18 May 2015

A War on Love – David Sheen

Inside Israel’s Race Wars

Shas is a 'moderate' Orthodox Jewish Party
It’s not very often that I am totally bowled over by a video, but this is a video that anyone seriously interested in where Israel is going today should watch.  David Sheen is a Canadian who now lives in Dimona in Israel’s Negev (where their nuclear weapon systems are based).
It focuses on the present Israeli cabinet and the naked and openly racist statements of the various ministers – from the ‘angel of death’ Ayelet Shaked, who quoted a deceased settler on her facebook page last year, who spoke of Palestinian mothers giving birth to ‘little Palestinian snakes’ and urged that they be wiped out to the Jewish Nazi Lehava.
Yair Lapid - leader of Israel's 'centrist' Zionist party Yesh Atid
Lehava campaigns against miscegenation, inter-racial breeding.  It mounted a well publicised demonstration last year against the wedding of a Jewish-Arab couple, it has a Page of Disgrace featuring Israeli Jewish women who have ‘married out’, it organises vigilantes who attack Palestinian Israelis in the wrong part of town, its activists burnt down one of the very few Jewish-Arab mixed schools, in Jerusalem last year.  Yet it is given hundreds of thousands of Israeli Shekels by the Israeli government to continue with its work.
The 3 arsonists who burnt down one of the few Jewish/Arab schools - Lehava activists
It also covers the Chief Rabbi of Safed, Shmuel Elyahu, who forbade renting apartments to non-Jews and Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, who co-authored The King’s Torah, which shows how to kill Gentiles (non-Jews) legally.
Israel's Jewish Nazis Acknowledge Their Debt to Hitler - Translation of Graffitti on Burnt-out school
Jewish-Sudanese Couple - The Man was put in a Negev Concentration Camp for Asylum Seekers
Jewish woman - Sudanese man
What Sheen doesn’t do is to explain why this is happening in Israel.  Why are we seeing a form of racism which, as he rightly says, would not have been out of place in the American South during segregation.
Meet Israel's new Deputy Defence Minister Rabbi Eli Dahan
The answer is very simple.  Zionism sought to form a Jewish state which was a mirror image of the volkish nationalism that was current in Europe in the late 19th and early 20th century.  Unlike Hitler they have been successful.  
Jerusalem councillor called for 'Acts of Phineas' - the Israelite who murdered those in Numbers 25 who slept with heathens - the next day Arab boy was burnt alive as petroleum was poured down his throat in Jerusalem
The Israeli Government Spends Millions of Dollars to Prevent Mixed Race Marriages
Nationality in Israel is defined in terms of religion.  There is no Israeli nationality.  Because Israel is also a Jewish state that means that those with Jewish nationality, have become the    dominant and superior race. 
Lehava's page of disgrace - Jewish women who marry or live with non-Jews
The most telling comment of all came from a Jewish pogromist in the video.  ‘Hitler was right, only he got the wrong nation.  The Jews are the chosen race.’  This uncannily mirrors the comments of Abba Achimeir, the leader of Revionist Zionism in the 1930's (which is what Likud sees as its political heritage) at the trial of those alleged to have killed the Labour Zionist leader, Chaim Arlossoroff.  Achimeir was reported as saying that if only Hitler hadn’t been anti-Semitic, then the Revisionists would have supported him.
They weren't too keen on 'race mixing' in the Deep South either
The desire to create a pure Jewish state, without contamination from non-Jews, has meant that ‘assimilation’ the mixing of Jews and Arabs has been seen as a second Holocaust.  The death of Jews in the gas chambers is compared by the Zionists to marrying someone who is not Jewish for love.  It is no accident that Israel is virtually alone amongst countries, and certain the Western states it compares itself to, in not having civil marriage.  This was done, by the Labour Zionists, in order to prevent ‘marrying out’. 
Integrated Schools Were Hated by the Segregationists of the Deep South
In Nazi Germany Jews were Not Allowed to Live in German Areas
It is worth reflecting that the only other state that forbade sexual contacts between Jews and non-Jews was Nazi Germany.  The Nuremberg Laws 1935 made it a criminal offence.  In Israel a Palestinian was gaoled for ‘deceiving’ a Jewish woman into believing he was a Jew.  The political and social atmosphere is such that although not a criminal offence, the state looks benignly on those who physically attack and maim Arabs suspected of having a relationship with Jewish women.  Like Nazi Germany it is always the Arab male who is the target.  If Jewish men choose to sleep or have a relationship with an Arab woman then it is less noteworthy.   Sexism goes hand in hand with this deep racism.
The Author of Torat HaMelech on How to Legally Murder Non-Jews
The video is 40 minutes long and you will find it illuminating.  I certainly did.

Tony Greenstein
Vigilantes Who Murdered an Arab Who Was in the Wrong Place
Victim of the Thugs Above

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