Friday, 22 July 2016

Cold Blooded Murder of Yet Another Palestinian Girl

Soldiers approach  girl with intent to murder

When it's Jewish Killers Israel's Security Forces Arrest Whenever Possible, when its Palestinians they Kill Wherever Possible

When the Jewish ultra-orthodox murderer Yishai Schlissel stabbed five people and killed one person, Shira Banki, at the Jerusalem Gay Pride demonstration last year, he wasn’t shot down.  

The Police chased after him and wrestled him to the ground.  When the young Palestinian girl in this video, who was obviously disturbed and upset, not least at the military occupation that disrupts Palestinian lives in the West Bank, two heavily armed soldiers, who could easily have disarmed her, gunned her down in cold blood.  In any civilised  country they would have been charged with manslaughter at the very least, for using excessive force, but in Israel murdering Palestinians is a matter of pride not a subject of criminal charges.  You get promoted for killing Palestinians and government ministers like the Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett boast at how many Arabs they have killed.

The other aspect is that the Jerusalem Police like most Israelis are hostile to gay rights as an affront to Jewish Orthodoxy.  The utility of gay rights is as a means of contrasting Israel with its Arab and Muslim neighbours.  Previously the gay pride march in Jerusalem has been confined to an arena because of the opposition of the large ultra-Orthodox population in Jerusalem.  This year the Mayor Jerusalem reflected this antipathy to the Gay Pride march he decided to boycott the March. [see Jerusalem mayor defends decision to skip Pride Parade]

Jerusalem Police chase after knifeman Schlissel who was allowed to murder one person and stab five others
Ultra Orthodox murderer Schlissel about to attack
Being a Jewish and ultra-Orthodox murderer Schlissel was treated with kid gloves - Palestinians in his situation get lynched by Israelis

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