Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hattie Harman – The Useless‘Feminist’ & Acting Leader of the Labour Party

Hattie Harman Supports Tory Welfare & Benefit Cuts for the Poor

Prime Opportunist -  Bourgeois Feminist Hattie

Jeremy Corbyn - the only Socialist in the Labour Leadership Campaign
Harriet Harman represents all that is worst in New Labour feminism.  Concern about a ‘glass ceiling’ preventing women from becoming company directors, exploiters and general parasites is what motivates her.  Total indifference to the position of women at the bottom of society, struggling to bring up children on basic benefits is her trademark.
Jeremy Corbyn MP with his Lenin Cap
Harman, who first made her name as Legal Director of the National Council for Civil Liberties, is one of a group of feminists like Patricia Hewitt whose concept of womens’ oppression had more to do with their own class status than the oppression and exploitation of women. 

Hattie's Despatch Box Performances Have Been Lacklustre
In response to George Osborne’s cut in Child Tax Credits, the freezing of other benefits and a new welfare  cap which will lower benefits to a maximum of £20,000 outside London and £23,000 in London (thus breaking the link between need and benefits) she has decided that the Labour ‘Opposition’ should accept the Tory cuts on the grounds that this is what people voted for at the last election.  Apart from the fact that people didn’t vote for benefit cuts, the Tories refusing to spell out where the £12 billion projected cuts would come from, it is a misreading of what people voted for and against and negates the whole idea and purpose of an Opposition.  It is the logical culmination of New Labour whose major disagreement with the Conservatives is about how best to run capitalism.
The reality is that New Labour’s only strategy is to cuddle up to the Tories and minimise the differences between them.  It’s borrowed from Bill Clinton and it’s called triangulation.
Hattie Harman with her Useless Women's Bus that Said Nothing
Harman, of course, comes from a privileged background and knows nothing of the hardship that men and women experience in her Peckham constituency.  She has always been a political opportunist, much like her corrupt sister-in-arms, Patricia Hewitt who also cut her teeth in the NCCL (who left parliament in disgrace after being caught by a sting seeking cash for influence).  Harman has never been seen to stand for anything apart from herself and her only passion is to help female opportunists like herself get a helping hand up the ladder of careerism.  Her last brilliant idea at the General Election was to swan around the country in a pink Labour Party minibus.

Suffice to say this blog is supporting the one genuine socialist amongst the 4 candidates for Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Tony Greenstein 

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