18 January 2020

Jonathan Hoffman, former Vice-Chair of the Zionist Federation makes a bid to be placed on the Sex Offenders Register

Hoffman, ex-Board of Deputies officer and guest of the Israeli Embassy, admits to viewing Revenge Porn of the rape of British Cyprus girl – Ambrosine Shitrit also lines up in support of the ‘Israeli boys’

People will  be aware of the case of the British girl who was almost certainly raped by 12 Israeli males last July in Cyprus. The Police released the Israelis and arrested the girl instead and after a gruelling 8 hour 'interview', without benefit of lawyers, coerced her into admitting that she had made it up. Cypriot police have a track record in coercing rape victims into making such confessions.
The reasons behind what happened are not too difficult to work out. Israel has close economic and political ties with Cyprus. Cypriot police and their judicial system have a long history of bias against women, which was exemplified by Judge Michalis Papathanasiou who ruled that "All the evidence shows that she had lied and prevented the police from doing other serious jobs."
In fact there was no evidence other than her confession. It is a case which has disturbed many people, including the British government and Israeli feminists who know that the macho culture in Israel tolerates if not encourages violence against women including rape. The Israeli men returned home to a hero’s welcome.

The Jerusalem Post wrote how:
Spontaneous celebrations broke out at Ben-Gurion Airport with dancing, bottles of champagne opened, choruses of “Am Yisrael Chai” and “Our father in heaven, how good is God,” as well as chants of “the Brit is a whore.”
It was like a hero’s welcome – except that there aren’t any heroes in this sordid affair, just some morally ambiguous Israeli teenagers who went abroad to drink and maybe search for sex. There’s nothing new in that, but the cavalier attitude expressed by the teens and their families should be disturbing for us all.
While they should indeed feel gratitude and joy at the charges being dropped and their return home, there’s nothing in their boorish behavior that warrants a celebration.
Instead, there should be remorse and reflection over the depths to which Israeli society has plummeted, where it’s seen as perfectly normal behavior –  spurred by this alarming era of widespread, easy-access online pornography – for several friends to share a sexual partner, film the proceedings and then share the videos with others.
According to the Daily Mail, support for the 12 boys, even in Israel, has evaporated. They write that:
This week, two of Israel’s top celebrity journalists, Guy Meroz and Orly Vilnai — the Richard and Judy of Tel Aviv — described how they’d travelled to Cyprus and interviewed the British girl many times and are convinced she is telling the truth.

She was raped without question,’ Orly told viewers yesterday. ‘We are both convinced she was physically raped. We met a wonderful young woman whose trauma was loud and clear in almost all her behaviour. She bites her fingernails, at times she “gets stuck” and goes into a world from which she needs to be woken up.’
Indeed one of the gratifying things is the level of support in Israel, especially amongst women, for the girl in Cyprus. According to Ha'aretz:
Several dozen Israeli activists arrived in Cyprus Monday to protest the court decision the next day, carrying signs reading "Stop victim blaming" and "We believe you."

"I hope that our support will uplift the young woman and that the Israeli men who hurt her will internalize their serious and offensive actions," said Orit Sulitzeanu, Executive Director of The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel. Another protest is slated for Tuesday in front of the Cypriot Embassy in Tel Aviv.
In what is a strikingly similar case, a Scandinavian woman who alleged she was raped by 2 men outside a nightclub was also forced by Cypriot police to withdraw her accusation, after an 8 hour ‘interview’ or face prosecution and prison.
There are two factors that make it certain that the girl is telling the truth and that she was gang raped.
i.                  The number of Israeli men, 12, who had sex with her.
ii.              The fact that they took a video recording of what happened.
The attitude in Israel to what happened reflects the Talmud where rape of a non-Jew (shiksa is the colloquial phrase – which comes from Sheketz - unclean) is not equivalent to the rape of a Jewish woman. Just as murder of a non-Jew is not as serious. This attitude undoubtedly lies behind the welcome given to the 12 Israeli males.

Hoffman is worried by 'antisemitism' i.e. that there might be criticism of Israel if his attackers are shown to be rapists
None of this however concerns Israel right-or-wrong advocate Jonathan Hoffman. When it’s a contest between the ‘goys’ (non-Jews) and Israeli Jews then the latter are always, without doubt, right.
Hoffman has form.  He was, until this blog exposed him, a member of the Jewish Defence Forces Facebook group which was founded by Mordechai Kedar.  Kedar, a lecturer at Tel Aviv’s Bar Ilan religious university has established a reputation for himself as an advocate of rape in war .
According to Kedar
The only thing that deters a suicide bomber is the knowledge that if he pulls the trigger or blows himself up, his sister will be raped,'
Kedar believes that because of the honour code prevalent in Palestinian society, men will do anything to avoid their sisters and women being raped, including submitting to Israeli armed force.  ‘Terrorism’ can therefore be stopped simply by the threat of rape.
Kedar’s vile views did not stop Sussex Friends of Israel hosting Kedar on a tour in 2014 or indeed the Zionist Federation nationally.
Jonathan Hoffman commented on Twitter:
‘Aya Napia case: it was consensual. I have seen the videos.’
was breathtaking as an apology for rape.  How  could one possibly tell from a video if sexual intercourse was consensual? Was the recording of what happened consensual? Without going into the ins and outs of rape, if a woman is forced to have sex then that means participating in something that she doesn’t want to do.  The ‘enjoyment’ is itself a form of coercion.
In any case the allegation, as far as I understand, is that the first encounter may have been consensual but that what followed was anything but.
Hoffman however was taken aback by the force of reaction. On Twitter Hoffman complained he was subject to ‘ludicrous attacks’ from ‘the womens rights lobby’ for defending the Israeli rapists.‘How dare a man examine the evidence’ he proclaimed on his blog except of course he wasn’t examining any evidence unless watching Revenge Porn counts as evidence. He was defending Israelis, right or wrong, under the pretext that not to do so would mean allowing anti-Semitism to go by default.
Hoffman’s twisted thinking, that you have to defend anything Israel does, from torture, mass murder, theft of land and child abuse, is standard practice for the Zionist movement. Shooting unarmed demonstrators, including children, is  perfectly acceptable. The Board of Deputies and Labour Friends of Israel do it all the time.
However it would seem that the reaction of Jewish women, despite being Zionists, took Hoffman by surprise. First off was Rosa Doherty of the Jewish Chronicle who described his behaviour as ‘vile’. Second was Keren David of the Jewish Chronicle, who made the obvious point (well obvious to everyone except the ultra-Zionists) that ‘The furore over their victim’s treatment is in no way fuelled by anti-Jewish prejudice.’
Hoffman finds it difficult to understand that civilised people condemn rape regardless of the perpetrator and regardless of the victim. This is not Nazi Germany or the segregationist South where Jewish/Black men were held to be particularly lecherous and aggressive.
It is simply irrelevant whether the perpetrator is Jewish and who is the victim. Janice Turner’s article in The Times, Claim rape and a social media assault begins, which hinted at powerful actors defending the Israeli men, particularly riled Hoffman.
As far as Hoffman was concerned ‘An allegation of rape such as this clearly has the potential to incite antisemitism.’ for which read criticism of Israel, for example Janice Turner’s noting that Cyprus is a playground for Israeli youth and that their interest in a gas pipeline from Israel means that a blind eye will be turned to matters such as this.
Hoffman therefore announced  that
‘I thought it important to do some research into the case. Obviously that included viewing the videos taken by one (or more) Israelis since they were central to the case. Assuming the girl was not too inebriated to give consent, there is no sign in the videos of anything other than consensual sex.’ 
In case you were wondering, Hoffman reassures us that ‘I do not have the videos.’ Whether or not that is true will depend on the result of a Metropolitan Police search of his house!
If the making of Revenge Porn is an offence it is likely that viewing of it is also an offence. Regardless what kind of human rodent would watch such a video? One can only assume that that is how Hoffman gets his kicks.
But whilst even Jewish Chronicle reporters distanced themselves from the Israeli attackers not so Ambrosine Shitrit of Pegida, an associate of Hoffman and a Tommy Robinson fan. Shitrit phoned up Nick Ferari on LBC to announce that ‘as a woman’ she supported the Israeli ‘boys’ as she called them. She understood how terrible it was for them to have been falsely accused.
Even Ferrari, who is vociferously pro-Zionist, was taken aback.  Shitrit expressed her sympathy for the rapists. ‘Thank goodness’ she opined that they had recorded their vile deeds. It beggars belief but these were the people who the Board of Deputies held hands with at last summer’s Al Quds demonstration.
Of course Shitrit wasn’t speaking as a woman but as a Zionist and her loyalty to Zionism is stronger than the fact that she is a woman. Zionism uber alles.
Perhaps the final word should be left to Hoffman.  Apparently his interest in the matter is that he has been falsely accused of rape/sexual assault.  He writes:
Even worse is that I bear the scars of a false sex assault allegation by an Israel Hater. Rosa Doherty knows it – but still she attacked me.
As Dixon of Dock Green used to say:  ‘There is more in this than meets the eye.’!!
Lenzner – Hoffman’s Partner in Crime is in Trouble Too
I hate to report that Damon Lenzner, the twice-bankrupt close associate of Hoffman is again on his uppers following his conviction alongside Hoffman at Hendon Magistrates Court last June.  
Dodgy Damon claims he “can recruit” but a quick check on Companies House shows his recruitment companies have been bankrupted twice for failing to pay National Insurance and VAT to HM Customs. The companies deducted substantial funds from mainly unfortunate East European workers but failed to pass it on to the revenue authorities, not once but twice, owing hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Dodgy Damon is always boasting about his “street activism” for the Israeli terror state – however, it has not gone unnoticed that his conviction, like the convictions of Hoffman and Laurent Kachauda are, significantly, all in connection with offences against defenceless women. Hoffman is no supporter of the Burqa but was seen wearing one as he finally showed up at Westminster Magistrates Court on foot, a Warrant having been issued for his arrest.

Dodgy Damon seems to be having difficulty finding employment since his conviction at Hendon Magistrates Court and has been reduced to performing as a jobbing “Quizmaster” at sundry pubs but getting only the occasional job from Q1 – a pub quiz company,
“Jonathan Hoffman and Damon Lenszner pleaded guilty to offences under the Public Order Act at Hendon Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday”- Ben Welch, Jewish Chronicle.
Lenszner had to spend the Summer wearing long trousers instead of his usual grubby shorts to cover up the Home Curfew Leg Tag he was sentenced to wear by Judge Neville Dean at Hendon Court while fellow buffoon Jonathan Hoffman created great mirth – not least but especially within the  mainstream British Jewish community -  by wearing a burka to court.
Jonathan Hoffman however continues to be a distinguished invited guest to the Israeli Embassy. Let’s hope he doesn’t treat them to a film show!
Acknowledgement – special thanks to my brave correspondents who, as you know, keep me very well-informed on the sad lives of the pathetic gang of misfit losers who associate with criminal thugs like Hoffman, Lenszner and Kachauda.
Not to mention the gossip about the bitter feuds breaking out within the group ! !! – such as  screeching mad  “Israeli” harridan Yochy Davis: now trying to take over from Sharon Klaff and Ambrosine Shitrit and boss them around,  now threatening poor old Thor Halland with the Police, always  looking down on poor losers  Gemma and Michael. while all the time trying to get invites to the Embassy – one thing is certain: Gemma, Michael, Mark, Paul, Harvey and Thor will not be getting any invites to the Embassy any day soon if Yochy has any say in it.

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