a man named Karl Von Metre, thought to be an American living in Paris, and would not talk about him Hosenball's Paris trips are a mystery.

He told me two years ago that the reasons for his Paris visits were to go through files taken from a Portugese office of an extreme right wing group that used a press agency as a cover. At the time of the army take over in Portugal they had been seized and taken to Paris. However, my own investigation showed that the files were not in Paris at all had had never been taken out of Portugal, so why lie? His contact in Paris is Frederick Laurent, a young man who works for the left wing paper 'Liberation' and who lives in very grand style in a huge Paris apartment.

When Hosenball and Kelly had hold of the Crozier material they were very keen not to check out right wing connections but to trace phone numbers they felt belonged to Secret Service establishments etc. Hosenball also went to Spain, I think to track down one of the people mentioned in the Robert Moss letters, but despite all this research most of what they got was not appearing in print anyway. Kelly was not happy about Searchlight using the documents and I think Hosenball, who had done work for Searchlight on various occasions, felt embarassed by his attitude.

Kelly's current girl friend is Dorothy Jones who works for the People's Press Service or News Service, a sort of Agitprop outfit. Kelly moved into a house in Hemmingford Road, Islington, some time last winter. He shares it with Richard Fletcher who is on the London Co-op Education Committee, (strong links with East Germany) this is at 104 Hemmingford Road, N7.

I went to the house one dark winter night just after they had moved in. I was with Mark Hosenball and the reason for our visit was to get some more photocopies of the Moss letters.

When we arrived, a man who I thought must Fletcher came to the door. The building is a shop, basement and upper part, it was in a bad state of disrepair and the man was plastering or something like that. He said to Mark 'there is a caucus meeting, Phil's up top'. Mark told me to hang on and ran upstairs to the top floor. Being a nosey bugger I followed and in the top floor front room were about seven or eight men, no women, all seated on cushions on the floor with no centre light.

They were a mixed age group. I didn't recognise any of them and they did not seem to know me. Kelly looked at me staring in over Hosenball's shoulder and leapt up and pushed us out of the room. He said to Mark in a low voice 'Why did you bring him here?' and Mark waffled on about not being able to contact him in advance and I needed the letters that very night as Searchlight was going to press on the next day. Kelly took us to the basement and produced the papers and then ushered us out as quickly as possible.

I have now given the names I have acquired to be checked out by British/French security services, especially the French and German connections and the South American stuff is being checked by Geoffrey Stewart-Smith's institute. He has strong CIA links. I may try somebody in the Israeli Foreign Office that I know for some checks on Kelly. It is now a time of waiting for feed-back and also further checks here.

I have attached a number of documents including a transcript of Kelly's interview with World in Action. It goes without saying that I would like this kept strictly secret.