28 November 2021

These Two Short Videos from B’Tselem Explains More About the Cruelty and Racism of Zionism than a Million Words

 Terrorising Children and a Bedouin Shepherd in the Jordan Valley – This is Starmer’s ‘Rumbustious Democracy’

They say every picture tells a story.  Well these videos sum up the vicious racism and sadistic cruelty of Israel’s settler colonial regime. In the Jordan Valley in Area C where Israel is intent on driving out the Palestinians, schools, COVID clinics and any form of building structures, including schools, are regularly demolished.

Israeli soldiers on the prowl looking for Palestinians to harass

Here we see how the life of a Palestinian shepherd is made hell by a combination of the Israeli army and the settlers.  Areas are arbitrarily made into military ‘closed zones’ a device for then transferring to the land to the settlers.

What Israel is doing is transforming the Palestinians into landless labourers for the benefit of the agribusinesses in the area.

Masked settler terrorists coming to attack the shepherd

In the second video we see the routine harassment of the civilian population by an army which uses raids on houses in the early hours of the morning, to terrorise the inhabitants.

Waking and forcing children out of bed with guns is standard Zionist practice.  But criticise it and racists like Starmer and Nandy call you ‘anti-Semitic’.

Tony Greenstein


  1. Tony, – unrelated to this post, but – in a review last year of Levit's book on Zionism, you expressed the wish for the inclusion (in a history of Zionism) of one key figure named Max Nordau. I put it together an article on Nordau, online here:


    Topics include Nordau's position on imperialism, national independence, war, and most significantly, his views on class struggle.

    My article should be useful to anyone interested in the socialism of the Second International period.

    I invite you (and other readers) to check it out, and hopefully it will spur fundamental critical reflections from you Tony.

    Kind regards,

  2. Is this illicit data gathering to serve an IDF Facial Identification system?

  3. thanks Karl, I will try and read when I have some time!


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