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Snoopers, Serpents and Mosers – McNicol’s Secret Police are hard at work

McNicol's Inspector Clouseau refused to believe I'd been in hospital - I was on a demonstration!

Calling the fragrant Ella Rose, the Jewish Labour Movement's violent Director a 'village idiot' is a disciplinary offence unlike her threatening to 'take out' Jackie Walker

caught bang to rights going to an anti-semitic demonstration
 On November 2nd, whilst still recovering from surgery at Kings College Hospital, I received an email from Jane Shaw, one of McNicol’s apparatchiks. It was to serve notice that my Expulsion Hearing was due on December 11th.

After having been suspended for 20 months and over 17 months after my Investigation Hearing, they had finally cobbled together a bundle of some 189 pages of dross and tittle tattle.

I was being given 5 weeks notice of a hearing and less than 4 weeks to prepare a case and respond in depth to every absurdity.

In my response I made it clear that the 11th December date was unacceptable.  Apart from my own physical condition, 5 week’s notice was unreasonable.  Although the concept of natural justice has not penetrated the thick skulls of Labour’s witch-hunters I insisted on it.  It was also less than the ‘about 6 weeks’ notice that is stipulated in the Party’s own rules.
Alexei Sayle's accurate description of Labour's 'antisemitism witch hunt
So what did Ms Shaw’s handlers do?  Did they accept the fact that I had just undergone surgery and might not want to immediately turn my attention to their overlong bundle of rubbish? No, having nothing else better to do, these pitiful creatures decided to turn to the Internet and see if they could prove that I was faking it.  And sure enough they came up trumps.

Ms Shaw wrote triumphantly to me today that:  
I have to advise you that the it has been brought to the attention of the NCC that although in hospital recovering from surgery when you received the emailed notice of the charges and hearing on 2 November, on Saturday 4 November you travelled to London to attend a PSC march and rally and that that your photograph taken at Brighton station, was posted on Twitter; https://twitter.com/BrightonPSC/status/926761392203497472 
Leaving aside the grammatical errors, which are a feature of these bureaucrats, the implication was that I was never in hospital.  Or perhaps if I was fit enough to go on a demonstration then I was capable of dealing with their nonsense in the short time span allowed. 

You can see how the mentality of the Social Security snooper has crept into Southside. Always distrust the membership and their motives. In fact I was discharged from hospital on 3rd November and although I had considered not going on the demonstration because of my physical condition I considered it my duty to protest at the celebration of the Balfour Declaration. 

I have therefore sent these Labour Party scum a redacted copy of my hospital discharge notice proving that I was indeed in hospital.
The definition of a Moser, Hebrew for informer

Informers (Mosers)

I also took the opportunity to give Jane Shaw a lesson in the history of the Jews since she and her ilk have clearly taken to heart the Zionist version of Jewish history. Whoever searched for a photograph of me attending the march was in the best traditions of what is called a ‘moser’ in Hebrew – an informer.

Indeed I had this conversation 25 years ago with Baroness Joyce Gould, who styled herself the Witchfinder General (yes Labour Party hacks really do model themselves on Matthew Hopkins and those who hanged and burnt women as witches!).  It was when Brighton and Hove Labour Party was last suspended under the Kinnock witch hunt.  Joyce Gould came down to interview various members of the Party including myself.  The first question she asked me was where I had obtained a copy of her secret Report on Brighton Labour Party.

I told her that being Jewish she would understand why I had no intention of being an informer.  I think I won’t disclose too many secrets if I say now that we were kept informed of every aspect of the witch-hunt process by the Left members of the National Executive Committee.
It is puzzling what is anti-semitic about my comments, but perhaps since they quote the Zionist fake charity the Campaign Against Antisemitism prolifically they accept that Sir Gerald Kaufman was anti-semitic

In contrast to the Left on the NEC now, people like Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, Joan Maynard, Norman Atkinson and Eric Heffer were happy to pass on the necessary documents and keep us informed of developments.  One of Blair’s reforms was to stop MPs standing for the NEC with the result that you now get people who have no backbone when it comes to standing up to the witch-hunt.  Indeed some, like Anne Black (why is she on the Grassroots Left slate?) and Rhea Wolfson are complicit in the witch hunt.

Informers are historically considered by Jews to be the lowest of the low and with good reason. During the War, the main fear of Jews in hiding was that someone, often Jewish, would betray their hiding place in return for a reward. Anne Frank, who was the symbol of diaspora rejection of Zionism, was betrayed in her last months of captivity by a moser. The penalty for informing in the Talmud is death.  However I would not suggest that McNicol and his pathetic snoops be put to death – sacking them without compensation would be fine!

Being a reasonable person, I even copied the section on the moser from the Encycopedia Judaica for the benefit of Ms Shaw, as even Labour Party staff are not beyond redemption:
An informer, denunciator, or delator; synonyms are... Nothing was more severely punished by the Jews than talebearing; and no one was held in greater contempt than the informer. On account of the fact that his deeds frequently caused mischief and even entailed death and destruction, the sages of the Talmud compared the "moser" to a serpent.

I don’t know who the name of the particular serpent who decided to trawl Twitter and social media to find proof I was lying. Clearly the Chief serpent is McNicol and John Stolliday is his Deputy.  There are unfortunately many serpents at Southside.

I can understand that the organ grinder McNicol and his monkeys want to expedite my expulsion.  My expulsion Bundle demonstrates that the opponents of socialism that Blair appointed to positions at Labour Party HQ are still there. Those who wore black when Corbyn was first elected are still there. It is Corbyn’s primary failure to have not replaced the reptiles that Mandelson and Blair installed. 

These mini Torquemadas live in a different universe from most socialists and people. To these racists Israel really is Reagan’s City on the Hill.  It is an oasis of democracy in the Middle East even as it maintains a 50 year old military occupation of Palestine in order to prevent 5 million Palestinians from having even basic or cursory democratic rights.  To even call Israel an Apartheid state is a disciplinary offence, as is made clear in my Bundle.  Even as Israel steps up the rate at which it demolishes Palestinian homes and entire villages in search of Jewish racial purity, so McNicol and his chums see Israel as a beacon of light and goodness.

It is an Offence to Describe Israel as a Racist Settler Colonial State
The offending post
The  charge
For example these hacks copied on pages 99-103, four pages from my blog on the destruction of the Bedouin village of Umm al Hiran in Israel’s Negev.  Umm al-Hiran is not in the West Bank but in Israel pre-1967. Umm al Hiran has been there since 1956, when it was moved from its previous location when Israel invaded the Sinai desert during the Suez War.  To this day it has always been ‘unrecognised’ i.e. it has no running water, electricity or sewerage.  In January of this year it was demolished and a school teacher was murdered driving his car.  Why?  To make way for a Jewish village (i.e. no Arabs can live there) called Hiran. It is part of the Prawer plan which is a programme of ethnic cleansing of the Negev. The Negev is a desert which is 98% empty. The Jewish town could have been built adjacent to the Bedouin village but that would have defeated the whole object which is to Judaify the Negev and drive its Arabs into townships and squatter camps much as happened in South Africa. 

The demolition of Umm al Hiran is a prime example of Zionism’s gross and vile racism. Yet the racist apparatchiks who comprise the Compliance Unit have instead highlighted my headline ‘Israel is a racist, settler colonial state as one of my charges.   I shall look with interest to the explanation of these creatures as to why the demolition of Umm al-Hiran is not racist.

Ella Rose
Ella Rose admitting that she worked with Israel's freelance agent Shai Masot
Sweet Ella Rose has a way with words
For those with short memories a reminder.  Ella Rose was a free transfer from the Israeli Embassy to the position of Director of the Jewish Labour Movement.  She tried to keep this hidden, as it was potentially embarrassing as it tended to show that the JLM is just an extension of the Israeli Embassy. Asa Winstanley of Electronic Intifada outed her. Al Jazeera’s The Lobby records her reactions – ‘fuck you, fuck you, fucking anti-Semites the lot of them’.  Presumably Asa Winstanley was anti-Semitic for outing her little lies.
Calling the spoilt brat an idiot is also an offence - and suggesting that any boyfriend best beware an accusation of anti-Semitism is a hanging offence
I therefore made a joke saying that if Ella Rose had a boyfriend he’s better watch out because if he jilted her he might be accused of anti-Semitism.  Given the proclivity of Zionists to accuse anyone they fall out with or disagree with of anti-Semitism, it was fair comment.  I also commented, after her foul mouthed tirade against Jackie Walker that when she got a job with the JLM some village lost its idiot!  Apparently this is a disciplinary offence too!
calling Crooked McNicol by his name is also an offence!

The delightful Ella Rose went on to tell us of Asa Winstanley’s revelations that ‘it was all anti-Semitic to be honest’ and then this loud mouthed spoilt brat went on to threaten violence (because all these Zionists are such pacifists underneath):  ‘I saw Jackie Walker on Saturday and thought you know what I could take her, she’s like 5’2” and tiny.’  Complaints were made to Crooked McNicol, Labour’s General Secretary but of course an allowance was made for this foul mouthed woman because she was one of them.  If it had been a Momentum member making this threat they would have been ‘auto excluded.’ 
I said the invitation was 'tempting' McNicol's minions were not amused
Saying that I was tempted to take up Ella's kind offer to shoot her doesn't amuse the humourless bastards at Southside
And then there was the climax, to our heroine’s outburst:  ‘I’m a Zionist shoot me.’  So what did I put on my blog?  Well I said that I was very tempted to take up Ella’s offer, however in the circumstances I would have to decline or words to that effect.  Any normal person would understand that my comments were meant as seriously as Ms Rose’s original remarks but my joke is also now a disciplinary offence!  One thing that comes over loud and clear is that McNicol and his merry band of McCarthyites have absolutely no sense of humour. 
Yes dear, everything you don't like is anti-Semitic - I suspect you accuse your breakfast of being anti-semitic sometimes
I sent him a satirical email, purporting to come from a Zionist.  In it I suggested that maybe the Labour Party should submit all membership applications to the Israeli Embassy just to be on the safe side.  It would appear that the humourless apparatchiks at Southside took it literally. Because in the witness statement for the Labour Party in my attempt to obtain unredacted documents from them, the verdict for which still hasn’t come through, their solicitor states (Para 20(b)(ii) that:
The Claimant also openly regards Muslims as "the route [sic] cause of our [the Party's] problems" [315] and talks with his followers about how it is "tempting" to shoot a Jewish Labour Movement staff member for being a Zionist.’ [332 - 333].’
from one Israeli state funded project to another
Clearly irony is lost on these humourless bastards.  This forms Charges 19-20 on the List of charges.  They provide a transcript of sorts, but it is highly inaccurate.  If people want to go to the source of what transpired at my investigation then they should go to my article Labour’s Inquisition – from the banal to the mundane as Harry Gregson’s notes are inaccurate.

You can see in Charge No. 17 that what is involved has nothing to do with anti-Semitism but pure suppression of political debate:  It is apparently an offence to have called Jeremy Newmark and his organisation, the Jewish Labour Movement, racist.  Well they are affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation which is involved in theft of Palestinian land and the building of settlements and it is the sister party, by its own admission, of the Israeli Labour Party which is indisputably racist.  It is the original party of ethnic cleansing and today openly calls for segregation and separation from Arabs.  Telling the truth in McNicol’s world renders you guilty of a disciplinary offence.  You must not speak the truth.

Below is my latest correspondence with Ms Shaw:

Tony Greenstein

 Monday, 13 November 2017

Jane Shaw
The Labour Party
105 Victoria Street
London  SW1E 6QT

Dear Ms Shaw,

Yes I obtained a copy of the Rule Book, however it was not from you.  In your letter of 8th November you stated that ‘the timetable stated in my letter is as stated in the procedure for NCC hearings set out in appendix 6 of the Rule Book, a copy of which has been provided to you.’  The fact is that a copy of the Rule Book had not been provided to me up to that point and was only subsequently sent by you, by which time I had already received it.

I find it outrageous that you are monitoring social media and other outlets, like some poor man's version of the Political Police, in order to try and negate and undermine what I have told you about being in hospital.  You are no different to the snoops and informers from the DWP who try to catch people out in order that they can reduce their benefit. 

My attendance at the Palestinian march on November 4th is in no way contradictory to what I have told you so can you stop inferring that I was doing what you and your associates do as a matter of course, which is to lie and dissemble.  I did not invent a stay in hospital nor was that the main thrust of my argument as to why I will not be attending on December 11th.

Your behaviour and that of your associates is despicable.  You seem to see your job as spying on members of the Labour Party and fitting them up for expulsion.  The question that comes to mind is who do you actually work for?  Instead of working to get Jeremy Corbyn and Labour elected as the next government you see your job as policing the Labour Party and weeding out socialists with whatever pretext comes to mind.  You have the mentality of the Stasi.

My primary reason for seeking a more reasonable time table is, once again:
i.                                I have been given five not ‘about six’ weeks notice as per the Rule book
ii.                              The time laid down in the Rule book is a minimum not a maximum. There is no reason, other than a desire to prevent me from mounting an effective defence to try and expedite the matter.  Your failure to agree to a more reasonable period of notice within which to prepare a defence suggests that the intended NCC hearing is little more than a rubber stamp affair.  What you are organising is a Kangaroo Court.
iii.                            The Bundle of papers that your snoopers and trolls have prepared comes to 189 pages.  In order to prepare a response to this I need far more time than 5 weeks.
iv.                            You took 17 months after my Investigation hearing or 20 months after my original suspension to prepare this bundle.  Equity demands that you accord me a reasonable time to prepare a defence to the charges.

As regards the matter that you and your fellow snoops and mosers (that is a Hebrew word for informer)believe they caught me out on my response is as follows:

I was admitted to Kings College Hospital on 1st November and discharged on 3rd November.  Yes I attended the demonstration on 4th November but I did not march the whole route precisely because of my physical condition.  However I am under instructions to walk as much as possible because it is necessary for my medical condition that I should get as much exercise as possible. 

I enclose the Discharge Notification from Kings College which I trust your mosers will verify from their own sources.

In the Jewish Encyclopedia there is a section on the moser. 

An informer, denunciator, or delator; synonyms are... Nothing was more severely punished by the Jews than talebearing; and no one was held in greater contempt than the informer. On account of the fact that his deeds frequently caused mischief and even entailed death and destruction, the sages of the Talmud compared the "moser" to a serpent.

Informers were particularly detested by Jewish people because their activities led to peoples’ death.  Jews hiding out under Nazi occupation feared the informers most of all.  It was one such creature who was responsible for the death of Anne Frank.  It seems that you and your associates take some pride and pleasure in your activities. This is the tradition that you and Iain McNicol stand in.  The quotation above describes the activities of McNicol’s informers as that of a serpent.  I can’t think of a better adjective.

Having now provided you with the medical information (& I have redacted the discharge form for 3rd party and confidential medical and personal information) I now expect you to accede to my request.

As regards the composition of the NCC you say you refuse to provide any information as to the identity of those who are hearing the case.  This too is outrageous.  Not only am I not informed of the identity of my accusers I am now denied all knowledge of who is to judge me.  Franz Kafka eat your heart out.

I therefore wish to lodge the strongest objection to any member of the Jewish Labour Movement, one of whom I believe is a member of the NCC, from being part of the panel.  The Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement Jeremy Newmark has expressed, on more than one occasion, his view that I should be expelled.  The JLM has, despite your attempts at redaction, clearly submitted a complaint against me.

I am also requesting that you strip out of the Bundle all social media posts that allegedly come from me.  They are my personal data and I do not give you permission to copy them or use them in any manner whatsoever.  The Labour Party has already been informed by the Information Commissioner that such material is the personal data of members and as such you have to obtain their permission to use it.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Greenstein

Dear Mr Greenstein,

It was unfortunate that your first email to me went into my junk folder, but I’m not sure what further communication problems that you experienced.  After receiving my email sent 8 November at 1134, you emailed me the same day at 13.56 and I responded less than two hours later at 15.25 and attached a copy of the rule book, which you now say in your latest email, copied below, that you have read. 

As regards your request for a postponement of the hearing set for 11 December and for additional time in which to submit your answer to the NEC’s charges, I have to advise you that the it has been brought to the attention of the NCC that although in hospital recovering from surgery when you received the emailed notice of the charges and hearing on 2 November, on Saturday 4 November you travelled to London to attend a PSC march and rally and that that your photograph taken at Brighton station, was posted on Twitter; https://twitter.com/BrightonPSC/status/926761392203497472
“We're on our way #MakeItRightForPalestine #Balfour100”

I am therefore instructed to ask you to provide medical evidence regarding the matters that you wish the NCC to make adjustments to the usual timetable for.

Finally, I must advise you that no members of the NEC are members of the NCC and that the NCC never discloses to a party to charges presented to it the identities of the panel of the NCC which will hear those charges.


Jane Shaw
Governance and Legal Unit
The Labour Party

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