17 December 2021

There is No Rule of Law When the Police decide that Crime Minister Johnson has Immunity from Prosecution

 Illegally Handing Over Workers’ Details for Blacklisting, Covering up for Murder and Raping Women by Deception - the Met is Above the Law and Institutionally Corrupt

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A lesson to the Police on how they should be doing their job

In 1990 Boris Johnson, then a Telegraph reporter in Brussels, agreed to supply his friend Darius Guppy with the details of a journalist, Stuart Collier, in order that he could have him beaten up. Guppy was later jailed for a jewellery heist. The conversation was recorded. Suffice to say if you or me had been party to a conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm, the Police would have prosecuted. But Johnson was cut from different cloth.

Darren Copeland caught on CCTV

Johnson plots to beat up Stuart Collier

From the 1960’s onwards the Met formed a secretive Special Demonstration Squad whose task was to infiltrate left-wing, environmental and other radical groups. What the Met have never done is to infiltrate fascist groups. In 1999 three bombs planted by neo-Nazi, Darren Copeland exploded in Brick Lane, Brixton and the Admiral Duncan, a gay pub in Soho. Three people were killed and 79 injured.

Bombing of the Admiral Duncan pub in Soho, Brixton and Brick Lane

The Police had no prior intelligence because fascist groups have never been a target for the Police or Special Branch, despite their gospel of hatred and racism. After all many in the Police share much the same views. Fascists aren’t a threat to capitalism, they are the last resort of the system.

Mark Kennedy – the Secret Police Rapist

The film above shows one particular specimen Mark Stone aka Mark Kennedy, who formed a relationship with a female activist based on deceit and lies. What he and other officers had done was commit rape by deception. There was no informed consent. But of course the Police don’t prosecute their own unless they are forced to.

In the case of Wayne Couzens, whose affectionate name from fellow officers was ‘the rapist’, police were left with no option but to prosecute as he had both raped murdered Sarah Everard and left a trail of clues that even the most stupid police officer could not ignore.

Police Attack on Peaceful Women’s Vigil at Clapham Common

However the Police got their revenge when they physically attacked a peaceful womens’ vigil at Clapham Common. All of this presided over by lesbian Commissioner, the appropriately named Cressida Dick. The seething anger of the Met at the humiliation they had suffered, with the murder by a serving officer, was visited on the women at the vigil. The Police have absolute discretion as to how they enforce the law and in this case they used the COVID regulations as a pretext for an unprovoked attack.

In 2009 ICO investigators from the Information Commissioner's Office raided the offices of the Consulting Association in Droitwich, Worcestershire. The nature of the information in them could only have been supplied by the police or security services. The information was for the purposes of a blacklist funded by eight of the country's major construction firms. It resulted in thousands of people being unable to get work for decades. Although Ian Kerr, who ran the Consulting Agency was fined £5,000 the construction firms who financed the operation, such as Balfour Beatty, and Robert McCalpine, escaped any penalty.

The workers concerned had committed no crime apart from standing up for their rights. But in the eyes of the Met this was a crime. The Met refused to name those they had spied on. Operation Reuben found an officer called Mark Jenner had collected information after he infiltrated the construction union UCATT between 1995 and 2000.

The report says that Jenner, who used the alias Cassidy, provided information on 300 people - and 16 of those appeared in the illegal blacklist database.

Roy Bentham, joint secretary of Blacklist Support Group, said

The police are supposed to uphold law and order, not spy on perfectly democratic organisations such as trade unions,’.

‘Blacklisting is a national scandal and confirmation that the police colluded with this shameful and unlawful activity is beyond the pale.’

What all of the above demonstrates is that the Police, in particular the Met, which also functions as a national police force, are a highly political force. That is why its Commissioner, Cressida Dick, is appointed by the Home Secretary.

In short the Met is not only institutionally corrupt but it is racist, sexist and anti-working class. This should not be any surprise as the function of the Police is to preserve and uphold the existing political order which is a society where a tiny but rich elite preside over poverty and deprivation.

That is the function of the Police in all societies. The last institution to fall in any popular uprising or revolution is the Police which is why those on the left who consider them ‘workers in uniform’ rather than agents of the State are wrong.

It is no surprise that Keir Starmer reacted with fury to the suggestion of Black Lives Matter that the Police should be defunded.  Instead he turned on BLM describing it as a ‘moment’. At the 2021 Labour Party Conference we were treated to the spectacle of armed police patrolling aisles and intimidating delegates (including removing one heckler) during Starmer’s one and half hour speech about his family.

The Police are an integral part of the British state. The state is there to defend the existing class inequalities in society and that is why it targets the left, not the right. However friendly individual officers might be they are there to serve the interests of our enemies. That is why, when the Miners went on strike in 1984-5 the Police acted as Thatcher’s cavalry.

Hence why it is so absurd that a party that calls itself a party of labour should have formed a Friends of the Police group to sit aside Labour Friends of Apartheid Israel. MPs Jessica Morden, Holly Lynch and Liz Kendall who fronted this pathetic organisation can be considered Labour Traitors of the Year, or more succinctly scabs.

All of this is the backdrop to a new raft of repressive legislation from Boris Johnson from the Spycops to the Police, Crime and Sentencing Acts and Nationality and Borders Bill which Starmer has barely opposed. As the economic crisis develops, exacerbated by the COVID crisis – which itself is a crisis of capitalism – we shall see an ever more repressive police force with the pretence of ‘community policing’ dropped. There is no doubt whatsoever which side of the class struggle Starmer and his Zionist friends will stand.

We should also not forget the Nuala O’Loan Inquiry into the murder of Daniel Morgan which found the Metropolitan police was “institutionally corrupt”.  Cressida Dick was personally censured for obstruction by an independent inquiry set up to review the murder of the private detective Daniel Morgan.

The findings of into Morgan’s killing in 1987 triggered calls for Dick to resign. His brother, Alastair, denounced the actions of Britain’s biggest police force.

The panel’s findings were a victory for the 34-year long struggle for justice by the Morgan family during which they said they endured being “lied to, fobbed off, bullied [and] degraded” by the Met.

Within hours the Met rejected the report’s key findings, and dismissed Morgan’s call for Dick to step down. The two people who could oust Dick – the Home Secretary and Mayor Sadiq Khan instead gave her their ‘full confidence’.

Corrupt officers shielded the killers and the panel said a murder inquiry that was probably “solvable” was undermined, perhaps fatally.

Concerns about police wrongdoing, and links between corrupt officers and sections of the tabloid media, led the government to order an inquiry in 2013. Dick, instead of cooperating with the panel obstructed it. The panel accused the Met of placing concerns about its reputation above fighting corruption in its ranks.

We should remember the lack of accountability of the police when we hear talk of the ‘rule of law’.  The law is a class instrument used by the rich and powerful to cement their rule. As the old saying went:

The law locks up the man or woman

Who steals the goose off the common

But leaves the greater villain loose

Who steals the common from the goose.

The law demands that we atone

When we take things we do not own

But leaves the lords and ladies fine

Who takes things that are yours and mine.

The poor and wretched don’t escape

If they conspire the law to break;

This must be so but they endure

Those who conspire to make the law.

The law locks up the man or woman

Who steals the goose from off the common

And geese will still a common lack

Till they go and steal it back.

Tony Greenstein


  1. And then there's Charles de Menezes....not to mention the DPP which refused to prosecute the Met Death Squad. Trained in Israel, perhaps? I wonder who was the DPP at the time? Now I've remembered...."Sir" Keir Something-or-Other. I wonder what became of him?

  2. Superb piece. Too many on the Left still hold the police in high regard, thinking that the vast number of abuses it routinely commits are merely by the legendary bad apples when it's the basic function of policing itself.

    "the appropriately named Cressida Dick" - I disagree. That implies possession of male genitalia is somehow evidence of stupidity or (according to Wordnik) being "regarded as mean or contemptible". Since Ms Dick is a woman in a position of great power, a recent development which was supposed to result in enormous positive changes in our society, we need to find a more appropriate term for how she and others like her behave, rather than one which denigrates men or women based on their gender.

  3. The Metropolitan Police originated from a Gang run by a man called Wilde whose men broke into wealthy houses and then offered to re-unite the Victims with their Stolen Goods for a reward. The Metropolitan Police has been "Institutionally Corrupt" for 150 years. Rupert Murdoch using his "Sun" and "News of the World" owned Tony Blair and David Cameron and Paid the Met for stories about Celebrities and Polititians. He employed the Killers of Daniel Morgan and Dr David Kelly with the help of Officers and Retired Officers of the Met.

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