16 May 2018

Alexei Sayle Kicks off Successful Defend Marc Wadsworth Meeting in London

Packed Labour Against the Witchhunt Meeting Sends Clear Message to the Witchhunters

Alexei Sayle -  Jewish standup comedian spoke in support of Marc
Last night at the Indian YMCA centre in Fitzroy Square a room packed to the rafters heard from a range of speakers who helped kick off Marc Wadsworth’s nationwide tour.

Moshe Machover, the veteran Israeli anti-Zionist founder of Matzpen, the President of LAW and who himself was first expelled then reinstated, was the first speaker. Then Alexei Sayle made a brilliant contribution followed by Marc himself.  Other speakers included Mike Cushman from Jewish Voice for Labour, Nana Asante, Jackie Walker and Glenroy Watson from RMT’s London Regional Council.  The meeting was chaired by Debbie Hobson of Grassroots Black Labour.
Mike Cushman of Jewish Voice for Labour
27 people joined LAW and it is clear that this meeting, over 120 attended, is indicative of how LAW has taken off in the past 6 months as the witchhunt has taken on an added vigour.  Those of us who had hoped that Jennie Formy, the new Labour Party General Secretary would usher in a new era have been sadly disappointed.  She is following in the footsteps of the hated Iain McNicol as the Zionists renewed smear campaign took its toll.  If Corbyn had had the courage of his convictions and stood out against this wholly bogus exercise and had exercised an independent judgement then the Zionist apologists for murder in Gaza this week could have been sent packing with a flea in their ears.
Glenroy Watson of the RMT
Instead the relaunch of the false anti-Semitism campaign before the local elections panicked Corbyn to issuing instructions to step up the witchhunt.  We saw what this really meant in practice this week when those who called for the expulsion of anti-Zionists and socialists justified Israel’s mass murder of unarmed civilians in Gaza.  It is not Marc, Jackie or myself who should be expelled – it is Luke Akehurst’s open justification of murder and Joan Ryan of Labour Friends of Israel.
If Corbyn had a backbone and for once stood up to the right-wing traitors and scabs like Wes Streeting and Louise Ellman then he wouldn’t have had half the problems he has had.  By appeasing these false proponents of ‘anti-Semitism’ he has made a rod for his own back.
Marc sets off for a host of meetings taking in Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Chester, Sheffield and Swansea. We have to ensure that the expulsion of Black and Jewish socialists is not allowed to go unhindered.  Time was when Jeremy Corbyn was the Convenor of Labour Against the Witchhunt today he is an appeaser.  He is literally digging his own political graveyard.
Tony Greenstein 

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