8 July 2017

Palestine Expo 2017 - The Largest Palestine Event in Europe - Packed and Successful

Despite the Best efforts of the Zionists to Ban It, Palestine Expo Has Been an Incredible Success
Well the Zionists, led by the far-Right Jewish Human Rights Watch (which watches over attempts to implement human rights) and the virulently Islamaphobic Campaign Against Anti-Semitism did their best to stop the biggest ever Palestine event in Britain and probably Europe.  They tried every racist trick in the book but even Sajid David couldn't find enough of a pretext to destroy free speech on Palestine.
A rapt audience - all the sessions were packed out with standing room only - this demonstrates the level of support for the Palestinians in Britain - hence the feverish Zio attempts to have the conference banned - they probably forgot this isn't Israel!

I had to return to Brighton at 3 pm.m but the sessions were not only impressive but too often really good sessions coincided with each other.
David Collier and wife enjoying Palestinian food b4 being escorted out
I went to 3 sessions - the first one was entitled Balfour to Apartheid.  The opening speaker was Ben Jamal, Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign.  He was followed by Professor Tilley, of Southern Illinois University who authored a Report by the UN's Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia which  described Israel as an Apartheid state.  Of course this proved politically embarrassing for the UN and the head of ESCWA, Rima Khalaf, was forced to resign after the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres denounced the report and asked for it to be removed from the Commission's website.  Her talk on why Israel is an Apartheid state and why a Jewish state cannot be other than a racist state, given the systematic privileging of Jews in that state, was impressive.
Professor Tilley of Southern Illinois University spoke by Skype
I also went to hear two other equally impressive speakers Professor Ilan Pappe of Exeter University and John Pilger, who was impressive as always.  
Professor Ilan Pappe
All the talks, I understand, will be put on Youtube.

During lunch I and others spotted one David Collier, a Zionist snoop who makes a profession out of defaming activists and groups as 'anti-Semitic'.  He came up when he spotted me all friendly.  I asked him how he was enjoying the 'Jewish hate fest' that he and his compatriots had called Palestine Expo 2017.  He denied this and resumed his lunch, however we called for the security to evict him when he did.  His wife was most put out at this attack on freedom of speech, which is rich coming from those whose whole life is spent trying to suppress Palestinian freedom of speech.  Given the anti-Zionists are never allowed in Zionist functions and when they are spotted are usually assaulted Mr Collier should be grateful  that we didn't behave like his friends.
Miko Peled, son of a famous Israeli General addresses the conference
Zionist protest outside conference
Another Zionist, Jonathan Hoffman - friend of fascists and EDL  - was escorted out of the building too.  Outside there was a pathetically  small demonstration by a group of racists.
John Pilger, a life-long campaigning journalist

On another note entirely, I'm off on my holidays so this blog is likely to remain quiet for some time.

Tony Greenstein
Zionist attempts to ban conference - naturally it had to be anti-Semitic despite the large number of Jewish speakers
Racist solicitor Robert Festenstein Alleges Palestine Expo is an 'anti-Jewish hate fest'
Far-Right Zionist 'charity' Campaign Against Antisemitism Does its Best to Get Conference Banned

Racists demonstrate outside
Racist Zio is Desperate

Racist demonstration outside Palestine Expo 2017

Racists who found it difficult to accept a Palestine festival

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