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US court documents reveal - Immigrant children tied down, hooded, beaten, stripped and drugged under Obama

Democratic Hypocrisy over the separation of child immigrants – they began it as a ‘Consequence Delivery System’

Nothing is more hypocritical than seeing the Democrat's Senate leader, Charles Schumer the New York Senator, waxing lyrical about how terrible Trump’s separation of child immigrants is and what a blow it is to ‘American values.’ This is the same Schumer who has defended Israel’s murder of over 120 unarmed Palestinians in Israel’s turkey shoot in Gaza. It is the same Schumer who has defended every Zionist barbarity and dehumanised Palestinians as the ultimate ‘other’.
It's not enough to demand an end to family separation - there must be an end to the detention of migrant workers.
Now it turns out that the Democrat’s outrage over Trump’s border policy is entirely synthetic and at one with their support for Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children. It was under Obama, who deported over 2 million refugees, that the policy of child separation first began.  The articles below give examples of the what these children have experienced in America’s prison estate courtesy of Obama, Clinton and Schumer. Trump merely ramped up the policy and, even worse, publicised and justified it.  Trump’s principal crime seems to have been to try and justify the separation of children. If he had kept quiet then  so would Senators Schumer, Feinstein and all the other Democrat hypocrites.
Children like this were caged under Democrat administrations without a peep from the glitterati
We should bear this is in mind when we listen to the hyperbolic and hypocritical denunciations of Trump by the Democrats.  In the United States there are two ruling capitalist parties, the differences between which are semantic not principled.  Although people like Bernie Sanders on the outer edge of the Democrats are not the same as the Clintons and Obamas, mainstream Democrats like Hilary Clinton are no different from the Republicans.  Both adhere to both capitalism and the United State’s imperialist role in the world.  And that includes unswerving support for the Israeli state, which today provides training for some of the United State’s most murderous and racist police forces.

Amidst all the sound and fury last week, one simple demand was missing and that was an end to the detention of all immigrants and in particular child immigrants.

As it  used to be said, the Democrats are the graveyard of all protest politics.

Tony Greenstein
The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Charles Schumer, who openly supports Israel's murder of unarmed demonstrators.  This hypocrite had nothing to say when Obama caged children from Latin America
There is no limit to the self-serving hypocrisy of Charles Schumer

Immigrant children tied down, hooded, beaten, stripped and drugged

By Patrick Martin
22 June 2018
Court documents made public in Virginia and Texas give a glimpse of the systematic brutality being meted out to immigrant children in both public and private jails. Children are strapped down, hooded and beaten, or drugged by force, as part of the everyday procedure in what can only be called the American Gulag.
An Associated Press report published Thursday gave details of the abuses committed last year against young Latino migrants at the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center near Staunton, Virginia. Lawyers for the teenage victims sued the prison—a state facility run by a consortium of seven towns and cities in the Shenandoah Valley—and a court hearing is set for July.
Migrant children were sent to Shenandoah detention centre in Virginia to be abused and tortured under Obama
Unfortunately Trump is quite right - it was the Democrats who began imprisoning and separating children in detention
According to a half-dozen sworn statements, given by the victims in Spanish and then translated for filing with the federal court for the Western District of Virginia, children as young as 14 were beaten while handcuffed, tied down to chairs while stripped naked and hooded, and held for long periods in solitary confinement, sometimes naked and cold.
All these are forms of torture practiced at Guantanamo Bay and at CIA torture prisons around the world. These techniques have been transferred back into the United States and unleashed on immigrant children, who have been demonized by the Trump administration.
The lawsuit filed by the nonprofit Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs declares that young Latino immigrants held at Shenandoah “are subjected to unconstitutional conditions that shock the conscience, including violence by staff, abusive and excessive use of seclusion and restraints, and the denial of necessary mental health care.” As a result of “malicious and sadistic applications of force,” the youth have “sustained significant injuries, both physical and psychological.”
A Honduran youth sent to Shenandoah when he was 15 said in his statement, “Whenever they used to restrain me and put me in the chair, they would handcuff me… [They] strapped me down all the way, from your feet all the way to your chest, you couldn’t really move… They have total control over you. They also put a bag over your head. It has little holes; you can see through it. But you feel suffocated with the bag on.”
Shenandoah was set up under Obama not Trump
A 15-year-old from Mexico who spent nine months at Shenandoah described similar treatment.
They handcuffed me and put a white bag of some kind over my head,” he said, according to his sworn statement. “They took off all of my clothes and put me into a restraint chair, where they attached my hands and feet to the chair. They also put a strap across my chest. They left me naked and attached to that chair for two and a half days, including at night.”
A 14-year-old Guatemalan youth reported frequent imprisonment in his tiny cell for up to 23 hours a day, as well as long periods of physical restraint. “When they couldn’t get one of the kids to calm down, the guards would put us in a chair—a safety chair, I don’t know what they call it—but they would just put us in there all day,” he said in his sworn statement. “This happened to me, and I saw it happen to others, too. It was excessive.”
A 17-year-old who fled Mexico to escape an abusive father and drug cartel violence was arrested at the US border and passed through several detention centers before arriving at Shenandoah, one of three facilities in the United States with contracts from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, to provide “secure facilities” for young immigrants. The boy was frequently shackled, usually with cloth bindings, and reported at least one violent strip search and several beatings. He was driven to attempt suicide several times.
Other allegations include that the Latino youth received worse food and facilities than local juvenile prisoners, mostly white, and that meals were frequently cold and inadequate, leaving the children hungry.
The AP interviewed an unnamed child development specialist who had worked with teens at Shenandoah. “The majority of the kids we worked with when we went to visit them were emotionally and verbally abused. I had a kid whose foot was broken by a guard,” she said. “They would get put in isolation for months for things like picking up a pencil when a guard had said not to move. Some of them started hearing voices that were telling them to hurt people or hurt themselves, and I knew when they had gotten to Shenandoah they were not having any violent thoughts.”
Because the children held at Shenandoah were unaccompanied minors, rather than separated from their families, there were some suggestions in the media that they had gang connections that somehow justified the brutal treatment. But according to the AP report, a program director at the facility said the youth had been screened for gang connections and were actually suffering from mental health issues resulting from trauma in their home countries.
The acts of torture involved multiple guards at the facility, which was run by a regional board but under the ultimate control of the state government, headed throughout this period by Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe. The new governor, Democrat Ralph Northam, who took office January 1, ordered a state investigation into the claims of abuse, but only after the AP report became public Thursday.
Even younger children were targeted for abuse at a Texas facility operated under contract with the Office of Refugee Resettlement, according to a report published by the Center for Investigative Reporting and the Texas Tribune Tuesday. The allegations were further detailed in a court suit filed by the Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law.
The lawsuit charges that the Shiloh Treatment Center in Manvel, Texas administered psychotropic drugs to immigrant children, who in some cases were separated from their parents at the border. Neither the children, some as young as nine years old, nor the parents gave consent to the treatment, and in some cases, children were forcibly drugged as they fought and screamed.
One report reads: “Some children held at Shiloh reported being given up to nine different pills in the morning and six in the evening, including antipsychotic drugs, antidepressants, Parkinson’s disease medication and seizure medications. They were told they would remain detained if they refused drugs, the lawsuit said. Children also said that after taking the drugs, they experienced side effects that rendered them fatigued and incapable of walking.”
The lawsuit charges: “ORR routinely administers children psychotropic drugs without lawful authorization... When youth object to taking such medications, ORR compels them. ORR neither requires nor asks for a parent’s consent before medicating a child, nor does it seek lawful authority to consent in parents’ stead. Instead, ORR or facility staff sign ‘consent’ forms anointing themselves with ‘authority’ to administer psychotropic drugs to confined children.”
The seven pills named in the court filings—clonazepam, duloxetine, guanfacine, Geodon, olanzapine, Latuda and divalproex—are medications used to control depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, schizophrenia and seizures. This treatment amounted to applying “chemical straitjackets” to subdue the children, rather than meeting medical needs, the lawsuit charges.
According to the investigative reporting, the ORR paid $3.4 billion to private organizations to hold immigrant children, and nearly half of this, $1.5 billion, went to 13 companies that had been accused of hundreds of serious violations of their responsibility to provide care. These included failure to obtain medical treatment for accidents or illness, “inappropriate contact” between children and staff (apparently of a sexual nature), and neglect.
These reports of horrific treatment of innocent children do not just expose the savagery and sadism of individual guards, administrators and other officials, or the greed of corporate bosses seeking to join in the orgy of profiteering from federal contracts for the detention and abuse of immigrants. What is revealed above all is the criminal character of the American political elite, both Democrats and Republicans, who have deliberately encouraged an atmosphere of brutality and terror as their preferred method of “deterring” immigrants from crossing the US-Mexico border. The responsibility, moreover, rests not just with the sociopathic bully in the White House today, but also with his Democratic predecessor, responsible for more deportations than any previous president.
Obama’s Department of Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson declared that the jailing of Central American refugees seeking asylum, and the separation of parents and children, would have a positive effect in reducing the sudden influx of refugees in 2014. It was Terry McAuliffe, the longtime crony of Hillary Clinton, who presided over the torture of immigrant teenagers at Shenandoah from 2014 to 2017.
The shift from Obama to Trump has not fundamentally changed the policy of the US ruling class towards immigrants, which has always been of an anti-democratic and brutal character. But in the hands of Trump and his fascistic aide Stephen Miller, the brutality has become more systematic, and it is accompanied by a campaign aimed at whipping up anti-immigrant racism and hysteria over the purported danger that the United States will be “overrun,” as Trump claimed in his speech Wednesday night to a rally in Minnesota.
According to a report in the Wall Street Journal Thursday, the Trump administration awarded multiple contracts involving tens of millions of dollars earlier this year to build detention facilities for children. This confirms that the mass separation of children from their parents, which followed the announcement of the “zero tolerance” policy by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, was not an unexpected byproduct of the new policy, but was planned and deliberate. It is a premeditated crime, the state kidnapping of more than 2,400 children, for which Trump, Sessions, Stephen Miller, Kirstjen Nielsen and other top officials should be prosecuted and jailed.
Far from abandoning this policy—as media reports on the executive order issued by Trump Wednesday suggested—the White House is preparing to accelerate the mass detention of immigrants, including children. A Pentagon spokesman said Thursday that military bases in Texas and Arkansas had been reviewed as possible locations for housing as many as 20,000 immigrant children, double the number currently in custody.

Immigrant teens were allegedly abused and denied medical care at Virginia prison

Teens as young as 14 allege they were beaten regularly, denied adequate medical treatment, and had bones broken by prison guards.

Several immigrant teens at a Virginia juvenile prison detailed horrific allegations of abuse in newly revealed court filings. Above: A Honduran teenager during an interview at "Casa Alianza", a shelter for Mexican and foreign minors deported from the United States, on June 12, 2014 in Mexico City. (CREDIT: OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty Images)
Immigrant children being housed in a Virginia detention facility were subjected to brutally abusive conditions, the Associated Press reported Thursday.
The claims were made public in a series of court filings against the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center in Staunton, Virginia, which holds 58 secure beds for youths 12 to 17 years old, and has allegedly imprisoned a number of Latinx teens for anywhere from a few months to several years.
The teens, some of whom are as young as 14, say they were sent to the prison after being accused by U.S. immigration officials of belonging to gangs like MS-13, a favorite topic of discussion for President Trump. Their allegations detail horrific acts of violence, including broken bones, regular beatings, and psychological abuse.
According to the AP, “Latino children were frequently punished by being restrained for hours in chairs, with handcuffs and cloth shackles on their legs. Often, the lawsuit alleged, the children were beaten by staff while bound.”
“Whenever they used to restrain me and put me in the chair, they would handcuff me. They also put a bag over your head,” said one Honduran immigrant who was locked up in the prison when he was only 15 years old.
A former child-development specialist who was previously employed by Shenandoah Valley, and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to comment publicly, told reporters she “saw kids there with bruises and broken bones they blamed on guards.”

Amanda Michelle Gomez , Joshua Eaton
The filings allege that children were frequently denied adequate medical care; one teen, a 17-year-old Mexican citizen detained at the U.S. southern border, claimed that, after being diagnosed with three separate mental disorders, including depression, he was given no further treatment to address the issues.
Some of the teens allege that they were locked in prison cells for most of the day, barring a few hours each day during which they were given meals, recreation time, or education courses. Others said they were never allowed to go outside.
Shenandoah Valley lawyers have denied the allegations outlined in the lawsuit, a hearing for which will be held July 3 in Virginia.
The alleged abuses further compound concerns from migrant rights groups and immigration lawyers who have heard complaints about the facility and others like it, and worry about the children detained and separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border who could soon be sent there.
Under the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy, anyone detained at the border without documentation is referred to authorities for criminal prosecution, a change from past administrations, who treated unauthorized border crossings as a misdemeanor. The policy makes no exceptions for asylum-seekers, many of whom have been illegally turned away from the border ports of entry.
Due to a 1997 court settlement, Flores v. Reno, officials are barred from holding children in detention facilities for longer than 20 days. The Trump administration has exploited that loophole to violently separate immigrant children from their parents, under the guise of following the law, sending kids to their own facilities or internment camps, sometimes without their parents’ knowledge.
Trump signed an executive order Wednesday ordering border agents to keep families detained together and asking the courts to change their view on Flores, which means that indefinite detainment of families could be a possibility.
Currently, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is charged with handling the children who have already been separated as well as thousands of other unaccompanied immigrant minors. While the majority remain in detention facilities — with children under the age of 12, including infants, being housed in “tender age” prison camps — HHS also contracts with three secure detention centers, including Shenandoah Valley, and several semi-secure facilities and psychiatric treatment centers, to house youths it deems dangerous or disruptive.
As ThinkProgress reported this week, that could include anyone from a child who has a fight, to one with a suspected gang affiliation, to a teen in the middle of a mental health crisis.
 Immigration lawyers say they’re worried children currently suffering traumatic breakdowns after being ripped from their parents’ care at the border may be labeled “disruptive” and sent to places like Shenandoah Valley.
We haven’t seen any of the family separation cases yet — probably just because I don’t know if any of them have made their way to Virginia,” Legal Aid lawyer Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg, who works with children housed at the prison and another Virginia detention facility, told ThinkProgress Wednesday. “But I’m sure we will any day now.”
“Undoubtedly, children that are ripped away from their parents at the border are experiencing an extreme form of trauma that they are not equipped to handle,” Jesse Hahnel, executive director of the National Center for Youth Law added in an email. “This trauma may lead to intense mental health distress that paves the path to their being stepped up to more secure facilities.”
Once those children arrive at the facilities, they’re at risk of suffering the kinds of alleged abuses detailed in the Shenandoah Valley lawsuit — and more.
“We’ve heard children in secure detention and staff-secure detention taking medication and not knowing the names of the medication or what they’re for,” Nithya Nathan-Pineau, a lawyer representing migrant children at two secure detention facilities in Virginia, told ThinkProgress. “[They’re] also being told that if they don’t take the medication, that will be counted against their behavior.”
She added that many of the children she had worked with previously were not warned ahead of time that they were being transferred to the prisons from their detention facilities, or given any chance to challenge the reasoning behind their move.
“They may be given a written notice of why they’re being stepped up, but they often, they don’t totally understand it, or it’s not something that’s very clear to them,” she said. “The process isn’t very clear."

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