3 June 2017

Meet Fiona Smith, Labour PPC for Hertsmere - Winner of the Uriah Heep Award of the Year

Obsequious, Creeping, Toadying, Servile, Fawning 

You Decide Which Adjective Best Describes Ms Smith

These are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.’

Fiona Smith's election photo

The original Uriah Heep - the similarities with Smith are not accidental
 Fiona Smith Apologises for Previously Calling for Halt to Arms Supplies to Israel

Are there no limits to which certain candidates won’t go in order to live down past principles?  It would seem that certain Labour candidates wouldn’t know what a principle was if it leapt up and bit them on the backside.  Meet Fiona Smith, who is a good example of such a creature.

In 2014 Fiona Smith, Labour candidate for Hertsmere, called for a halt to arms supplies to Israel.  At the  time of Operation Protective Edge, Israel was launching high tech missiles at schools, hospitals, clinics and people’s homes.  It was using cluster bombs against civilians and chemical weapons (white phosphorous).
The pathetic Fiona Smith - wears her principles very lightly
Israel even shot in cold blood 4 small children playing on Gaza’s beach, amongst the 551 kids who were murdered as part of Israel’s war against terrorism.ˌ

Most civilised and caring people called for a halt to arms supplies to Israel.  Israel is a state that is a world superpower which was testing its weapons on the civilian population of Gaza.  A population which has been subject to a starvation blockade for over a decade.

In her 2014 tweet Smith said that ‘we must not facilitate war crimes’ and Israel was committing war crimes by the thousand.  War on a civilian population is the quintessential definition of a war crime.
Photographs of the four children murdered on Gaza's beach - it was blindingly clear that these young boys were just children but Israel's murderous pilot fired missiles at them
 Today however the shameless and execrable Fiona Smith is a candidate for election in what the Jewish News describes as ‘the densely Jewish constituency of Hertsmere.’  Apparently 14% of its electorate are Jewish.  However that doesn’t mean that all of them are Zionists still less that Israel is the main issue concerning them. The Jewish News description of Herstsmere and the implication that its Jewish residents will vote according to the needs of Israel is what you might all anti-Semitic.

Smith's assumption however was that Jewish voters have no principles. Smith assumes that Jewish voters are likely to be impressed by someone whose principles are for sale if the price is right.  Ms Smith is what is known as a political prostitute.

Demonstrating just how some people will scrape and bow, Uriah Heep style, in order to chase elusive votes, Fiona Smith eats her words of 2014 and now claims that Israel was under attack by Hamas, Hizbollah (!) and Iran (!) – in other words all the fantasies of Netanyahu and his racist buddies.
In a previous life Fiona Smith was a human being
 As the Jewish comedian, Groucho Marx once said, ‘Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.’

When considering how best to describe the conduct of Ms Smith I first alighted on sycophantic and then looked for some synonyms.  I came up with the following:

obsequious, servile, subservient, deferential, grovelling, toadying, fawning, flattering, ingratiating, cringing, unctuous, oily, slimy, creeping, crawling, truckling, slavish, bowing and scraping, Uriah Heepish, gushing;

There are so many, but which one adequately or best describes Ms Smith’s behaviour?  Maybe you my dear readers could help me out.

Below is the Jewish News report on Fiona Smith

Labour’s Hertsmere candidate ‘mortified’ over Israel arms embargo post

May 4, 2017, 11:15 pm

Labour’s candidate for the densely Jewish constituency of Hertsmere has said she is “mortified|” about a social media comment she made  backing an arms embargo on Israel.

In 2014, during the height of Israel’s operation against Hamas in Gaza, Fiona Smith tweeted: “Call on the UK government to halt the supply of arms to Israel. We must not facilitate war crimes”, alongside a link to an Amnesty International appeal.

But today, Ms Smith, who hopes to unseat Oliver Dowden’s 18,000 majority in the constituency, distanced herself from the 2014 Twitter comment.

She said: “This single tweet is three years old and happened as a result of my clicking on an Amnesty International campaign.  I have no animus towards Israel whatsoever and am mortified that anybody might have been given that impression.  I have a track record of campaigning against arms policies more generally, including Saudi arms deals”.

The Labour candidate said she recognised “that the explicitly stated policies and actions of terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and the threat from Iran all create unique security and defence requirements to enable Israel to protect its citizens.  My understanding of this is underpinned by my background in our armed forces”.

Dowden, who is seeking re-election for the Tories, said: “Hertsmere needs a strong voice for its Jewish community not a Labour candidate who attacks Israel and whose leader offers friendship to Hamas and Hezbollah while anti-Semitism festers. As Hertsmere’s MP, these are exactly the sort of attitudes I sought to challenge – both as an officer of the Conservative Friends of Israel and Chairman of the Parliamentary group for British Jews.”

Ms Smith said she supported a two state solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestiniansand that she opposed  boycotts of Israel which “do nothing to further the cause of peace” The candidate added that she looked forward to visiting Israel “and building close links with our sister Labour Party over there”.

Hertsmere incorporates areas of Bushey, Borehamwood and Radlett, all of which have seen major Jewish population growth, according to the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR).

The constituency is home to the UK’s fastest growing Jewish community, which grew by 35 per cent between the 2001 and 2011 censuses. According to JPR’s report issued before the 2015 General Election, there were 14,293 Jews in the constituency, which has been held by the Conservatives since its creation in 1983.
The Jewish Chronicle also has a report on Fiona Smith’s cringing, unctuous behaviour in disavowing her previous stance.

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