Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Satire by Israeli TV Host Assaf Harel on Channel 10

‘Of course Israel is an Apartheid society'

In the current climate, this is a must watch film.  In it Israeli TV host, in a satirical programme say that of course Israel is an Apartheid society.

In Britain, in the current climate it is now – thanks to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-Semitism – anti-Semitic to call Israel an Apartheid state.  This ethno-supremacist state is treated as a ‘liberal democracy’ according to the Home Affairs Select Committee Report on Anti-Semitism which first recommended adoption of a definition of anti-Semitism which conflates anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

It says:
23.      It is clear that where criticism of the Israeli Government is concerned, context is vital. Israel is an ally of the UK Government and is generally regarded as a liberal democracy, in which the actions of the Government are openly debated and critiqued by its citizens.
It goes on to say that:24.   
•           It is not antisemitic to hold the Israeli Government to the same standards
as other liberal democracies,

In other words if you don’t treat Israel as a liberal democracy then that is anti-Semitic. 

Assaf Harel's scathing indictment of Israeli society has gone viral.

An Israeli comedy show host's searing indictment of Israeli society has gone viral on social media, raking in over 5,000 shares in the two days since it was posted on the show's Facebook page on Monday.

In the video, Assaf Harel of "Good Night With Asaf Harel" castigates Israelis for ignoring the occupation and claims that Israel is an apartheid state.

"Good Night," which was aired by Channel 10, was one of Israel's most controversial shows on mainstream television in recent years. In one instance, the show was fined after Harel ridiculed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for exploiting his brother's death for political gain.

The episode was "Good Night's" last, as the show was not renewed for another season due to poor ratings, even though the show has gained a strong following on social media.

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